Myomin for Women: Increases Estrogen Quotient, Improves Fibrocystic Breasts, Fibroids, Ovarian/Liver/Kidney/Thyroid Cysts, Endometriosis, Belly Fat and more
  Chi Health Letter December 19, 2014
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A 50-year-old patient had a hysterectomy (keeping both ovaries) in 2013 due to fibroids and endometriosis. Her doctor then recommended bioidentical hormones (BHRT). After using the BHRT for a while, she passed out and had anxiety and can’t use BHRT anymore. This is due to hyperaromatization (too much conversion of testosterone to estradiol, see Figure 1). She is taking Oxazepama and Citalopram for anxiety. It was Dr. Phil Convertino, DC, who suggested that she consult with Dr. Chi, who found several health issues using Fingernail and Tongue Analysis.

  • Hormones – She had many red dots on her tongue and several cherry angiomas on her chest, which indicate estrogen dominance and also a liver problem. This coincides with her fibroid/endometriosis problem. Myomin was recommended for her to reduce her estrone (E1) and estradiol (E2) and increase her estriol (E3). She also has cherry angiomas on her forehead, which signifies a risk for stroke/aneurysm. High estradiol is associated with blood clots that cause stroke.
  • Liver Problem - Her bilirubin was high due to a liver cyst, which is also a factor of high estrogen. Liver Chi, Bathdetox and Myomin were recommended.
  • Anxiety – Relaxin was recommended to help ease anxiety.

Another 50-year-old female patient came for migraines and fibrocystic breasts. Even progesterone and estriol (E3) cream did not improve her migraines. Recently, she had continuous headaches for 2 months! Even while using the E3 cream, her E3 level is still very low at 0.02 (Table 1). This means that she was not absorbing it. Dr. Chi suggested adding Chi-F and Myomin to help balance her hormones and achieve a better estrogen quotient (EQ) (click here for explanation). She has been overusing Imitrex to stop her migraines, so Myosteo was added.

Dr. L. Davis, DC from California, relates a 65-year-old female patient’s experience with Myomin. Back in November 2013, her 16alpha hydroxyestrone (16-OH) level was high margin at 622. She used bioidentical estradiol and estriol (50/50) cream for 6 weeks and then just estriol cream for 2 weeks. She stopped when she noticed a discoloration on her neck (a sign of estrogen dominance). She took Myomin only instead. After 6 months, her E2 increased because she was on estradiol. But her testosterone (T) improved and 16-OH reduced to 360  due to Myomin (Table 2). Myomin blocks the T to E2 and E1 to 16-OH conversion (Figure 1).

BHRT Users Must Add Myomin to Avoid Hyperaromatization of Testosterone to Estradiol

When people are on progesterone, DHEA or testosterone, these hormones mainly convert to E2 and some to E1 and E3 (Figure 1). This is called hyperaromatization. Myomin can correct hyperaromatization, blocking the conversion only to E1 and E2 but allowing the conversion to E3, the good estrogen.

When you are on E2 therapy, your body is still converting from testosterone to E2 so this adds to the accumulation of E2, making it higher than expected. Myomin can help block this conversion and optimize your E2 level.

Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, the pioneer of BHRT, recommends Myomin to all patients on BHRT to correct hyperaromatization (Figure 1).* Myomin also promotes estrogen balance by increasing the estrogen quotient (EQ). This means more E3 than E1 and E2 combined. In an interview by Suzanne Somers, Dr. Wright said, “Women were more likely to be long-term breast cancer survivors...if they had more estriol (E3) than estrone (E1) and estradiol (E2).” ** Typically, an EQ over 1.0 is desirable and signifies a lower risk for breast cancer. Even if the E1, E2 and E3 levels are within normal range, sometimes the EQ is still less than 1.0. So always calculate the EQ to check for estrogen balance.

*References: (*) Townsend Letter. Aug/Sep 2010: 54-56;
                     (**) Townsend Letter. Jan 2010: 56-58.

BHRT Use without Myomin

R.B., 59 y/o/f from Illinois, has been taking progesterone for hormonal imbalance but did not take Myomin. About a year later, her Pg/E2 ratio is still low (normal is>200). This indicates estrogen dominance, meaning her Pg is converted to E2 through testosterone. This explains why her estrogen quotient (EQ) is also too low (Table 3).

Myomin Balances Hormones and EQ with or Without BHRT

G. Depke, ND from California, has a 47 y/o/f patient on progesterone and DHEA. Her Pg/E2 ratio was low at 50.29, again indicating estrogen dominance. After adding Myomin (3 BID), her progesterone and Pg/E2 ratio normalized to 242.44 (Table 4).

Dr. L. Whitson, MD from California, shares a case report on how Myomin has balanced the EQ of a 46 y/o/f patient who has an ovarian cyst. Her EQ was progressively decreasing until December 2012 (Table 5). Then she started taking Myomin (3 BID) in January 2013. Within 11 months, her E1 and E2 reduced, her E3 increased, and her EQ improved to 2.21. Her ovarian cyst and hormone symptoms cleared as well.

Take Myomin for Estrogen Dominant Conditions: Fibrocystic breasts, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, thyroid cysts, belly fat and more

Women who have these estrogen-dominant conditions above should start taking Myomin right away. BHRT should be used cautiously when you have these conditions because of the possibility of hyperaromatization worsening the problem. For those who do need BHRT, be sure to add Myomin to help achieve a healthy EQ and avoid these problems.

Myomin reduces the DNA expression of the aromatase enzyme which only reduces E1 and E2. Aromatase inhibitor drugs like Arimidex (anastrozole), Aromasin and Femara, on the other hand, blocks E1, E2 and E3 and has side effects such as osteoporosis and vaginal bleeding. Unlike these drugs, Myomin only reduces E1 and E2 (see Figure 1). That is why there are no side effects. In addition, Myomin increases testosterone and allows the conversion of DHEA to E3, the good estrogen. E3 from HRT or BHRT is very difficult to absorb, just like in the second case report (Table 1). Her E3 level was still very low despite using the E3 cream. With Myomin, her E3 level should improve.
To summarize:
  • If you have estrogen-dominant conditions like fibrocystic breasts, ovarian cysts, etc., or your Pg/E2 ratio is less than 200, take Myomin to improve them.
    • Having red dots on the tongue or cherry angiomas on the chest can indicate estrogen dominance.

  • For those who need BHRT and have these conditions, use it cautiously and add Myomin. And monitor E1, E2 and E3 levels.
    • E3 should be more than E1 and E2 combined (E3> E1+E2)
    • Postmenopausal women, same as men, should have a blood level of E2 under 30 pg/mL.

  • Also, if you have teeth marks on the tongue, this can signify insulin resistance. Dr. Jonathan Wright has stated that if you have insulin resistance or hypoglycemia, there is a high chance of estrogen dominance.
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