I love this time - because I know there is a light coming to the end of this winter season. ((I bet you thought this was a Holiday message :) I'll send one of those in a few days.  ;o))
It's a time of new growth.
It's a truly natural time not created by holidays and hype. The real beginning of longer days and the change of seasons and gives me (at least) a feeling of hope and renewal.
I see it in all things around especially my houseplants- I know funny right? As soon as the days start to get longer I see the new growth start- and I know the maple sap will start to run soon (from my previous Canadian days:) 

I know this affects my dogs too since I affect them. You may have heard the expression "the attitude goes down the leash!" gosh that totally works both ways. I'm sure you've felt this! I know I live it every day.  
That's why it's so important to really embrace that everyday natural side of your dog in helping him on a level he really feels- like through instinct and the sun :) Because we are all connected by this ebb and flow of energy...
We love to teach obedience- we're really good at it lots of trainers are. You DO need to have a dog who responds to what you ask-

The thing we LOVE to teach the most is how to connect with your dog on a natural level- like the seasons of the sun. In a natural behavioral way that makes sense to your dog (though probably not to you at first until you see the changes start to kick in)  

These simple behavioral concepts we're bringing to you can be life-changing. The time investment is so minimal to reap the biggest reward in calmness and a more relaxed dog. 
Enjoy the season, watch your plants grow and your dog relax
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