Good Morning! 

If you're on my email list, somewhere along the way our paths crossed about dogs.

Since I've been messaging you about our online programs that can be LIFECHANGING, I wanted to tell you this story about how FIND FOCUS FIRST™ works for me and my dogs-
-as your dog trainer AND as a "regular person" dog owner too. 

That's VeeRa in the photo, she a year and a bit old Dutch Herder (fancy name for Malinois and Dutch shepherd). I'll tell you a little bit about her attention (I mean LACK of attention in a minute) 

Since I'm guessing you know me a bit, you'll know that I've trained Search and Rescue Dogs for 30 years (before cell phones and GPS!-eeck)  Veera's destiny, if the force is with her, is to be my next search partner.

Notice I mentioned her age,  puppy puberty set in- its been AWFUL! 

She's gone from being the most amazing working dog to this sniffing party girl on stripes and paws.

It's embarrassing-

Totally embarrassing...

I mean, I'm a professional trainer! But I'm a regular dog owner too- and dogs ARE dogs! 

I would take VeeRa training, she'd find someone and bark at the top of her game with passion and furry...  then off she'd go- "hmmmmm..... that smells interesting!... leaving the subject stuck in their hiding space and wandering off to sniff dog smells!.

I wanted to crawl back in my car..... 

But I know just what to do to change this, how to get my adolescent teenager through this difficult time and back on track to be the amazing SAR dog I know she is. 


I started working with her in earnest every time, around smells and other dogs and all things sniffy things doing FIND FOCUS FIRST. Making sure she'd engaged with me and connected before I ask anything of her. 

I started (again) in simple places (not while searching) being sure I have that NATURAL connection with her- gradually building up to really big distractions- like working around dog pee or food dropped in the ground- or her real nemesis other dogs playing with toys. 

And at our next training- I was able to send her on a search and have a team member throwing a frisbee with their dog across her path and line of sight- and she stayed on task! Even more determined to save her person and get her own toy! 

That's how it all comes together! In real life- FIND FOCUS FIND FOCUS FIRST™. now for a limited time at just $42 Sale Price-  regular price of $125. The same techniques we teach in person and use ourselves all the time are available to you here at a super value!!

You can follow VeeRa's progress and, all our dog family, on Facebook below too-

And next time your dog is super distracted- remember there is a way to work through this and FIND FOCUS FIRST™ :) 


--Stay focused my friends! - Rose  
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