H A P P Y . T H A N K S G I V I N G . D A Y.
In this crazy (this is getting really OLD!) time of 2020, I hope you have lots to be thankful for.....
For me personally...I'm super thankful to my trainers who are also my dear friends,
I'm thankful they have the same passion I do, to help and really understand their clients and dogs so change IS really possible
I'm thankful they've been supportive not only with business but personally through my FEMA deployments with the dogs, training trips away, COVID changes, and loss...the hardest of all.
I'm thankful we have an open mind to always keep learning and never be in a mold (or moldy :) so we are always able to help
I'm thankful for my friends and my family, even though we are not Brady Bunch or Partridge Family we are coal region proud version of our roots :) 
I'm thankful for all the things we take for granted every day, a roof overhead and food on the table, and wish it could be the same for everyone everywhere
I'm thankful for my dogs- always every day- they give love that is 
Drop me a note and reply I'd really like to know what you are thankful for. There are so many different things that are special to each of us.
What are you thankful for most?....TODAY.EVERY.DAY..... 
Stay well & Happy Tails- Rose
Here's a behavioral training tip that can be life-changing
in creating calmness in your dog- 
(so you can be Thankful for a calm dog too :)
Sit quietly with your dog on a short leash,
no talking,
no touching,
no looking,
no treats-
wait till your dog reaches a totally "zen" state...
-just like a service dog is calm at his person's feet- your dog can be too. 
This is how to do it- honestly- the easiest way to NOT train your dog:)
We have a mini behavioral training course teaching you just how to...
Here is a coupon code to try it
Normally $42 at regular sale price
NOW ONLY- $31.50
with this coupon code 25ONLINE at check out
Take a look!
we've had such great response from our online courses- (I'm thanksful for that too:)
We made them EASY and quick.
No hours and hours of videos to watch- 
Easy quick videos and instruction so you can work with your dog right away!
We're so sure you'll LOVE the changes you see... 
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