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Faith News Update for October 3rd, 2019


October 6th, 2019 

9:30am Sunday Worship 
with Holy Communion

Isaiah 43:19 Initiative Updates
From Chris Radford, Transition Team Coordinator

Saturday, November 16th  9am - 2pm 

Sorting party 

Most of our focus will be on sorting decor related items in the upstairs storage and student lounge areas. 

We need:

- 2 volunteers to help Diane take stuff down from shelves in the upstairs
storage area and put them in the Student Lounge

- 2 or 3 volunteers to help further sort in the Student Lounge

- 2 or 3 volunteers to load up their vehicles and take stuff to Goodwill for us.  They could start at 11am and make a couple of trips.
Sign up sheet is in the Commons. 


Claim your items
If you brought things to be used at church and you want them back please claim them by December 15th, 2019. We have several crockpots, irons, etc.

Organizations to receive donations
Pass along the names of non-profit organizations that you recommend who could use some of the stuff we have. We are making a list.

Questions or comments about any of these updates can be directed to Chris Radford via email or talk to Chris after worship.


Upcoming Church Council Meeting:

Wednesday, October 9 @ 6:30 pm 


As always, please keep the Council in your prayers. Church Council meetings are open to all! Visitors, RSVP to Council President Denise DeMarre 
if you will be attending.   
Thanks to everyone who donated towards the Baby Basics Drive for Lifeline Connections. 

Our next collection kicks off this Sunday. Details below...

 Why should people that are houseless or

living in extreme poverty have pets?
This is a common question. We believe that everyone deserves the companionship and love animals can offer. It has been proven that companion animals are therapeutic in many ways, especially for those with mental disabilities or those struggling with substance abuse. While our clients might not have a lot of money to spend on veterinary care, they love their animals just as much as anyone else and sometimes even more.

 Find out more here. 

Our November crafting open house will have a service opportunity as a component. We are making flannel pillowcases for homeless and foster children. Our goal for this year is 100 completed pillowcases!
Some of us will be bringing yards and yards of pre-washed flannel. People who can cut, pin, turn (in and out), sew or surge the cases together will be needed. This is a pretty ambitious goal, so we would like to have as many helpers as possible. There will be jobs for everyone, regardless of your prior experience. Turning the cases inside out and back again doesn’t take any skill but does take time.
If you would like to pick up your own flannel, we will need 30” width of fabric for the case, and 10” width of fabric for the band.
If you want to come and be part of the party you do not have to pitch in on our project. We will have some snacks, but you are free to bring your own or a plate for the sharing table. For more information contact: Chris, Rhonda, Jane or Violet.

RSVP on the Facebook event or use the sign-up sheet in the Commons. 
Community Events

October 6: The Sultan & The Saint at St. Matthew Lutheran



How Are the Children? 
Palestinian children in Israeli Military Detention
Tuesday, October 15 at 7 pm. 
United Church of Christ - Hillsboro. 494 E. Main Street, Hillsboro


       Listening at the Margins

Wednesday October 16
Afternoon session: 1:00-5:00 pm
Evening lecture: 7:00-9:15 pm
First United Methodist Church in Portland

The 2019 Collins Summit will be an opportunity to hear about, and practice, methods of listening that build strength for social justice work in our local communities.

The speaker for the evening lecture will be Dr. Carlos Mendoza-Alcarez, a Dominican priest and internationally known liberation theologian.

If you missed it last week...

Fall 2019 Listening Season Kick Off


When your church council began meeting with coach and consultant Beth Estock this summer, we determined that the logical next step along the path toward selling our building would be to hold another listening season this fall. As it happens, your Reconciling In Christ Exploratory Team, working through the Building an Inclusive Church process, came to a similar conclusion that a listening season is also their next logical step. So, rather than try to hold two listening seasons at the same time, we are combining efforts to launch our Fall 2019 Listening Season.


Thank you to the following people who have agreed to serve on our listening team: Jill Bierman, Anke Brandstater, Sallie Bullock, Denise DeMarre, Michael Gross, Mark Henderson, Cindy Kinnie, Tracy Litterer, Chris Radford, and Larry Wade. We appreciate your commitment of time and energy to this process. Thank you also to Deacon Bonnie Beadles-Bohling, an experienced faith based organizer in the Portland area, who led our team in a one-to-one listening team training session last Sunday evening. Within the next week, these listening team members will begin reaching out to all of you via telephone or email to schedule a 45-minute one-to-one conversation. It is our goal to have these conversations with as many of you as possible by mid-November.


What Can I Expect from this One-to-One Conversation?

To paraphrase a quote from pastor and author, Frederick Buechner…


The place where God is calling us to go is the place

where our greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.


This listening season is about the first part of that quote, “our greatest joy.” While we feel we have a good sense of who we are as a congregation, we are attempting to go a little deeper in discovering our community identity by sharing with one another our own individual hopes and dreams for our lives and for the comminutes in which we live. In short, when we discover more deeply what the Spirit is stirring up within us individually, we can discern more clearly what the Spirit is stirring up within us collectively. So we ask that you please accept the invitation when you are contacted by a member of our listening team to schedule a one-to-one conversation and be open to sharing what truly matters to you.


What Can I NOT Expect from this One-to-One Conversation?

This will not be a conversation about decisions, logistics and technical concerns (Where will we go? When will we move out of the building? How much money will the sale provide us? etc.). We are already putting into place ways to more effectively communicate this journey to the congregation and surrounding communities, as well as providing ample opportunities for conversation and feedback leading up to specific decisions as they emerge.


What about the Second Part of that Quote?

We hope to explore the question of “the world’s greatest need” by holding an external listening season out in the surrounding communities sometime early in 2020. Similar to the format of our fall 2019 internal listening season, we hope to engage community members and leaders in one-to-one conversations about what truly matters and what the Spirit is stirring up in our local context.

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