DePAW is announcing Pack Walk Sundays beginning soon!
COMMUNITY EVENTS - Pack Walk Sundays this Spring & Summer:

Starting Sunday May 7th 10:00am and running thru summer. Click Here to view locations/time/details.

Anyone is welcome to attend the Pack Walks. We would love to see not only our DePAW clients, but their family, friends, coworkers, and even neighbors! It’s completely FREE!

Pack Walks are a leashed community walk around a local forest preserve or park. They are a way of building our community amongst fellow dog owners interested in meeting new friends, getting exercise for yourself and your dog, and learning better “walk behavior” as well as new leash skills with your dog.

Pack Walks will be held Sundays and will meet @ 10:00am and step-off @10:10am.

“Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” — Albert Camus

What should you bring? Poop bags (we want to be respectful of our environment and fellow community members) – Water: for yourself and your dog – Vaccinations are not required but are strongly recommended along with flea and tick prevention.

Rules – * DePAW is not responsible for the health and safety of your dog while attending this community event
* Clean up after your dog
* Staying to the right as we encounter others on the trail
* Keeping your dog a respectful distance (within 2 ft of you) away from other dogs. Make sure to check with other dog owners before letting your dog greet each other.
* One dog per person

Winners of the Dogzilla Contest:

We want to thank all the participants who submitted videos of their Dogzilla dogs for our first ever 2017 Dogzilla Contest! We let our FB viewers pick the top 5 contestants for our trainer to review and decide which dog would be the $2100 Boot Camp Training Package recipient. Teddy "Terror" Bear was picked as the Grand Prize Winner of the 3-8 week board & train Boot Camp. Morgan & Zoey Mae came in 2nd and 3rd, but our trainer thought they should both get the second place prize of a 9 week Group Obedience class worth $249, and Miko and Cyndi both received the $75 Runner Up gift certificates. Thank you again to all entries! As a reminder, DePAW has many training options available to fit you and your dog best. Stay tuned to our FB for updates on the progress of Teddy Bear.

Training Tip from Chad Mackin:

Dog trainers are often told that they are the dog’s “last hope.”

This article isn’t about why that’s the case. Many great trainers have already written about that subject. What I want to talk about is what we should do with that.

How do we handle the “last hope” client?

Click Here to read the rest of this article

DePAW offers FREE Meet & Greets with you and your pup to discuss and evaluate which training method is best for you and your dog because we believe "there is NO one size fits all" program for training dogs.
Call 630-232-8663 to schedule.
Pet Health Tip during Warm Weather:

DePAW wants to remind you about flea and tick prevention as the nice weather is approaching and pets will be outside more. Here at DePAW we require all our furry guests who attend our facility to be on flea & tick prevention for the safety of all the pets. We also sell all natural, organic, holistic topical products at our location for your convenience. To learn more from the AVMA on the subject of flea & tick prevention, click here.
Grooming at DePAW saves you time:

Grooming at DePAW can be self-bathe (you come in and use our facility and products),
kennel baths, nails, and teeth brush after a daycare or boarding stay with our kennel staff, or an all out professional groom with Shauna Burk and Bubbles and Barks Professional Grooming salon located on-site. Our licensed, on-call groomer has been winning over many new grooming clients! Full Professional Groom pricing includes: ear cleaning, ear hair removal, sanitary shave (stomach, armpits, inner thighs and rear), nail trim, paw pads trimmed and external anal gland expression. Call us to make an appointment today: 630.232.8663
May 11th, Thursday, 7:15pm-8:30pm is the start of the next 9wk Group Basic Obedience Class. Only $249 and includes Lifetime Membership. Call 630.232.8663 to be sure your pup gets a spot.
May 21st, Sunday, 1:30pm-2:30pm is the start of the next 9 wk Agility Class for Fun with Emily. Only $150 and limited to first 8 participants! Come have some fun with your pup and meet new people! Call 630.232.8663
Memorial Day is fast approaching and DePAW Boarding is booking fast. We encourage you to call to reserve your space now. 630.232.8663
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