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"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."
- Immanuel Kant


Does your dog have a bit of excessive energy that's hard for you to keep up with? Do you work long hours while your dog is at home for extended amounts of time? Does your dog seem like he needs time to just "be a dog" and maybe hang with other dogs? We all need to get away with our friends right? Let your dog come enjoy Daycare and "be a dog" while getting lots exercise and tons of TLC from our staff. We have bubble machines, play equipment, pools, etc. to encourage fun and healthy play time. Your dog will come home as happy as you do after a visit with friends! Check our FB PAGE to see all the photos of doggie daycare at DePAW! Click Here


Think going to the salon for color and getting your hair "did" is just a human 'thang? Oh heck no it isn't! Our groomer can do a wonderful color on your pooch and even a blueberry facial! Spa day has never been more fun for your pooch. Call today to schedule a professional groom 630.232.8663.

We also provide Basic Baths which are great for when you pick up your pooch from Daycare or a Boarding stay.

DePAW in the community:

Our Bubbles & Barks Professional Groomer here at DePAW, Shauna, will be volunteering her time at the YPC Dog Days of Summer Fundraiser for Anderson Animal Shelter on behalf of DePAW on Tuesday, August 16 from 5-8pm doing nail trims and giving away goodies! Come on our and say hello!

YPC (Young Professionals Council) is a St. Charles Chamber organization and we hope this raises much of the Wish List items Anderson needs.

DePAW School Nurse Note Home to Parents:

This is an unusual time of year for colds, but we have recently received some reports of kennel cough. Although the symptoms were not present during their stay, a few have come down with the symptoms within a few days upon departure from DePAW. In the case that your furry companion has come down with kennel cough, please let us know privately so we know and can help track these cases. There is no need to be alarmed, the number of cases in our facility is less than 1% of our guests, but as always we want to give you the heads up.

For those that want to learn more on kennel cough/bordetella keep reading.

Kennel cough is very similar to a chest cold. While irritating and unpleasant, it usually poses no serious health threat.

All of our doggie guests are required to be vaccinated with bordetella for kennel cough every 6 months, as well all the other vaccinations required by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Within our facility, we have seen approx. a 50% reduction in our already low kennel cough rate since requiring it every 6 months vs annually.

Much like the flu vaccine, kennel cough vaccines cannot protect against all strains, so even a vaccinated dog may catch it. Just as with child care, there is always a chance a child can pick up a bug from his friends. Keep in mind, dogs are contagious before they start showing symptoms. Please keep your dog home if he is coughing or sneezing.

We recommend that if your dog begins to cough consult with your veterinarian, and we ask that you let us know right away via email or phone call

If you have any questions about your dog's health or safety please feel free to call us and ask: 630-232-8663

You can find out more about kennel cough here: cut/paste link in your browser:

DePAW Staff


Looking for a fun way to bond with your dog? Come on out to DePAW for our newly added Agility Class. We are so excited to bring you and your dog this opportunity to have fun, learn, encourage your dogs natural instincts, and get lots of exercise too! Next class begins Wednesdays August 31 @ 7:30pm. Space is limited to only 8 participants, so book early to ensure your spot.

Dog agility is a popular canine sport in which a handler directs a dog through a variety of obstacles such as a tunnel, teeter-totter, tire jump, weave poles, pause table, and standard jumps. Call us today at 630.232.8663 for more information or to register.


Upcoming family vacation, home remodeling, family illness, or emergency situations have you wondering what to do with your pet? DePAW has been voted one of the BEST Pet Kennels for the past 5 years in a row by the community due to our attentive, caring, and educated staff ready to give you peace of mind as a pet owner during these times. Your pet will enjoy clean, spacious, climate controlled surroundings and receive plenty of affection, attention, and exercise from our dedicated staff. Come on in for a tour of our facility and let us answer all your questions on how we will give your pet a safe and happy boarding experience.


Socialization Solutions on July 23 & 24 was a huge success thanks to all our participants who came out to attend with their dogs! It was a fun, informative for dogs & their owners alike, and an inspirational weekend meeting other dog owners. Here are some of the reviews submitted:

"Class was great! We saw dogs improve in just this weekend. I will be looking into bringing my dog and myself back again for more courses and training."

"Your staff's commitment to our pets is second to none!! Thank you." -

"This was an eye opening experience. A great experience for both Arson and I. It was nice to the progression Arson made and it gives me much hope!"

"I was very pleased with the presentation of the information. I also appreciate Chad's patience and thoroughness in answering not only my numerous questions, but also tons of all the participants. I also liked that all topics, including what to do in a crisis, were covered so to be prepared for the "what if" moments."

"Wow! What a weekend! I'm so glad I participated in this event. I learned so much about dog behavior and gained a new perspective and appreciation for my dogs capabilities. Chad is absolutely incredible. He knows so much about animal behavior. My mind will be reeling for a few more days trying to absorb all that he presented. And...he is very funny and entertaining - great sense of humor!"

DePAW wants to say thank you to all the guests and furry friends that attended our workshop. We hope the information was valuable to a better understanding of your pets behavior and thus leads to a better relationship between you and them! - Socialization Graduates shown in photo.

Next Workshop Opportunity:

PetSaver Program - Pet CPR, First Aid & Care

August 13, 2016
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Space Limited to first 15 participants!

Learn valuable first aid skills to keep your pets happy and healthy in emergency situations. Click Here for more info.

Save the Date on these upcoming Workshops:

BRIDGING THE GAP - October 8 & 9
with Sarah Fulcher & Chad Mackin. Click Here

PLAY AS THE WAY (TO TRAIN) - November 5 & 6
with Jay Jack, Professional Dog Trainer

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