Thank you for voting DePAW THE 2017 BEST KENNEL & TRAINER & One of the BEST GROOMERS in Kane County!
We are overjoyed at the communities support all these years and continually choosing us to care for their furry family members. We are anxiously awaiting your pets next visit with us!
Note: DePAW will be CLOSED to the public for regular services on Monday, September 4th in recognition of Labor Day. Staff will be on-site tending to our boarding animals only. Office will re-open September 5th. Enjoy the holiday!

Sunday Pack Walks with DePAW:

Anyone is welcome to attend the Pack Walks. We would love to see not only our DePAW clients, but your family, friends, coworkers, and even neighbors! It’s completely FREE!

Pack Walks are a leashed community walk around a local forest preserve or park. They are a way of building our community amongst fellow dog owners interested in meeting new friends, getting exercise for yourself and your dog, and learning better “walk behavior” as well as new leash skills with your dog. These walks are not meant for dog socializing, rather teaching good public behavior.

Pack Walks will be held on Sundays and meet @ 10:00am SHARP with step-off @10:10am. Please bring water for yourself and your dog and flea and tick prevention is strongly recommended since trails can be wooded with tall grass.

Please keep in mind many of these locations are also available to bikers, hikers, horseback riders, disc golf, etc. All will be great distraction training for your dog.

* Clean up after your dog. Poop bags are mandatory.
* Pack walks are for dogs over 4mo. with current vaccinations.
* Leashes must be 6’ or shorter. NO retractable leashes!
* Staying to the right as we encounter others on the trail.
* Keeping your dog a respectful distance (within 2ft of you) and away from other dogs. Make sure to check with other dog owners before letting your dog greet each other. Please do not be offended by a decline.
* One dog per person.
* DePAW is not responsible for the health and safety of your dog while attending this community pack walk.

Click Here for upcoming Pack Walk locations on our FB.

Training with DePAW:

DePAW continually wins awards year after year for our Training efforts and we take this extremely serious. There is no "one way approach" to training your dog which is why DePAW offers so many different options that best suits the needs of you, your family, and your pet.

Our "Meet & Greet's" are always free and a great way to learn more about the tools necessary to be successful with your pups training. Call 630.232.8663 to schedule.

BASIC OBEDIENCE Group Classes: next 9 week session will begin Thursdays, August 31 - October 26th. 7:15-8:30pm. Only $249/course. ** Includes Free Socialization after class and a Lifetime Membership. This means you may take as many future courses as refreshers with your pup at no charge!

AGILITY CLASSES for Fun with Emily: next 9 week session will begin Sundays, August 27th - October 22. 1:30pm-2:30pm. Agility has no size, age, or breed restrictions and is a fun way to learn something new and energetic with your pup while meeting new people. Only $150/course. Class sizes are limited to 8 participants only to allow individualized attention.

* Payment and current vaccinations required at time of registration. Call 630.232.8663 or email to register for our training classes.

Dogzilla Contest Winner follow up - Teddy Bear:

For those of you who entered and followed our recent DOGZILLA contest, we wanted to post an update on our winner, Teddy Bear. This is the letter below we received from Chelsea. They also submitted a video they took of Teddy on a recent walk OFF LEASH in public You can find this video of how Teddy now behaves on a walk on our FB page post on July 6th. Click here to go to our FB page.

We are thrilled to have been able to help Teddy and his family find a better working relationship at home. To view the original video submission of Teddy and his "issues", you may view it in the first comment under the FB post. We wish Teddy and Chelsea all the best in both of their futures.

FWD: I wanted to say thank you to the DePaw Staff. I know I brought in a basket of cookies and a note for you, but I thought I would send an email as well.

“Due to health issues, I wake up everyday not knowing if I will be able to walk, get out of bed, having feeling in my body, or just be able to get through the day. Some days I will have to be in a wheelchair just to get around. While these are scary, my biggest fear was being able to take care of my best friend. Teddy pulled when we walked on a leash, which means he dragged you wherever he wanted you to go. He would get in the trash and jump on the counters, so we could never have him out for events. He would even jump on people when they greeted him. Training with Chad and the DePaw staff changed our lives. After wining, I just wanted Teddy to be able to be around my family so he could be taken care of when I was ill or in the hospital. Chad went above and beyond. He asked what kinds of challenges I deal with on a daily basis with my health. Then he suggested what he wanted to do for me and my family by creating a boot camp program for Teddy that would best fir my new health issues. I cried because the DePAW staff wanted to make our future not just manageable, but great! This process has been incredible. Chad has taken the time to ensure I was comfortable with whatever I was learning that day. He not only answered any questions I had about the previous sessions, but would go over them to make sure I was doing the training correctly. You can tell he is passionate about training your dog and training you, so you both can grow to have a better life.

I have had Teddy for not even a week. While we are still practicing, he is already a completely different dog. I leave stuff on the counters, Teddy doesn’t go near it. He doesn’t go near the trash or recycling bin. I have been able to walk him off leash in public places where there are children running around and other dogs. I can let him out my front door for him to go outside without having to hook him up or worry about him leaving the yard. He is still working on not jumping on people, but he has already gotten so much better with it. I no longer worry about being able to take care of my best friend.

The rest of the staff deserves to be recognized too. During Teddy’s boot camp the amazing staff treated Teddy and I like family. I was always welcomed with a smile and they always asked how I was feeling. They never got annoyed with the amount of times I wanted to visit Teddy during his stay, which was like every other day for his entire stay. I could tell the staff loved Teddy just as much as I do, spoiling with him with love.

No words will ever be enough to express my gratitude to the DePAW University Staff! They have been able to do something for me during the most difficult time of my life. Teddy and I love DePAW University”

Kind Regards,

Baths, Teeth Brushing, Nail Trims at DePAW:

In between full grooms? We have basic baths and nail trims with our kennel staff that are a great refresher after playing all day or before going home from a boarding stay. Simply request a bath, teeth, and/or nail trim when you drop off for daycare or boarding stay and we'll have him all ready and smelling wonderful when you pick up!

Of course should you wish a full professional style grooming service, our Bubbles & Barks Professional Grooming by Shauna is available by appointment only by calling 630.232.8663.

DePAW Veterinary & Industry Colleagues:

New furry family member in your household? Have medical questions about your pet? Or new to the area and seeking veterinary care or check-up for your pet? Here are some of DePAW's preferred partners. Click on their logo to be taken to their website for more info.

Daycare and Boarding at DePAW:

Just a gentle reminder that our BOARDING is almost full for the Labor Day holiday. We have a few spots remaining. Do not hesitate to get your pets reservation in.

DePAW Office will be CLOSED on Monday, September 4th in recognition of the Labor Day holiday. No services will be available and our staff will only be onsite tending to the needs of our boarding clients during their holiday stay.

Daycare is always "no appointment necessary", so bring your pup for a day of supervised playtime with pools, bubbles, and their furry friends.

Education at DePAW - Pet CPR & First Aid Class:

Join us for our Pet CPR & First Aid Class on Saturday, Aug12th or Saturday Sept. 9th. 9:00am-3:30pm.

US Army Veteran, kennel operator and
PetTech Instructor David Grooms will be
here at DePAW to conduct a fun and
Informative PetSaver® class. Participants
will earn a 2-year Certificate of Training.

Here’s what’s covered in this 6-1/2-hour class:

Wellness for pet’s of all ages
Caring for your elder pet
You CAN brush your pet’s teeth!
Safely approaching and assessing a pet’s injuries
Restraining, muzzling and transporting an injured pet
CPR and rescue breathing for dogs and cats
Determining and assessing vitals
How to reduce a choking
Bleeding control and managing shock
Recognizing and preventing poisoning
Recognizing seizures
10 items you must have in your home First Aid Kit for your pet
10 situations that require immediate Veterinarian Care

Cost: $99 ($3 will be donated back to local animal charity)
Participants will earn a 2-year Certificate of Training from PetTech
Location: DePAW Canine Campus, 100 S. Glengarry Dr. Geneva IL
To register: Call 630.232.8663 or email
*Light refreshments and snacks to be provided during class

Charitable contributions July 4th at DePAW:

July 4th holiday was another fantastic holiday had by all. Thank you to all our wonderful clients who donated to at our free hot dog and cupcake stand in the lobby over the holiday. $23 was collected and mailed to this wonderful military and canine organization.

Colorado Dawg All Natural Meat Sticks:
Colorado Dawg’s products are all natural, no hormones, fillers, antibiotics or artificial ingredients. We source our meats from hand-selected ranches that specialize in and understand the unique demands of raising animals on land that where animals and meant to roam. Animals are humanly raised and processed with the utmost care. All of our meat is 100% USDA certified and fit for human consumption. Available in Bison, Venison, Kangaroo, Beef, Elk, and Boar. Only $1.50/stick.

Batavia Windmill City Festival Pet Parade:

DePAW will have a booth this Saturday, July 15th, 9:00am-12:00pm for the Pet Parade (parade starts @ 10:00am). This is a great family event, come on out, bring the family and your pet and have some fun with us! For more info on the festival, Click Here:
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DePAW University, Canine Campus, located at 100 S. Glengarry Dr. Geneva, IL 60134, wants to thank you for bringing your furry family members to us to care for each and every day! We welcome any feedback on how we are doing and how we can help serve you and your pet better!