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Improved Training & Review
It takes a lot of time searching for the right EP educational program… until now. EPreward has completely renovated its FREE EP Training and Review webpage to provide you and your fellow staff with easily accessible and extensive information on a wide range of EP topics. Below is a list of the categories which contain over 80 different articles, PowerPoint presentations and videos. This is the result of 40+ hours searching the internet on your behalf. Please visit the site and, if you find it helpful, share it with your coworkers. EPreward works to benefit your EP Lab.

  • Intro to the EP Lab                         Anatomy & Physiology
  • Adjunctive Studies                          Patient Care
  • Electrophysiology                           Studies Device Therapy
  • Therapeutic Ablations                      Atrial Fibrillation
  • Transseptal Procedure                     Case Studies & Review
  • Equipment                                      Online Library

EPreward Mobile App
EPreward is proud to announce we now have a mobile app you are able to download on either your Apple iPhone or Google Android phone. This is a free app that will simplify many of EPreward's services to EP Labs. Just search for EPreward in your app store. Some of the features include:
  • Order additional supplies with the touch of a button
  • Instantly see the most current Buy Back and Platinum Recovery Product and Price List
  • View tutorial videos and photos that quickly answer common packing questions


We are currently purchasing  used AcuNavs, SoundStar G and ecos, Agilis Sheaths as well as EP Catheters. If you are still cutting the tips of your catheters for platinum recovery, or not reprocessing all of your catheters, stop throwing away money and Contact Us to earn more for your whole catheters. You can earn up to 20 times more with certain catheters, such as the Biosense Webster Halo Catheter through our Buy Back Program as compared to Platinum Recovery. Through our combined programs, simply send us all of your whole used catheters and we will sort them to give you the highest possible payment from Buy Back Payment or Platinum. We provide all packing and shipping materials and pay for shipping. Contact us to request the current Buy Back and Platinum Recovery Pricing List.

We hope you are able to attend the 2014 Heart Rhythm Society Conference in San Francisco next month. If so, please stop by and see us in our booth #715 to the left of Biosense Webster as you enter the convention hall. If you are not, we encourage you to consider the 2015 conference, it is a great educational experience and lots of fun.

As you may recall, last April, an abandoned stray walked into our office. From a small, sick puppy Hudson has grown into a healthy and happy dog, He has become an important member of our EPreward executive team and is now the CMO (Chief Morale Officer). He greets all the employees with wags and licks when he comes into work every morning.  



Thank you for your interest. Let us know if we can answer any questions or help you in any way. Have a great 2014.

Steve Miller, RN and the staff at EPreward

EPreward Online Education
Online Education
Our site will save you time by linking you to many of the online EP education classes and other resources that are available. There are 100's of links leading to many useful CEU/CME courses. There is also a compilation of upcoming world wide EP courses, conferences and online events.
Catheter Buy Back
DON'T CUT YOUR TIPS! Catheter Buy Back is a program where EPreward purchases many of your departments whole diagnostic EP catheters at a bonus price greater than the platinum tip value. We are not reprocessors, this is a one way trip out of your lab.
Platinum Recovery
400+ EP Labs around the world trust EPreward. We pay the highest value for your EP catheter tips. Get paid for what your EP Catheters are worth, not an average. If you have your diagnostic catheters reprocessed for reuse, have us refine your Ablation tips! Many of our labs use these funds for Education.