Greetings!, The 13th World Congress on Qigong/TCM is a few weeks away and we are eager to ensure you are registered for this provocative one-of-a-kind event. Generous donations have enabled us to offer admission to all - email us today if you need a scholarship in order to attend.

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A Landmark Life-changing Stellar Program, The 13th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional  Chinese Medicine (TCM), to be held in San Francisco, April 30 to May 1, 2011 will feature over 50 of the World’s most acclaimed Qigong Masters, Martial Artists, Celebrities, and Scientists! Each expert is available for interview. Theme is: Energetic Anti-Aging, Optimum Wellness & Longevity: For Self and the Planet.  Qigong/TCM focus on restoring & enhancing individual and community energy and immune systems, successfully healing conditions where all else have failed!   The Congress is an unparalleled unique venue attended by an international audience to witness and learn from the Super Human Performances and miracle energetic healings that are typical of Qigong and TCM energy medicine.  Some Congress feedbacks:”25 years of severe fibromyalgia pain gone since the Congress” BF. “2 years shoulder pain scheduled for surgery. 2 minutes with ChowQigong, pain disappeared…6 years now and no Surgery. Thanks so much!” Carol. “My years of deep depression…gone!” SB


At the Congress, participants will learn ways to Thrive in spite of the threats of environmental, health, social, and financial disasters, and gain skills to combat the effects of recent tsunamis and nuclear threats while raising funds for the Japan Disaster Relief. Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 contributing through the San Francisco Japanese JCCCNC. The Congress fundraiser is led by the famous Japanese Film Star/Martial Artist Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (The Last Emperor, Memoirs of a Geisha, Hawaii Five O, Mortal Kombat & 80 films), Star/vocalist Dr. Sharyne Wynters, who cured her cancer with natural medicine & now is the Naturopathic Doctor to the Stars, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael founder of the Bio-Scalar Energy Enhancement  System and other celebrities.                                                                        


Chair: Dr. Effie Chow PhD, RN, LicAc (CA), Qigong Grandmaster

April 30-May 1 with pre and post Congress Masters workshops.

Historic Whitcomb Hotel 1231 Market St. (@8th Street)

Limited Number of FREE ADMISSION till earlybird, first come, first served!

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What: Two full days of the latest research and exposure to several of the many hundreds types of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques for improving health.  Eye-opening, Entertaining, Educational (Edutainment!) and Life-changing!


An Extra-ordinary opportunity to meet and learn from the leaders and masters in Qigong and TCM. 

Examples of topics include: Scientific Symposium on Science and Art of Energy Healing.  Beauty without Cosmetic Surgery, Hands on and Distant Healing, Qigong for Weight Loss, Profound Qi for Health in Dance, Music, Humor, Love, Hugs, Laughter and Performance.   Witness super-human feats…walking on elevated paper, boiling water with the Master’s Qi emission, Shaolin Monks defy spears, swords to body. Hand stand on two fingers! Experience and learn how to instantaneously rid self and others of pain and stress-related conditions of body/mind/spirit. Learn Skills on how to not only survive, but THRIVE in a Toxic World and Financial Crisis! With the motto, the impossible being possible, and miracles that take place at this Congress, participants can learn practical tips for daily life.


This annual Congress is one of the few venues that combine Eastern modalities with a Western scientific paradigm for understanding how to incorporate these practices into healthcare, consumer education and self-care. The central theme of “Qi” (bio-energy) is explored via research, direct experience, health education and exceptional feats of human performance; all in one exciting weekend conference. Exhibits open to the public.


When: April 30-May 1 with pre and post conference activities April 29-May 2. Come full or part-time.

·        Saturday 10 am: Grand Opening and World Tai Chi and Qigong Day Celebration

·           Saturday   6 pm: Gala Banquet: Cultural Spectacular Qi Performances, Awards and Dancing

·           Sunday 9 am – 12:30 pm: Science Symposium; Lunch Program 12:30 – 2:00 pm

·           Sunday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Science Panel and Concurrent Sessions


Where: Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market Street at 8th Street, San Francisco 94103

Why: . Modern western science is just catching up with ancient Chinese medicine and philosophy in discovering that Qi (bio-energy) is life and health.  Attendees will have the rare opportunity to learn and experience directly from the world’s top masters and scientists about complementary and alternative  medicine (CAM) that patients as well as practitioners are adopting at an accelerated rate


· As our nation struggles to find efficient, cost effective ways to improve health, this Congress offers 50+ masters with notable contributions to the art and science of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine and others inordinately successful in studying its effects.  

·Dr. Andrew Weil calls for a restoration of the focus of medicine on health and healing; and emphasizing the centrality of the patient-physician relationship in his book Why our Health Matters,

·The National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine, part of the US National Institutes of Health, found that in 2002, 62.1% of adults in the US had used some form of CAM in the past 12 months and 75% across lifespan.

Who: Celebrities in Healing and Martial Arts, Dr. Sharyn Wynters and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa headline a faculty of 50+ presenters. Featuring Dr. Shin Lin PhD, Professor of Developmental & Cell Biology School of Biological Sciences at University of California-Irvine researches the physiological changes in mind/body functions and bio energy fields associated with mind-body practices and acupuncture therapy, who will be joined by Dr. Kevin Chen, Dept of Integrative Medicine, University of Maryland, Dr. Qing Dong, Sound Pediatrics, and Dr. Beverly Rubik, founder of the Institute of Frontier Science, to present the most recent research in this emerging field. A special distant energy healing is offered for all by Michael Mohoric.


For details, go to website:

Full List of Presenters  

Detailed Schedule  (* subject to change)

 How: REGISTER HERE               for Registration, Donations and Press Passes 


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A collective consciousness with Chow Silver Thread Law of Five Elements meditation for Japan and the world....
By Effie Chow
Japan is facing the thrust of God and earth's expression of displeasure the way humans have treated nature.  All the other tsunamis, earthquakes, have been messages to us to take heed and change our treatment of Mother Earth and the Heavens.  Incidences have been building up with intensity and if we as humans on this planet do not take great leaps to turn around our destructive forces, the whole Planet though threatened now, will suffer greater consequences...  Yet it is still strange to many that just a small undivided attention will suffice a long way.  We must live with good positive intentions and action with love in our heart, mind and spirit in harmony with nature.  A simple action such as meditation (often known as prayer!) is amazingly powerful although it is still hard for many to perceive that.
Please invite all your family, friends and associates to meditate daily for a short or long time at 12 noon wherever you are (the time of the heart in Chinese Medicine) for 100 days. To begin, put a secret smile in your heart, sit/stand straight with proper breathing with the diaphragm. Before sending healing energy, always strengthen yourself first through the Five Elements: let your mind see and feel as you slowly reflect for a few moments on each of the five elements which represents the universe.. fire, earth, metal, water, and wood  Let your heart spirit expand, feel for Japan and its brave people. A collective consciousness can create miracles, it has proven possible see not the terrible pictures, but envision the pristine beauty of Japan, its nature, water, and people...with intentional love for perfection. Importantly, besides Japan, you are also giving beauty and love to the world and yourself. If your surrounding allows it, gently from the diaphragm breath the sound AUM to vibrate through your body/mind/spirit to Japan and to the ends of the universe.  Continue as long as you feel like it.  Bathe in this powerful vibration, sense your feelings...then to silence...feel the depth of it.....  When you wish to end the meditation, again, let your mind see and feel as you slowly think of each of the five elements... fire, earth, metal, water, and wood... to replenish and strengthen yourself after having sent healing energy.  Though coming out of the meditation session, stay in your lovely meditative state in your regular life to be relaxed and free from excessive stress/anxiety. 
If you have something special to share from this experience, or wish a longer meditation, please write us. Thank you and blessings. You have made a difference...know it. Loving Qi....with at least 8 hugs and 3 belly-aching laughs a day.....
Opportunity to learn from the Masters! 

Cary-HiroyukiTagawa,Famed Japanese celebrity martial artist and film star of The Last Emperor, Memoir of A Geisha, Mortal Kombat & 80 movies and TV Hawaii Five O is featured at the Thirteenth World Congress on Qigong/TCM in San Francisco April 29-May 2. Tagawa has a new lead role in fundraising for Japan Disaster Relief with the goal of raising $50,000 by the May 1.


Dr. Sharyn Wynters who began her career as “Cat Girl” PURRR!  in the original Batman series is now helping thousands of stressed out, worn down and mentally exhausted people worldwide discover health and well-being as naturopathic doctor and author with Burton Goldberg. of SURVIVE! A Family Guide for Thriving in a Toxic World.


Learn instantaneous healing from Dr. Effie Chow, Chair of the Thirteenth World Congress on Qigong/TCM and a world-renowned energy healer, registered nurse, acupuncturist and Doctor of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Chow, who has devoted her life and career to the integration of ancient eastern and modern western medical practices, was appointed by President Bill Clinton to the first White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. Special Monday full day workshop.


Michael Mohoric who specializes in distant energy healing with the unique ability to work on many people in different locations simultaneously has scheduled a special healing session on Sunday, May 1 at 12:15pm for the Thirteenth World Congress on Qigong/TCM. He contributed the first $500 to the Japan Disaster Fund awaiting others to match him.


Dr. Sandra Rose Michael is using quantum physics, science and spirituality to shift consciousness and heal the planet and is the sole inventor of the true bio-scalar EE Process TM for increased energy levels to optimize regeneration, rejuvenation and body-mind-spirit health worldwide. Can have personal sessions with the EESystem.


Discover Shaolin Temple USA: Sharing Shaolin Kung Fu with the World. Kung Fu monks from Shaolin Temple USA will perform spectacular Shaolin Hard Qigong acts from the famous 72 Supreme Shaolin Feats, only recently revealed to the world!


Watch world-class martial arts,Tai Chi competition medalist, President of Health Qigong USA and Adjunct Faculty at Ohlone College Sifu May Chen pursue martial arts excellence while mentoring students as a role model teacher in tai chi and qigong.


Witness hard Qi feats such as boiling water with his qi, and can walk on elevated paper. Qigong Grandmaster Ting-Jue Zhou is a noted healer, mentored by many famous Chinese Qigong masters can diagnose and treat disease without instruments, medication and drugs.  Special workshops Friday day and evening and Sunday evening.


Experience Wisdom Healing with founder and Qigong Master Mingtong Gu in a special ancient wisdom ceremony to magnify the healing of yourself and planet earth with the collective field of powerful practitioners including healers and masters. Special all day Workshop Monday


Breathe your way to weight loss, quit smoking or develop beautiful skin with Wang Yan, MD (China) and Doctor of Chinese Medicine from Amsterdam. Master Yan knows over 200 methods of medical qigong! In addition she is a six time World Champion of Yang's TAi-Ji' Quan, winning the most recent at age 62. The Chinese Government honored her as one of the top 100 doctors in China.  Special Weight Loss, Skin Problem intensive five day workshop Friday to Tuesday and perhaps to Thursday.  20,000 successful cases world-wide…loses 4 to 10 lb in first week.   

  A doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Alex Feng has distinguished himself as an acclaimed healer, Qi Gong master and Taoist Priest, Founder of Zi Dao Guan, The Taoist Center in Oakland, CA he has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is on staff at Chinese Hospital in San Francisco and is a principle in the evolving Integrative Medicine Program being pioneered by Dr. Amy Matecki, oncologist at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley.


Representing the best of modern Wushu training in the Bay Area, Pacific Wushu is coached by international champions Phillip Wong and Mei Hong Zhang. A real-life video game and film star, Sifu Phillip Wong is a martial arts/Wushu champion, named by Inside Kung Fu magazine as Competitor of the Year and is founder of Pacific Wushu and Stanford University Wushu Club. Mei Hong Zhang, a gold medalist in Women’s Straight Sword Competition has traveled the world over as an ambassador, performing and teaching the art of Wushu and spreading Chinese culture.


Braco – The Healing Gaze from Croatia.  Special live-stream healing session.


Drs. Thomas and Janet Wu, World Renown Cancer Therapist.  Consultant to China Government for Cancer.  Published book on Cancer natural therapy and nutrition.


Dr. Stanley Ngui from Toronto…Program on Feng Shui on Monday.


Go to the website to read about many other presenters giving special workshops post Congress.



Come to Learn and Raise Money for Japan!


Please take this as a personal note to you.   We very much need your help in fundraising for the most devastating Japan disaster! Their people have been so bravely stoic, and beautiful!  Come support and be together in person at the Congress, or you and all your friends can donate through the website.


We have made our East West Academy of Healing Arts sponsored Thirteenth World Congress on Qigong/TCM into a fundraiser for the Japan Disaster Relief.  This Tsunami and nuclear catastrophe is not only destructive to Japan, but to us and to the planet!  There is no containment for chemicals/gasses/energy...


I envision that the desperate circumstances of Japan is a clarion call for us in the Qigong/TCM/Natural Healing/CAM community and friends as a supreme opportunity to unite together as a powerful force to be respected and honored and to make a significant impact world-wide.  


We all have been working individually heroically and idealistically for health for the individual and the planet to try to prevent what has just happened!  But isolated and separate as "I" and "You", is not must be a concerted collective "WE".  We individually have not been able to make the mainstream heed our daily healing miracles (where all else had failed), and our scientists attempting research in this field is frustrated with "NO MONEY", yet research results and data is requested otherwise our daily miracles are "only stories".


NOW is the opportunity to become a strong influential force for pro-active action in the DEVELOPMENT of public policies in health and life at the Washington DC and international level to include Qigong/TCM/Natural Healing/CAM, not to only react/complain with already passed legislation.  


At present our community has no voice or official status. This is why I feel that if we can speak strongly through our cooperative efforts and our ability to raise significant funds to aid in Japan's crisis, they will begin to hear us!  Unfortunately it is money that speaks the loudest in this western society and today's world.


Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 by the end of the Thirteenth World Congress, May 2, 2011 by each one of us soliciting our contacts to donate!  


Can you please encourage your "loyal fans-students-clients-friends" to donate to the Japan Fund?  With your immense mailing lists or listeners...with encouragement, you can make such a significant dent into that goal!  


Large or small it will be very much appreciated and truly make a difference. If a person commits to raise in this month $1000, we need only 50 people to reach the $50,000 goal by the Congress! Of course it would be wonderful if there are some big donors!  Below are only a few ideas on raising money.  


I am CONFIDENT that if we continue to combine our forces together, that in the next year before our next World Congress in 2012 we can raise at least one million dollars (hopefully many millions) for the Japan crisis (other crisis?), but also for Qigong/energy natural healing research and to influence policy development. 


One of our goals of the Congress was to be a springboard for raising funds for Qigong/Energy Healing Research, but for this Congress, because of the Japan emergency status we will now designate our proceeds from the activities leading up to and the days of the Congress to the Japanese Relief Fund.  


We are working with the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California in San Francisco which is one of the largest Japanese communities in the nation.  They have identified trusted NGO's in Japan to work with, one being the YMCA. 


For ones who wish to donate, they can come to our Congress to show personal support, and/or if they cannot come, we appreciate a donation large or small.  It all will add up.  We will be setting up a family tree of contributors to the Qigong/TCM/Natural Healing/CAM community fund for Japan.  This will document our strong force of cooperation amongst this community.


We wish also to make this fundraising a serious one with fun kinds of activity!  Our Congress program will be a spectacular extravaganza as usual and even better this year with the stars involved! People will learn to heal self and others as they help in a global disaster! There will be a friendly competition with prizes for those who raise the most monies in these categories:

1)  Individuals

2)  Corporations and businesses

3)  Non-profits and community agencies

4)  Media TV/Radio programs

5)  Stars for Qigong/TCM/Natural Healing/CAM community



1)     One can also donate books, videos, products, classes for our raffle/silent auction and the donor will receive further publicity for their work and products. They may be sent to Congress - Sharon Chism, Hotel Whitcomb Catering Sales Director, 1231 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94103 Direct: 415-487-4439  Fax: 415-487-4489.

2)    One can designate a certain percentage of their earnings in the next few months to the Japan Fund

3)    Be an ambassador to motivate your circle of friends/acquaintances to help raise money.  Commit yourself to raise a certain amount,  ie. $1000, $5000, etc. in this month before the Congress.

4)    If you know restaurant or business owners, inspire them to dedicate certain days that they will give a certain percentage to the Japan Fund.  It will also be good for their business.

5)    People can pledge to be responsible for raising or donating a certain amount of $ by a certain time.

6)    Organize dinners, small or large “fun” fundraising events,

7)     And many more ways....we are open to suggestions


 To donate, one can do the following:


1)  Credit cards:  go to on-line registration form for the Congress: 



2)  Checks:  Make out to Congress- Japan Fund and send to: Acteva Inc. - Thirteenth World Congress on Qigong/TCM, 100 Pine Street, 10th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111.  Phone: 866-462-2838, Fax Donation/Registration: 415-276-2399.  Call Acteva Support: 877-855-8646.

3)  For information please call 415-285-9401.


EWAHA is a non-profit organization with IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. TAX # 23 7353699

I look forward to your comments and suggestions or other creative ideas, and your partnering with us.  


An important last note is my immediate request for everyone to please meditate daily at 12 noon (wherever one is), the time of the heart in Traditional Chinese Medicine, even if for a moment's focus/concentration and can meditate another time.  But in meditaton, please breathe deeply and properly with the diaphragm, feel connected to the entire universe, image Japan, the people (and the planet) in total pristine beauty whatever you portray that to be.  Do not think of the ugliness and destruction at all.  Only have beautiful images and positive thoughts for the land and its people.  I have a short meditation if one does not have one.  It is also important to end the meditation feeling yourself strong, powerful and serene. Thank you and Blessings.


In loving Qi,

Dr. Chow – Effie  And the Congress Committee


East West Academy of Healing Arts (EWAHA)

          T: 415-285-9400   FAX: 415-647-5745