Honoring Robin Williams
1951 - 2014

Another one of our "greats" has responded to God's beckoning.  God needs so many good people to help Him in these days of universal discord.... In looking over Robin Williams short 63 year history, the diversity of his life and movie roles....one can ask...how did he humanely do it? So powerful and yet with so much humility. One thing not understood by most is....a person with such joy and bringing laughter to everyone he touched could suffer such deep pain. David Letterman noted he did not realize Robin was in such pain!

The Gorilla Koko who spent only two days long ago with Robin Williams is now knowingly mourning Robin's transition. Should we all make such an impact on every individual....what a wonderful peaceful, loving life we could have on this planet without war and violence! We miss you, Robin, and you will stand as a shining example for what one human can do. May we follow in your footsteps.

Mainstreaming Medical Qigong
A Call For Evidence and Testimonials To Be Used In A New Qigong White Paper

The events surrounding Robin Williams untimely death could have been so preventable with the widespread awareness and use of medical Qigong as an effective supplement and/or alternative to conventional drug based treatment of depression, Parkinsons' disease and so many other serious ailments of mankind.

With Robin Williams' sad experience, let us pledge to be more assertive in educating the world to the fact that Qigong/TCM has had many significant successes with ordinary and seemingly hopeless medical conditions where all else had failed.

We have been too timid in our outreach. More well funded research is needed to undeniably affirm to the medical establishment, the general public and the health insurance community what we already know about medical Qigong.  

     Qigong  is effective!

     Qigong is safe!
     Qigong is affordable!
     Qigong is empowering!

Various Qigong Masters including myself have had inordinately remarkable results in conditions such as depression/suicidal ideation; neurological conditions eg. Parkinsons', ALS, MS, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy; Cardiac problems; Diabetes; cancer and the deathly side effects of drugs and chemotherapy, radiation; Asthma; ADD/ADHD; eyesight problems such as glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa; Hearing problems such as Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), loss of hearing; Fibromyalgia; Rehabilitation; and so on...

It is time to document our successes effectively to rally a new age of mainstreamed energy healing.  We can do that in a landmark White Paper generated from our collective documented Qigong outcomes.  We have a brief window of opportunity to use such a White Paper to influence the Obama Administration and the media to endorse and encourage the authoritative widespread acceptance of Qigong/TaiChi/TCM/Natural Medicine in the American Health Care system and everyday living.

We MUST JOIN TOGETHER NOW to make the public enlightenment we have worked so long for. The time is short with so many lives in critical jeopardy from living in an out-of- balance environment with out-of-balance medicine.  Too many millions are needlessly suffering and dying too early.  We all know that Qigong is a safe effective very affordable alternative to many traumatically expensive drugs and medical procedures with tragic side effects.

We all know that the enlightened practice of Qigong draws our attention away from environmental defiance and ever forward toward the wise and harmonious ways of nature to heal all things hurting.  It's time for the rest of the world to know this too.  This White Paper is the next step on the ladder of how we make that happen.  That is why EWAHA and I are willing to take a leading role in furthering this White Paper with your participation.

Through our World Congress on Qigong/TaiChi/TCM, East West Academy of Healing Arts, American Qigong Association and World Qigong Federation, I am inviting everyone to contribute to this white paper by sharing with us your documented evidence and testimonies of your spectacular successes with healing of any of the conditions mentioned above or other significant outcomes!

Funding is also a big need as you all know. I invite you to contact us and state what funding and/or skills you wish to contribute toward this effort.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

In loving Qi with hugs, laughter and miracles for sound health of body/mind/spirit!

Dame Dr. Effie Chow, PhD, RN, LicAc(CA), DipAc(NCCAOM), Qigong Grandmaster.

For more information on how to contribute to the EWAHA white paper, please email eastwestqi@aol or call 415-285-9400.

AHSC 2014 Qigong & Tai Chi
Click on the image for the YouTube

Qigong & Tai Chi Exhibition organized by
Dr. Chow/East West Academy of Healing Arts for
The Asian Heritage Street Celebration
May 17, 2014  San Francisco

This year, 2014, at our 10th Annual Hill Physicians Asian Heritage Street Celebration, we successfully increased our vendors to include participation by more schools of Oriental Medicine (almost all in the Bay Area, I am happy to say), Integrative Medicine of the University and hospitals besides independent practitioners and small businesses.

Knowing that this is the final year of leadership by AHSC's founder Teddy Fang, Dr. Chow's thought was "what would make a spectacular send-off for Teddy!"

Within less than one month, she organized a 350 member Tai Chi/Qigong/Kungfu exhibition. There were eleven teams who had never worked together.  They orchestrated a most beautiful, physically, emotionally and spiritually touching performance with blue AHSC/Tai Chi T-Shirts at the Civic Center Plaza with the SF City Hall in the background at 12 noon!

We give tribute to Masters Li Shudong, Shufen Zhou, and Team Leader Emily Lee who volunteered with us to pull this together and to all the wonderful devoted practitioners. They cooperated beautifully! David Chiu, President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisor presented Certificates of Honor to key individuals for this TaiChi/Qigong/KingFu Exhibition. It was commended by Kaiser Permanente and KUTV and Subaru Rep Ms. Abana.


Qigong 500 - Dancing In The Sky

Below is a new spectacular YouTube example from China of the extraordinary things people can do when they work together carefully in creative harmony.

2014青年奥运会!青奥会开幕式 500人空中起舞 [超清]
2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Video Trailer

500 people dancing in the sky.


EWAHA Qi News - August 2014 Edition

-  H E A D L I N E S  -


A Call For Evidence and Testimonials To Be Used In A New White Paper



- Free Chow Qigong Exercises Practice Every Sunday in Golden Gate Park
- Qigong The Chow Way on "Being Aware" Internet Radio
- A  Long Distance Qi Healing in Moscow
- Dr. Chow in Montreal
-The Eyes Have It


August 23    12 - 3 p.m.
Chow Qigong @ San Francisco's "Peace In The Park"

August 30-31
Level 1 Medical Qigong classes continue in San Francisco

September 7  11 a.m. - 12 noon
Chow Qigong Public Exhibition at
San Francisco Chinatown's Autumn Moon Festival

September 13 - 14
Honorary Guest Dr. Chow @ La Salon Mystique,
The Mystical Event in Gatineaux, Quebec

September 26 - 28
Level 1 Medical Qigong classes begin in Ottawa, Canada

October 18-20
3rd International Qigong Symposium &
16th World Congress on Qigong & TCM in Rome, Italy


YOU Can Become a Chow Qigong Healer
For Yourself, Others & the Planet.
Relieve Pain, Stress, PTSD & more!

Four Weekend Course | Individual Weekends Available

San Francisco
(join in progress)
August 30 - 31   |   September 20 - 21   |  October 11 - 12

Ottawa, Canada (starting in September)
September 26 - 28 | October 24 - 26 | November 14 - 16 | December 5 - 7
Contact ottawachowqigong@gmail.com


Effie Chow is one of the strongest energy-based healers and acupuncturists I have met and I have seen with my own eyes some of the remarkable results of her Qigong work”- Dr. Deepak Chopra
“The work of Dr. Chow is impressive. She has had remarkable success where others have failed.”-
Dr. Thomas Malone, (Former) Deputy Director, National Institutes of Health
News & Good

Free Chow Qigong Exercises & Meditation
Now Every Sunday in Golden Gate Park

Sunday Qigong in Golden Gate Park
Everyone is welcome to join Chow Medical Qigong students in a beautiful casual setting.

Every Sunday without rain 10 a.m. - 12 noon in the Golden Gate Park Rose Garden @ John F. Kennedy Drive north

west of the De Young museum. There is a little pedestrian pathway that will take you to the Rose Garden southeast from the Golden Gate Park        entrance on Fulton Street at Park Presidio Drive.  Click for a map.

Lisa Garr
Radio Host  - Lisa Garr

Qigong The Chow Way . . .

aired August 12 on Lisa Garr's Being Aware / The Aware Show Internet Radio Program.
  Click here to listen now.

This program is expected to air sometime in the future on Pacifica's KPFK radio in Los Angeles and San Diego.  To find out when, click here.

Long Distance Qi Healing To Moscow 
Dr. Chow had recent success sending healing Qi halfway across the globe.  Skype was used to monitor the Qi transmission.  Long distance Qi was used to lower the blood sugar level of a Russian diabetic.  It also helped another Moscow client with prostate cancer to lower their stress and sleep better.

Dr. Chow at IIIHS Conference in Montreal

Dr. Chow joined a prestigious lineup of world leaders in science, spirituality and medicine speaking at the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences  - Spiritual Science Fellowship International Conference in Montreal, Canada. 

Participating attendees were treated to a one hour lecture and seven hour workshop by Dr. Chow on August 3-5. Many pain conditions were relieved. 

Two Cases in Particular:

Dr. Chow saw a 50 year old man suffering from scoliosis in his back for 8 years and sleep apnea requiring his use of an Oxygen mask.  His chiropractor and medical doctors, etc. had left him with the prognosis of stability with no hope for back improvement and a possibility of further degeneration.

Thirteen minutes of Chow Qigong therapy totally eliminated the scoliosis. His legs, hips and body felt lighter and looser. His movement became more coordinated and fluid. His breathing became easier as well.

Dr. Chow also treated a forty year old mother with five children ranging from one and one half to nineteen years old. This woman had been suffering from serious varicose veins and pain in her left leg from her groin to her calf since her first child's birth!  Her veins were bulging and dark.   Her legs felt swollen and heavy most of the time.  Movement of left leg was more challenging than the right.  Nothing had helped her.

This woman had never sat cross-legged.  After 15 minutes of Chow Qigong healing, she sat in Full Lotus position for the first time in her life!  Her whole body and legs felt lighter and more fluid in movement.  Her varicose veins were lighter in color and less bulging. Her muscles were all more relaxed. Overall, she was very excited at the results and so are we.

Dr. Chow has been invited to present again at the next IIIHS conference in 2015.  

The Eyes Have It

It's amazing what 10 minutes of Qi healing power from Grandmaster' Chow's touch can do especially if you are a new Chow Medical Qigong student with a 50 + year "incurable" eye condition originating from birth defects.

This student experienced this May 31, 2014 an instant 20 % improvement to a lifetime of low vision.  With regular meditation and Chow Qigong exercises, this student's vision has improved another 10% in the past 3 months. The sources of his defective vision are due to nystagmus, astigmatism and an apparent lack of cones and/or rods in the eyes (organic pixels) usually associated with albinism.  Dr. Chow has also noticed some limitation to his peripheral vision.  He is halfway to fulfilling one goal to have enough vision to acquire a standard driver's license for the first time.

He works in the television industry.  He was once a producer and award winning director of broadcast quality television at a low vision friendly public access television facility in his spare time.  There was no technological or managerial discrimination there to hold him back.  The director's video monitors were positioned close enough for him to see them clearly.  That facility no longer exists.

For 17 years his paid day job has been at a TV station where many of the director's monitors are built into walls and consoles too far away from the position where he could see them clearly. So, he has always been doing other important work there but in the last 2 years, most of the work he used to do has been increasingly outsourced and that has severely reduced his work hours.  Most of his former income has evaporated and his very lively hood has been seriously threatened.  Being able to direct TV there would change everything.

Because of Chow Qigong, last Tuesday he was able to read critical data on one of the director's monitors at work at a distance that was never before possible for him.

If this improvement continues, he may soon be able to work full time in broadcast television again and finally fulfill his 30 year dream since college of becoming an award winning paid professional television director at a major television station.

Our hopes are with him as he energetically works with Chow Qigong and Grandmaster Chow to finally reach that 30 year goal!

Please join us as a Chow Qigong exhibition is featured from 12 noon - 3 p.m. at the 2nd Annual Peace In The Paark community celebration, Saturday, August 23rd. 
Thousands of people are expected to attend. 

Chow Qigong will be featured in area 15 on the current map near the music concourse 
band shell fountain in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

There are many fun and exciting things for people of all ages to to do at this wonderful FREE event.

Many noteworthy peace oriented businesses and organizations will be participating..  You'll want to make time for the entire event from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

See peaceintheparksf.org
for details.

Please join us for a free
Chow Qigong public exhibition

at the Autumn Moon Festival

Sunday, September 7
11 a.m. - noon

 at the Main Stage
Grant and Washington Streets
San Francisco.

The Autumn Moon festival in San Francisco's Chinatown  on September 6 - 7 is also expected to be very  well attended.  As usual, it will feature plenty of traditional  music, dancing, paintings, crafts, Qigong &  Martial Arts.
Click here for a map.

See  www.moonfestival.org for more details.

Dr. Chow will be featured as an honorary guest at La Salon Mystique, The Mystical Event near Ottawa Canada, September 13 - 14. Dr. Chow, Dai Shiang and associates will give three programs and circles of healing workshops from Sept. 12-14. 

It is a bilingual well-being healing event for everyone that connects the mind, body and soul. There will be an exhibition room with 50 booths, a dozen conferences and several special guests.

Thousands of visitors will have the unique opportunity to build relationships and learn the benefits of meditation, yoga, energy healing, Chow Qigong, holistic therapies, alternative medicine, massage therapy, reflexology, natural products, tarot readings, aura readings, dowsing, mediumship, Reiki, shamanism, angel therapy, past life regression, life coaching, hypnotherapy, and much more.

It is a wellness event for mental, physical and spiritual levels with a mysterious touch. Different modalities are effective, but often beyond human comprehension.

For more information, see http://themysticalevent.com/fr/en/  .



OCTOBER 18-20, 2014

Seraphicum Auditorium
Rome, Italy


FYI - Click here to see video highlights of the 15th World Congress on Qigong / TCM in San Francisco.

We send much love with hugs and laughter from East West Academy of Healing Arts.
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Attention Soldiers

Chow Qigong Program for Veterans and Youth!

We offer Chow Medical Qigong program for Veterans and families. Another focus is the Youth who are undergoing an epidemic of "Bullying" Behavior which is causing a rising incidence of killings and suicides!

+ We specialize in & have results in a short time with conditions such as the sufferings of pain and PTSD suffered by both veterans & youth.

+ Will serve veterans and youth free if necessary & have already been doing so for many. Scholarships for our classes are available

+ Veterans will learn to heal themselves &others at the same time making them employable and also creating a viable career for themselves in healing.

We are developing a serious cadre of veteran healers to heal the wounds of the world beginning with themselves to offset the horrors of war and bullying in the youth!

This is a serious invitation to anyone (veteran or not) interested in being part of the program or in helping.

Please contact us immediately  eastwestqi@aol.com

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Chow Medical Qigong Weekly Practice! 
Practice Chow Qigong exercises, meditation and more with our students and graduates!
Go to website www.eastwestqi.com
or email us eastwestqi@aol.com
Chow Medical Qigong Advanced Intern Academy Clinic

With blessings from Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow, the Chow Medical Qigong Advanced Intern Academy  has launched with wonderful success.  We have seen clients with an array of issues, pain of all types, including a broken hip, cancer, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue, stiff knees, and even a wonderful feline who underwent a tumor removal. 

Our graduates host the Intern Clinic every Monday from 7pm-8pm with treatments at reduced rates.
We invite everyone in the Bay area to take advantage of this opportunity. Appointments can be scheduled by emailing eastwestqi@aol.com or by calling Gloria at 415-285-9400

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" It promotes a very deep state of ultimate relaxation, if we allow it, from which any type of healing can occur. Of all the technologies that I have recently researched, this one is the post powerful detoxifiers I have encountered."
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