A message from Dr. Effie Chow

This year will be your blessed year to

Shine, and Rise
To unbelievable heights of health and wealth.
God has created you perfect and the greatest instrument of all
Claim back the power that is yours
By Birth....
For yourself, your family and the planet!
Trust yourself.
We can be the terrible statistics of what is today’s chaotic world
Or be the evolutionist
Or the Phoenix Rising out of the Ashes
So mankind can be saved and
Be the best ever in history!
It is your choice…..
A sense of humor, forgiveness, gratitude,
Lots of loving and hugging and laughing
Are the greatest life and healing tools of all times!
My signature prescription: At least 8 hugs a day and 3 belly-aching laughs a day!
Much love to you and your family. 

Dear Chow Qigong Friends and Family, 

We know that anyone can heal themselves with the power of Chow Qigong.  Qigong is key for a more enlightened humanity, and that is a central goal in the work we do. And with the world in the condition that it is today, we need  many more enlightened beings, enlightened to the miracle of healing. Our life-force, our fundamental energy is fueled by hope and we have witnessed this hope manifest into miraculous healing through-out this summer.  Im the very short time that I have been involved with EWAHA, I have been witness to the magic of Chow Qigong on countless occasions.  Within a short 15 minute treatment the unrelenting pain in my pelvis disappeared and consistent practice has allowed me to completely discard my daily pain-medication.  I am healed and healing!   We at EWAHA are very fortunate to have you with us on our journey towards healing this world.

In this newsletter, along with updates on all that is happening here at EWAHA, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce to you a promising new initiative- Our Chow Qigong Scholarship Programs for Veterans, Youth, and Financially needy students.  And as always, we hope that with this e-zine you are inspired to continue to make health your own initiative as it is one of the core philosophies in our practice.

Remember, anything is possible with Chow Qigong!

Big hugs and laughter,
Chemi Dolma 

 Exciting new campaigns launched:
Come join our team!
 “When the world hurts, we hurt...our every action fundamentally affects the entirety of the universe...so let your emotions move to to activism for the planet.”- Dr. Chow

Central to Chow Qigong philosophy is the fact that our lives and our environment are deeply and inexorably connected. we are one with everything around us and what happens to us affects our environment and vice versa. Let this idea empower you to share yourself and do good in every moment. With this in mind, please consider supporting our efforts to share the power of Qigong with those who need it most.
We have identified three groups of people who can gain and share a tremendous amount of healing and happiness through Qigong:

1)  Chow Qigong Scholarships for Veterans 
2) Chow Qigong Scholarship for Youth  
3)  Chow Qigong Scholarships for Basic Weekend Training 

We know each of you has been touched by ChowQigong and understand the immeasurably profound potential that lies in these proposed programs. So, come join our team and Let's make this dream a reality! 
And the giving always come-back a hundred fold: there are great perks attached to each donation level (check them out!) and soon enough you will be receiving updates of many moving stories of which you will have contributed your part.  We encourage you to share this joy with your family and friends. 
Upcoming Classes and Events: 

"Everything I learned from the Qigong workshop has shaped a new understanding and a new appreciation of the power of the body both to heal and to be healed"
- David, SF Student of Chow Qigong

August 16-18, San Francisco:
  A Life changing Weekend event : Basic Chow Qigong Training
Learn to heal yourself and others and the planet. for anyone who wishes to be healthier, gain super-health, or would like to get rid of outstanding short and long terms problems. We will demonstrate skills with actual conditions...eg. stress, eye, hearing, frozen shoulders, pain of all kinds, parkinson's, MS, arthritis, respiratory problems, sleep, digestion, and more!

Sept 21-23, Tokyo, Japan
The World Qigong Forum and 15th World Congress on Qigong/TCM. Dr. 

Sept 27-29, Honolulu, Hawaii:
Knighting Investiture of the Hospitaller of St. John's.
Dr. Chow will attend the Knighting Investiture as an honorary member and give a Chow Qigong weekend training class.  

Every Monday 6:00-8:00, San Francisco: 
Advanced Medical Chow Qigong Intern Academy Clinic
 Our Advanced Medical Chow Qigong Graduates will offer treatments are reduced rates for clients with any medical conditions.  email us at easwestqi@aol.com to book appointments.  

15th World Congress on Qigong/TCM receives a BIG Welcome in San Francisco

 May 17-20th was a glorious weekend of healing celebration and extravaganza as the 15th World Congress took the public by storm.  This year’s Congress, in partnership with the 9th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration attracted over 90,000 people.The roster of internationally distinguished Masters engaged and inspired attendees in extraordinary performances and interactive presentations. The Congress was a great success and to some, a foothold to what will be the pinnacle of health and wellbeing in a broken healthcare system. Many cherished memories were made and for those new to Qigong and Natural Medicine, it broadened horizons! Next year’s Congress will be a continuation of that growth and energy; we trust that you will be a part of this growing family and movement!  

Here is an unbelievable highlight:  Master Zhou Defies science 

 You can find a full recap with plenty of pictures, video and other media here .  

A new batch of level one graduates embark on journey to become professional healers! 
On July 14th a brand new cadre of healers certified in the 100-hour Level One intensive celebrated their graduation. This year's Intensive level one students from all across the nation gathered in San Francisco to complete their final weekend of training.  
They perfected their techniques and shared their creative final projects and exciting ideas for the future. Some of these ground-breaking projects may be presented at next year's world congress!

With blessings from Grandmaster Dr. Chow, the Advanced Medical Chow Qigong intern Academy launched the very next day. Our graduates will be hosting the intern clinic every Monday from 6-8pm with treatments at reduced rates. We invite everyone in the Bay area to take advantage of this opportunity. Appointments can be scheduled by emailing eastwestqi.com. 

Congratulations to our Graduates Renee, Ruth, Kathy, Jeannie, George! May you all become the best healers and change-makers you aspire to be.
Dr Chow demonstrates the power of Qigong in San Francisco
We were so happy to see so many new faces at our first basic training event in san Francisco this summer. On the first day, Dr. Chow demonstrated her signature energy testing and qi-empowered push (effortlessly pushing 7 people with whose total weight was 1020 across the room!)
         Students listened in rapt attention as Dr. Chow taught them various Qi-building techniques and cheered with amazement as they themselves began to realize the power of Qi through their participation in the demonstrations.
         And of course, there was a lot of healing: Joe, a dancer from the China Town Follies group complained of constant pain in his neck, back, and shoulders. Only a few minutes after Dr. Chow applied her unique Qi treatment while giving instructions, Joe exclaimed “where is the pain? I cannot find it!” to which everyone laughed and cheered. the pains and aches of a couple more audience members were instantaneously healed in the demonstrations, resulting in much happier and younger looking faces. One amazing case was that of Lorna, who had encountered a serious injury to her left leg and could not lift her leg from her hip, it had been this way for over a 14 years. Within 5 minutes of Dr. Chow's gentle Qigong she was able to lift her leg almost one foot into the air.
The miracles continued through the entire weekend. Sarah's frozen shoulder was relieved in two minutes. Matt had severely injured his leg in a motorcycle accident and could not move without a walker. He had constant pain (a 9 on the 1-10 pain scale) , severe edema, and could not bend his knee. After five minute demonstration of Qi pressure points by Dr. Chow, all of these issues were resolved to dramatic degree and Matt could not stop exclaiming "Wow!" "oh my god!" "this is great!" Dr. Chow had to remind him to stop walking around so much so as not to suddenly over-work the leg. Many hugs and laughter were shared among all this healing and learning.

Find upcoming Basic programs here
We are open to requests to have Chow Qigong Weekend programs in your area. Please contact us at eastwestqi@aol.com for more information.
Dr Chow at the Saint John's Knighting Investiture and the TLC
The week of July 24th was an especially busy one for our president Dr. Chow. She accepted the invitation to join the Transformational Leadership Council and flew down to Southern California to take part in their Bi-annual meeting. The TLC is group of thought leaders, speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, researchers, consultants, and others who are leaders in the fields of personal and professional development. These leaders meet as the TLC to support each other in their contributions to the world. Dr. Effie met and shared her vision with many top-notch leaders, forging bonds of friendship. We will keep you updated on the exciting collaborations that are developing. Immediately after the TLC Dr. Chow arrived at the Agape Center in Los Angeles to attend the Saint John's Knighting Investiture where she watched as new members were knighted into the order in recognition of their Commitment to the Healing of Humanity.  She returned full of new ideas and plans for the future.  Stay tuned to hear whats brewing.  
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The East West Academy of Healing Arts is also becoming more active on our Facebook & Twitter. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to enter in a contest to win either a free weekend Chow Qigong class or a DVD-Book set! 

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We send much love with hugs and laughter from East West Academy of Healing Arts.
Stay updated of our activities through our website, Facebook and Twitter! 
In this Issue 
  • A Message from Dr. Chow
  • Exciting new campaigns 
  • Mark your calendars! : Upcoming Classes and Events
  • 15th World Congress on Qigong and TCM recap
  • A new batch of Level One students graduate
  • Dr. Chow at TLC and Knighting Investiture
  • Dr. Chow instructs classes in San francisco + Amazing stories of instantaneous healing
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Special Notice
Clinical Successes

We have been successful in improving eyesight including complicated cases such as macular degeneration and retinitis pygmentosa.

If anyone is afflicted with eye problems and wishes us to help them, particularly in cases  of retinitis pymentosa, please get in touch with us now.
Our email is eastwestqi@aol.com

At present, we want to accelerate our successful practice by taking on challenges and conditions which include:

  • Hearing problems
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Frozen shoulders
  •          Any physical or         emotional pain of any kind, but especially of the hip and knees
  •        Arthritis
  •       Discomfort from cancer or its therapies.

If anyone wishes to be part of a research project using Chow Medical Qigong in any of these conditions, please contact us now.
Special Chow Qigong Program for Veterans

We offer a program for veterans and families with Chow Medical Qigong.

+ We specialize in & have results in a short time with conditions such as the sufferings of pain and PTSD by veterans.

+ Will serve veterans free if necessary & have already been doing so for many. Free scholarships for our classes are also available

+ Veterans will learn to heal themselves &others at the same time creating a viable career for themselves in healing.

We are developing a serious cadre of veteran healers to heal the wounds of the world beginning with themselves to offset the horrors of war!

This is a serious invitation to anyone (veteran or not) interested in being part of the program or in helping.

Please contact us immediately eastwestqi@aol.com.


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