A Year End Message from Dr. Effie Chow

Dear family and friends,

At this joyous season of Christmas and New Year, let us renew our sense of awe in life's miracles.

Too often we take things for granted and we need to appreciate our natural and amazing existence from birth, life, and death. Each stage has its beauty if we understand the continuance of the life-force.

Every dawn is a new life...and we need to rejoice with every dawn! For with it brings new dreams and hope....

It is my dream and hope that this world will be a kindlier and more peaceful one, and that each individual will suffice with their "needs", not their "wants". Then there would be greater happiness, health, joy, wealth, and compassion which is what I wish for you. If each person has this dream and acts upon it, it will be so for everyone on this planet.

What one dreams and acts upon, one will receive. Do reflect on how much we do have in contrast with the hundreds of millions of people on earth.

I have volunteered and served where the children had only the clothes they were wearing, and the only food they had was the milk and high protein wafer we gave them! It often preys on my mind and I do what I can to help. Anything, no matter how small is so appreciated.

Then God gave us the gift to heal where all else have failed. With CMQ we are relieving and healing within minutes long-term and difficult problems such as frozen shoulders; pain; ringing in the ears and loss of hearing; eye problems such as macular degeneration, retinitis pygmentosa, and more common eye problems; stroke and other paralysis; neurological conditions such as Parkinsons', MS, ALS/Lou Gehrig's, cerebral palsy, etc.; cancer and side effects of chemo and radiation; asthma or respiratory conditions; stress and lack of stamina; and even helping people get super healthy in everyday life and in sports! Please, if you have family members or friends with long or short term problems....anything....we'd be so happy to help them. You can also learn to heal yourself and others! Please check out our website www.eastwestqi.com .

We are eternally grateful for our families and the people who have supported us throughout the year in so many ways in terms of volunteering, donating money, partnering on projects or being a great friend! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
It promises to be a great year in 2014 and wishing you the same!

Come visit us in San Francisco...

In loving Qi with millions of hugs, laughter and Miracles for the holidays and new year!

Effie Chow and all at East West Academy of Healing Arts....

It's never to late to Join Us!
FINAL WEEKEND January 10-12

Become a Healer while healing yourself. Indulge in a transformational journey of self discovery by being part of this four weekend Intensive Chow Qigong Training program taught by world-renowned Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow. In this training you will learn specific meditations and physical and mental energy exercises designed by Dr. Chow and experience the innate healing energy that exists within each of us. There is no better way - bar none - to bring health, healing and emotional well being into your life, your home, your work and all those around you. It is truly a life-changing experience!
~~ This weekend training will focus on Chow Qigong QI Emission Techniques ~~
Use this Registration Form                                                                              
Or go to https://chowqigonglevel1.eventbrite.com/  to register online.
Remember, Fridays are Open to All! So spread the word to your family, friends, clients and students to come and get an introduction to Chow Qigong and what it can do for you.
What a gift this teaching is. Spread the word and take advantage now!

We are setting up our world tour schedule for 2014 for Chow Medical Qigong programs and personal consultations.
Look for us! And if you wish for us to be in your area, email us right away! It would be wonderful to see you!

Here is our Tentative 2014 Schedule                                                                                 _________________

CANCUN, MEXICO        January 21 - 26
The Transformational Leadership Council
Dr. Chow will present at this years conference as well as hold a 2-day seminar on Chow Medical Qigong and work on private consultations. 

HONOLULU, HAWAII       January31 - February 2
February 28 - March 2 | March 28 - 30| April 25 - 27

Tentative dates for
Chow Medical Qigong Level 1 Intensive Training; a 4 weekend course culminating in certification.
Private Consultations available by appointment.

TORONTO, ONTARIO  CANADA     February  7 - 9
March 7- 9   |   April 11 -13   |   May 9 - 11

Tentative dates for
Chow Medical Qigong Level 1 Intensive Training; a 4 weekend course culminating in certification.
Private Consultations available by appointment.
Coming Soon! Late January, Early February

Chow Medical Qigong Level 1 Intensive Training; a 4 weekend course culminating in certification.
Private Consultations available by appointment.
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA    February 28 - March 2
Renew U Super Seminar IV
Dr. Chow will present at this years conference.
March 3 - 6
Chow Qigong Healing Workshop and private consultations

LONDON, ENGLAND      March 15-18
Chow Qigong Healing Workshop and private consultations

Lotus Institute: Chow Medical Qigong LIVE In-Studio Webinar
More information, email Info@ELOTUS.org
Apil 6 - 9
Chow Qigong Healing Workshop and private consultations

June 6- 8    |    July 11 -13    |    August 1 - 3

Tentative dates for  Chow Qigong Ottawa Presents:
Chow Medical Qigong Level 1 Intensive Training; a 4 weekend course culminating in certification.
Private Consultations available by appointment.
Click for       More Class Info  |  Event Flyer   
To Register go to:  www.ottawachowqigong.com
Email:      Ph: 613-237-6630

Find upcoming programs HERE  

We are open to requests to see private clients and to hold Chow Qigong Weekends or Intensive programs with specific emphasis' in your area. Please contact us at eastwestqi@aol.com  for more information.

San Francisco, CA USA

Come join our team!
 This is your opportunity to help us put on the premiere international education event on Qigong and TCM. We've already begun lining up Masters and Teachers from all around the globe to come teach and demonstrate and we need your help to make this the best Congress ever!

We need volunteers for: 
Marketing and Promotions
Event Planning and Coordination
Graphic Design
Server and Desktop Computer tech help
Basic Office help

This is your opportunity to use your skills to help bring this extraordinary event to the Bay Area and the World. In 2013 the World Congress held conferences in Chengdu China, Tokyo Japan and San Francisco Ca. Who knows what may happen in 2014... World Congress Europe? Come make it happen with us!
Contact us at:    eastwestqi@aol.com  |  415-285-9400
and other Sports enthusiasts!

A 2014 emphasis will be with sports, especially golfers.
With Chow Qigong:
~ Get 20 more yards with your drives?
~ Eliminate hooks and slices, hit more straight balls?
~ Be more flexible
~ Have more stamina
~ Heal and Learn to Heal injuries immediately like sprains,        tendinitis, bursitis, peripheral neuropathy and other            injuries that keep you from your favorite game!  

This applies to all sports!!
Chow Medical Qigong Advanced Intern Academy Clinic

With blessings from Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow, the Chow Medical Qigong Advanced Intern Academy  has launched with wonderful success.  We have seen clients with an array of issues, pain of all types, including a broken hip, cancer, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue, stiff knees, and even a wonderful feline who underwent a tumor removal. 

Our graduates host the Intern Clinic every Monday from 7pm-8pm with treatments at reduced rates.
We invite everyone in the Bay area to take advantage of this opportunity. Appointments can be scheduled by emailing eastwestqi@aol.com or by calling Gloria at 415-285-9400


Aires Technologies Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Protection Devices:
Aires Shield is a small devise - a FDL special fractal diffraction lattice - that attaches to your cell phone or computer rendering the EMFs it emits nearly harmless. Aire Shield is single-core microprocessor containing a 16-vector circuit.
Aires Shield Extreme is the same as above except it has a more powerful 24-vector microprocessor and innovative antenna.
Aires Defender is a powerful device the size of a credit card that is kept on your body to reduce the harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) we are all subjected to in modern life from our cell phones, laptops, microwaves, televisions, blue ray players, etc.
For more information and to order, contact us at eastwestqi@aol.com
Now 50% OFF at EWAHA. Limited Time Only
Enhance your energy using Dr. Sandra Rose's EESystem which generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves” which can allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, and assist in balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain to increase energy levels.

" It promotes a very deep state of ultimate relaxation, if we allow it, from which any type of healing can occur. Of all the technologies that I have recently researched, this one is the post powerful detoxifiers I have encountered."
- Dr. Marcial-Vega, MD

Available at the EWAHA San Francisco office only at 50% off.
$35/hour instead of $70/hour.

Make an appointment now!
More info

We send much love with hugs and laughter from East West Academy of Healing Arts.
Stay updated of our activities through our website, Facebook and Twitter! 
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Special Notice
Clinical Successes

Updated News: A very successful Nov/Dec 2013 trip to Toronto, Ottawa, and St. John's Newfoundland! More miracles with Chow Medical Qigong (CMQ):
Macular Degeneration of 4 years, in 12 minutes of CMQ could see wife's face and others clearly after 4 years of total blur;
65 yr woman in hospital in coma and paralyzed, a result from stent operation for minor stroke with prognosis of death or remain in vegetative state for rest of life...one-and one-half hour of CMQ became alert and moving head and all four limbs with verbal instructions and CMQ;
In the same hospital, a 92 year woman from operation for minor stroke to drain blood clot causing cerebral spinal fluid in the brain resulted in being in a coma and paralyzed with knees drawn up to chest for two months with no hope, also determined to die or be in vegetative state for life...5 minutes of CMQ, knees gently straightened out, she became cognizant and within one hour was moving head and all four limbs with verbal instruction along with CMQ therapy;
Ringing in the ears with reduced hearing for over 10 years regained in 15 minutes full hearing and no ringing in the ear;
"Frozen shoulder" for 10 years totally relieved in 10 minutes;
90% in audience of 250 had full or partial relief of conditions they came in with;
And many more complex physical, mind and spiritual upsets improved with personal consultations and the programs.
THEN: In the flight from St. John's, Newfoundland to Toronto, one of the stewardess exhibited bad back pain worsening in last few months. 5 minutes of CMQ in the Galley totally relieved pain and she felt "great", more relaxed, and could move with great flexibility. At the end of the 3+ hours flight she reported still feeling "great"!
Special Chow Qigong Program for Veterans and Youth!

We offer Chow Medical Qigong program for Veterans and families. Another focus is the Youth who are undergoing an epidemic of "Bullying" Behavior which is causing a rising incidence of killings and suicides!
+ We specialize in & have results in a short time with conditions such as the sufferings of pain and PTSD suffered by both veterans & youth.
+ Will serve veterans and youth free if necessary & have already been doing so for many. Scholarships for our classes are available
+ Veterans will learn to heal themselves &others at the same time making them employable and also creating a viable career for themselves in healing.
We are developing a serious cadre of veteran healers to heal the wounds of the world beginning with themselves to offset the horrors of war and bullying in the youth!
This is a serious invitation to anyone (veteran or not) interested in being part of the program or in helping.

Please contact us immediately  eastwestqi@aol.com

It's Qigong in a Capsule!
It's been 40 years since we have recommended a specific product. Because of the results we’ve seen with EWAHA clients, we not only recommend Laminine, we call it Qigong in a Capsule!

Try Laminine to:
+ Moderate stress response
+ Maintain good cortisol levels
+ Regulate serotonin levels
+ Support good mood
+ Increase physical and mental strength
+ Improve emotional balance
+ Promote more restful sleep
+ Enjoy quicker recovery after exercise
+ Increase muscle tone & strength
+ Increase alertness
+ Improve stamina and energy
+ Aid in brain function and activity
+ Improve Focus
+ Reduce signs of aging
+ Increase libido/sexual desire
+ Stimulate natural DHEA production
+ Improve overall sense of well-being

More Info on Laminine

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Join Wholesale

Stem-Cell Growth Factor Technology 

"Science Beyond Anit-Aging"
Today, many anti-aging products simply mask the signs of aging. Thanks to innovative human stem-cell and growth factor technologies,

it is now possible to reverse the signs of aging through youthful tissue regeneration.

This website
will describe the science and opportunities associated with human growth factor technologies.

Learn how you, your loved ones and your clients can benefit from recently-patented technologies for wound healing,
youthful skin regeneration, lash and hair restoration, and even vaginal tissue rejuvenation without hormones, surgery, toxic drugs, or makeup.
For more information or to purchase contact Ceanne Richards at ceanne8@gmail.com  | 760-978-7336


Nature's Tears® EyeMist
Founder Dr. Sharon kleyne
Int'l Consultant: Dr. Effie Chow

Nature's Tears EyeMist is a gentle, all-natural mist for dry eyes. Nature's Tears is perfectly suited to be used multiple times a day - even while wearing contact lenses - for eye discomfort associated with allergies, dry eye, red eye, and general eye discomfort. No Chemicals - No Saline
Helps with Dry eyes, Contact lenses, Allergies, Comuter vision syndrome, Dry indoor air, Smoke, dust, wind and pollution, Post-LASIK, Airline travel, Dry eye complaints from medications, diabetes, cataracts, etc.

For more information go to: