A Message from Dr. Effie Chow

A Heart Felt Thank You! for all who have been committed and dedicated to using Chow Medical Qigong to help so many to have a better life.

Chow Qigong is for everyone
... Many are suffering from long-term minor and major problems of body, mind and spirit and many more are not reaching the ultimate potential of our inner self and the brilliance that we are born with!  

Following are two of the many special foci where the population needs Chow Qigong! 

1) Our Veterans, who have saved our country but are not awarded the honor and life they deserve upon coming back to home soil... Suffering long-term afflictions from the trauma of being in the middle of horror, violence, and death. Many are trained with very special skills, but are unemployed because of their medical/emotional problems that western medicine has not been able to help. 

2) The Children and Youth of the world. They are our future leaders! Children in most parts of the world are starving physically.  In America, the land of plenty, the children and youth are suffering from a different and potentially worse starvation; that of the mind, emotion and spirit... and this lack has turned into violence against others and themselves creating an epidemic of bulling, killing and suicide in our communities by the youth themselves!

We wish to develop a World-wide cadre of children/youth healers who will be the leaders of tomorrow.  We are convinced that they can learn to be leaders now, if Chow Qigong is allowed to bring out the innate brilliance in each child, learning to have the compassion of, and become the healers of today!

We wish to develop a World-wide cadre of Veteran healers who will share lessons learned from their bitter life experiences, to the youth, and to all people: the message that hate and violence is not the way, and love and peace is the way.  The veterans can get back their lives with the miracle healings of Chow Qigong and be the healers and leaders of today!

It is a joyous path, for it is possible. We have had successes, many successes! I will place one example of each at the end of this message as inspiration that, Yes! you can also learn to heal and be healed, everyone can!

After reading this, please share with me your feelings, and how and what you want to do in joining us to make the changes that are so needed in this starved world. One person can make a great difference and you are that one person!  All together we can accomplish Miracles, for Life itself is a Miracle! We must regain that perspective.  We are one with each other and the universe, all is interconnected.  What you do affects the whole planet and universe... positive begets positive and similarly with the negative! In Eastern Philosophy, there is Taoism and Buddhism; In Western Science, there is Quantum Physics. Worlds apart, yet we are the same! The Chinese character for danger also denotes opportunity! 

Expect Miracles, you will get Miracles!!! 

Case #1: A Mother, student of Chow Qigong, as she practiced daily, taught her 1 1/2 year old daughter (I'll call her Suzie) all she was learning about energy and healing not thinking anything but sharing with her child. How to feel Qi between hands, scanning for feeling of the Qi, brushing and packing Qi to help with complaints of pain, discomfort, stress , etc. One day a visitor complained of a headache and right away Suzie went over to her, looking the friend in the eye and asking "You have a headache?  Want me to help you..."  With a nod of consent from the friend, Suzie commenced brushing away Qi from the head... asking her to say if she was feeling anything and any better!  Yes, the headache was immediately relieved to much laughter and joy.... everyone laughing because of such a touching and unexpected situation.  Now can we say whether it was the brushing or was it the darling concept of the wee child having such love and compassion?  She continued her spontaneous caring response in such situations to the delight of recipients and observers.
Can you imagine if all children were like Suzie?  What a wonderful world!

Case #2:  Vietnam Veteran Jerry C., for 30 years he had not had a good night's sleep. After a Friday evening 2 hour Chow Qigong program, he reported the next morning that for the first time in 30 years he slept through the whole night without moving, and woke up pain-free! He also for the first time in 30 years felt "whole and integrated" which he had been looking for, for a long time.

See Vietnam Veteran Jerry Cupik's testimonial:  http://vimeo.com/57764959  by Missourian News of the Jan 18-20, 2013 Chow Medical Qigong Workshop at the Truman VA Hospital in Columbia, Missouri 

We want millions of these types of miracles... Will you, and everyone you know, join me?

In loving Qi with millions of hugs, laughter and Miracles,

Hon. Dame Dr. Effie Chow, PhD, RN, LicAc(CA),DiplAc(NCCAOM), QigongGrandmaster 

Save more than $500 on Certification as a Chow Qigong Level 1 Practitioner.
Become a Healer while healing yourself. Indulge in a transformational journey of self discovery by being part of this four weekend Intensive Chow Qigong Training program taught by world-renowned Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow. In this training you will learn specific meditations and physical and mental energy exercises designed by Dr. Chow and experience the innate healing energy that exists within each of us. There is no better way - bar none - to bring health, healing and emotional well being into your life, your home, your work and all those around you. It is truly a life-changing experience!

The Training Weekends are:
November 8-10  |  December 6-8  |  January 10-12
Completion of all three weekends of this program will certify you as a Chow Medical Qigong Practitioner, Level 1* allowing you to expand your current practice and earnings, or allow you to develop a new sustainable career in the healing field!
*completion of all course requirements is necessary to receive certification.

Use this Registration Form  and circle EARLY BIRD on the form
Or go to https://chowqigonglevel1.eventbrite.com/  and register as an Early Bird.

Remember, Fridays are FREE! So spread the word to your family, friends, clients and students to come and get an introduction to Chow Qigong and what it can do for you.

What a gift this teaching is. Spread the word and take advantage now!

September's Chow Qigong Healing Celebration and Seminars were so successful and inspiring, a core group of students decided to form "Chow Qiong Hawaii International"!
Their first order of business? To have Dr. Chow return to Honolulu to teach her world renowned Chow Qigong Integrated Healing System with a Basic Skills Workshop, followed by a Level 1 Intensive Training Series!

         For those unfamiliar with Qigong and desiring to 'test the water':
What: Chow Medical Qigong Basic Training Weekend
January 17-19
Where: TBA - Central Honolulu, HI
To Register:  http://chowqigonghawaii1.eventbrite.com
Or download a registration form   HERE
and email it to auntermann1@gmail.com

Honolulu Level 1 Intensive Training 2014 Dates:
January 17-19 | February 21-23 | March 28-30 | April 25-27
Where: TBA - Central Honolulu, HI
Click for:     |  Registration Form

For more information, contact Iris at phi888@hawaii.rr.com  or call Alexa at (808) 780-5591


New York, New York !
November 16-18

Chow Medical Qigong Healing Seminar and Private Consultations.
Watch our website for more information and registration.

November 17:  Knighting Investiture of the St. John's Order Hospitaller. If you would like to attend, clickfor an invitation.

Toronto, Ontario  CANADA       November 22-24
Chow Qigong Toronto Presents:
A Healing Celebration, A Workshop with GrandMaster Dr. Effie Chow.
During this weekend workshop learn: to experience the power of Qi, methods to use for healing yourself and others, exercises and meditation to strengthen your qi, hands-on practice of Chow Qi-pressure and much more. The programs are joyful and fun with serious learning and miracle healing taking place. Most people have called them life-changing, transformational, and magical!
Private Consultations available by appointment, Nov. 21 – Nov. 25
Click for       More Info     |   Event Flyer
Contact info:    chowqigongtoronto@gmail.com

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA      November 29-30
Chow Qigong Ottawa Presents:
Chow Medical Qigong Basic Skills Weekend with GrandMaster Dr. Effie Chow.
Feel energized, motivated and in charge of your own health! Energetic and fun, Dr. Chow’s seminars are for everyone—whether you’re a health professional, someone caring for a sick family member or an individual wanting to be the best you can be! Learn:
• The Theory Of Qi - The Vital Force 
and Chinese Word for Energy
• Proper Posture and Breathing
• Hands-on Techniques to Relieve Muscle Tension, Pain & Headaches
• Qigong Exercises To Increase Energy and To Achieve Peak Performance
• Visualization Techniques
• Hands-on Practice of Acupressure Points

Private Consultations available by appointment, Nov. 27 – Dec. 1
Click for       More Class Info  |  Event Flyer   
To Register go to:  www.ottawachowqigong.com
Email:      Ph: 613-237-6630

Find upcoming programs HERE  

We are open to requests to see private clients and to hold Chow Qigong Weekends or Intensive programs with specific emphasis in your area. Please contact us at eastwestqi@aol.com  for more information.

San Francisco, CA USA

Come join our team!
 This is your opportunity to help us put on the premiere international education event on Qigong and TCM. We've already begun lining up Masters and Teachers from all around the globe to come teach and demonstrate and we need your help to make this the best Congress ever!

We need volunteers for: 
Marketing and Promotions
Event Planning and Coordination
Graphic Design
Server and Desktop Computer tech help
Basic Office help

This is your opportunity to use your skills to help bring this extraordinary event to the Bay Area and the World. In 2013 the World Congress held conferences in Chengdu China, Tokyo Japan and San Francisco Ca. Who knows what may happen in 2014... World Congress Europe? Come make it happen with us!
Contact us at:    eastwestqi@aol.com  |  415-285-9400
Chow Medical Qigong Advanced Intern Academy Clinic

With blessings from Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow, the Chow Medical Qigong Advanced Intern Academy  has launched with wonderful success.  We have seen clients with an array of issues, pain of all types, including a broken hip, cancer, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue, stiff knees, and even a wonderful feline who underwent a tumor removal. 

Our graduates host the Intern Clinic every Monday from 7pm-8pm with treatments at reduced rates. And we are now including a Chow Qigong Practice and Medication session from 5:30pm - 7:00pm
We invite everyone in the Bay area to take advantage of this opportunity. Appointments can be scheduled by emailing eastwestqi@aol.com or by calling Gloria at 415-285-9400

Webinar a great Success - New Live Chow Qigong Webinar in April 2014

Lotus Institute

Dr. Chow's one hour webinar  "Chow Medical Qigong (CMQ) Secrets: Healing Where All Else Have Failed" was met with great success. It can be seen still by going HERE .
Dr. Chow has been invited back to give a one whole-day seminar with a live audience as well as a webinar at the Lotus Institute in Los Angeles on
April 5th, 2014.
For information, email Donna at Lotus: INFO@ELOTUS.ORG

Sharon Kleyne Hour, The Power of Water: Interview with Dr. Effie Chow
If you missed this Oct. 28th interview, listen to Dr. Chow's latest radio interview 


The World Qigong Forum 2013 / 15th World Congress on Qigong/TCM
 was a wonderful time of meeting new and old friends from the world over. Dr. Chow presented and held workshops at the World Qigong Forum in Tokyo Japan, as well as worked on clients and nearly anyone who was lucky enough to sit near her at lunches and the banquet! Dr. Chow freed up 3 frozen shoulders that had plagued people for 6 months to 12 years. Relieved a person with chronic back pain; a youngster suffering from allergies with coughing and fever; another with depression... and many other aches and pains that came Dr. Chow's way.
Dr. Chow's Father, Wah Sing Chow and the Chinese Community of Duncan, B.C. Honored
The Wah Sing Chow Family and the greater Chinese Community of Duncan, British Columbia was honored this October with the dedication of a statue of Confucius in downtown Duncan where there use to be a thriving Chinese community before it was demolished in the 1970's. The local museum also opened a new exhibit called "Duncan's Chinatown" which includes heirlooms from the Chow Family of which Dr. Chow is a senior member. 
Congratulations to the whole Wah Sing Chow Family!

read more      video

Above; Willie Chow does the honours and unveils the Confucius statue donated to the City of Duncan by the family of Wah Sing Chow. Photograph by: [Sarah Simpson/Citizen]
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We send much love with hugs and laughter from East West Academy of Healing Arts.
Stay updated of our activities through our website, Facebook and Twitter! 
Chow Qigong World Tour at a Glance

June 21-25
The 22nd World Yangsheng Congress / 15th World Congress on Qigong & TCM

Sept. 21-23
The World Qigong Forum 2013 /
15th World Congress on Qigong/TCM

Dr. Chow presented and taught.

Sept. 26, 27, 30
Chow Qigong Healing Celebration
Sept. 29
Knighting Investiture of the St. John's Order Hospitalier (Video)

Nov. 8-10
Chow Medical Qigong Level 1 Intensive Training

Nov. 16-17
Chow Qigong Healing Training
Nov. 17
 Knighting Investiture of the St. John's Order Hospitalier

Nov. 22-24
Chow Medical Qigong Basic Weekend

Nov. 29-30
Chow Medical Qigong Basic Weekend

Jan. 17-19 2014
Chow Medical Qigong Basic Training Weekend
Jan 17-19, Feb 21-23, March 28-30, April 25-27  2014

Chow Medical Qigong Level 1 Intensive Training

April 5 2014
Lotus Institute LIVE Chow Medical Qigong Webinar

Find upcoming programs  HERE

What a Chow Qigong event in your home town? Let us know at  eastwestqi@aol.com
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Balance and Poise

Watch this magnificent performance exhibiting balance, poise, strength and endurance - all qualities anyone can enhance by cultivating your own Qi through practicing Chow Qigong and meditation daily.
Special Notice
Clinical Successes

We have been successful in improving eyesight including complicated cases such as macular degeneration and rhinitis pygmentosa.

If anyone is afflicted with eye problems and wishes us to help them, particularly in cases  of rhinitis pymentosa, please get in touch with us now.
Our email is eastwestqi@aol.com

At present, we want to accelerate our successful practice by taking on challenges and conditions which include:

  • Hearing problems
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Any physical or         emotional pain of any kind, but especially of the hip and knees
  • Arthritis
  • Discomfort from cancer or its therapies.
  • Parkinson's Disease and other neurological conditions

If anyone wishes to be part of a research project using Chow Medical Qigong in any of these conditions, please contact us now.
Special Chow Qigong Program for Veterans and Youth!

We offer Chow Medical Qigong program for Veterans and families. Another focus is the Youth who are undergoing an epidemic of "Bullying" Behavior which is causing a rising incidence of killings and suicides!
+ We specialize in & have results in a short time with conditions such as the sufferings of pain and PTSD suffered by both veterans & youth.
+ Will serve veterans and youth free if necessary & have already been doing so for many. Scholarships for our classes are available
+ Veterans will learn to heal themselves &others at the same time making them employable and also creating a viable career for themselves in healing.
We are developing a serious cadre of veteran healers to heal the wounds of the world beginning with themselves to offset the horrors of war and bullying in the youth!
This is a serious invitation to anyone (veteran or not) interested in being part of the program or in helping.

Please contact us immediately  eastwestqi@aol.com

It's Qigong in a Capsule!
It's been 40 years since we have recommended a specific product. Because of the results we’ve seen with EWAHA clients, we not only recommend Laminine, we call it Qigong in a Capsule!

Try Laminine to:
+ Moderate stress response
+ Maintain good cortisol levels
+ Regulate serotonin levels
+ Support good mood
+ Increase physical and mental strength
+ Improve emotional balance
+ Promote more restful sleep
+ Enjoy quicker recovery after exercise
+ Increase muscle tone & strength
+ Increase alertness
+ Improve stamina and energy
+ Aid in brain function and activity
+ Improve Focus
+ Reduce signs of aging
+ Increase libido/sexual desire
+ Stimulate natural DHEA production
+ Improve overall sense of well-being

More Info on Laminine

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Stem-Cell Growth Factor Technology 

"Science Beyond Anit-Aging"
Today, many anti-aging products simply mask the signs of aging. Thanks to innovative human stem-cell and growth factor technologies,

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This website
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Learn how you, your loved ones and your clients can benefit from recently-patented technologies for wound healing,
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Nature's Tears® EyeMist
Founder Dr. Sharon kleyne
Int'l Consultant: Dr. Effie Chow

Nature's Tears EyeMist is a gentle, all-natural mist for dry eyes. Nature's Tears is perfectly suited to be used multiple times a day - even while wearing contact lenses - for eye discomfort associated with allergies, dry eye, red eye, and general eye discomfort.No Chemicals - No Saline
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