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The Beauty of the Eastern Trail
Eastern Trail Alliance E-News August 2017
We sure hope you have had a great summer so far, and have spent time on the trail! There is still time to join us for some of our great events!!!

Saturday, August 19th – North Berwick Mill Field Festival
Stop by the Eastern Trail booth and meet our President, Deb Erickson-Irons and Trustee Joe Yuhas!

Saturday, August 19th – Loop and Lunch –
696 Sanford Road in Wells FMI

Monday, August 30th – Scarborough Marsh
Maine Audubon Event partnering with East Coast Greenway and Eastern Trail

Saturday, September 9
How about Volunteering for the Maine Lighthouse Ride?
1200 Cyclists from around the country join the Eastern Trail Alliance for their 14th Annual Maine Lighthouse Ride…It’s a fun event, it supports our mission, and this year we dedicate the 25-mile ride to John Andrews! We are pleased that his family will be joining us to ride the 25 mile this year!
To volunteer, please contact

The Eastern Trail has welcomed many thru walkers this summer

Ken Kurland, Nancy Jonap and Loredana Delucchi from the Freewalkers have spent the past few summers walking segments of the East Coast Greenway route, with the goal to walk the entire route from NYC to Canada. This summer they will continue their trek and walk the ECG from Boston to Portland. ETA’s Treasurer, Ralph Hiltz had an opportunity to transport them from Kennebunk to their hotel and back again in the morning so they could continue their walk to Portland.
Freewalkers on the Eastern Trail

And hold onto your hats!

Image of a runner with a bike

The IRONMAN 70.3 event is coming to Maine and running along the Eastern Trail!
Sunday, August 27th from 6:20 – 3:00PM
Up to 2,300 athletes will be starting in Old Orchard Beach and traveling throughout York County and along the Eastern Trail in Scarborough.
To be a spectator or a volunteer (we’d love to have you join us!) please visit

If you would like to volunteer (ETA will receive financial support for the event) please look for RUN AID STATION 4


We thank KTP for thinking of us, once again, with a donation from their “Round up for Conservation” program. Natalie Barrett, buyer's assistant and conservation committee member presented a check to ETA’s President, Deb Erickson-Irons for $2271.25!

Natalie Barrett, buyer's assistant and conservation committee member presented a check to ETA’s President, Deb Erickson-Irons for $2271.25!


August’s Full “Sturgeon” Moon was a definite no show, but AARP and ETA welcomed 97 trail enthusiasts in Scarborough for a wonderful time on the trail.

Monthly Full Moon Walks on the Eastern Trail

“Partnering with AARP this year has been a great addition to the Eastern Trail family,”
Carole Brush, Executive Director

Our walk in Biddeford was also a success as Trustee and Environmentalist, Joe Yuhas welcomed 14 visitors to walk the trail and enjoy the evening with new friends.

ETA Fall Full Moon Walks in both Scarborough and Biddeford

Wednesday, September 6th – 7PM
Thursday, October 5th – 7PM
Saturday, November 4 – 6PM

Close the Gap Campaign Update

We are now officially under $500,000. It sure sounds like a lot of money, and it is, and that’s where we need your help.

Time and Time again we are asked “When will the Gap project begin and be finished?” Our answer every time is “When we are able to collect the needed funds.” This is where we ask our ETA friends to help. If you haven’t donated to the Campaign yet, please consider doing so. Every bit helps, and the more people involved, the more the word spreads, and more donations come in.

Under construction image

We can’t wait until we see this on the trail. Can You?
Let’s get that $500,000 together and “Close The Gap.”

Close the Gap Campaign
Check out the ETA Website, and also our Facebook page for more information on the above stories, upcoming events, trail history, and to learn much more about what is going on to build, promote and enjoy the Eastern Trail!!
(n) Being part of a group
There is no doubt the Eastern Trail is a wonderful resource in all our lives – but we need your support. Becoming a member of the ETA not only supports this vision, but also helps with the construction of future miles, maintenance, safety, and enjoyment for generations to come.
For the price of a good meal, or a family going to a movie, your membership can help us achieve our goal of 65 miles of off road trail.

Please join the Eastern Trail Alliance.

Check out the always-improving look and content of our website. We recently added a mobile site for your smart phone. Lots of information about events and opportunities to enjoy, promote and help build the trail.

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Help us drum up more support of the Eastern Trail by joining our group and sharing our story with your friends!

"We can tie this country together with threads of green that everywhere grant us access to the natural world"
- Presidential Commission 1987

"A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult, than all the medicine and psychology in the world."
- Dr. Paul Dudley White

"Walking is man’s best medicine."
- Hippocrates

“Patience, Persistence & Politeness”
- Craig Della Penna’s secret to successful trail creation

PO Box 250, Saco, ME, 04072