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PN 2604920 tendicinghia_belt tensioner
Evobus OEM A0002001570
Brand: Dayco

PN 2500046
tenda manuale sx_ lh manual roller blind
IIA D0304244
Brand OE
Fits IIA Vivacity
PN 3100669
mmotore idraulico_hydraulic motor

OEM  A0005002322
Brand: Rexroth
Fits Evobus

PN 8000722
cristallo porta dx/sx_door glass rh/lh
OEM Evobus A6337250609

PN 3100670
motore idrualico_hydraulic motor 24V
OEM IIA D061011
Brand: Rexroth
PN 2501601
soffietto braccio specchio_rubber mirror spare
Brand: Wilke/Ficosa
OEM  Evobus A0008110093, Van Hool 920919433  Man 81964200495/81637310336/11035889, 
Volvo 58999005789006/70353061
PN 2701793
micro switch porte_door micro switch
Brand: POS
OEM 500020016
Fits Iveco
PN 2701794
micro switch porte_door micro switch
OEM 5801627787
Fits Iveco  
PN 2400090
maniglia manuale_manual handle
Brand: Happich
OEM Man 83970016505

PN 2400091
maniglia chiusura elettrica_electrical handle 24V 
Brand: Happich
Fits: universal

PN 2400092
maniglia manuale_manual handle
Brand: Happich
Fits: universal

PN 2301501
convertitore 24V 28-35W dimmer
inverter 24V 20-35W dimmer
Brand: Teknoware
OEM 5801227848
Fits: Iveco

PN 2602010
pulsante_push bell + braille
Brand: Happich 
OEM Man 88255036671, Iveco 5006042404

PN 2600814
valvola termostatica_thermostatic valve
Brand: Honeywell
OEM Evobus A0038302984
Valeo Thermal (ex Spheros) 1302056A

PN 2300578C
fanale post.dx_rear rh lamp
PN 2300579C
fanale post. sx _rear lh lamp
Brand: equivalente omologato
Fits: Volvo 9700

PN 8000140
paraurti ant.dx_rh front bumper
OEM A4108800072
PN 8000141
paraurti ant.sx_lh front bumper
OEM A4108800172
Brand: F.R.A.
Fits: Setra S 431 DT

PN 3500160
paraurti posteriore dx angolare
rh rear corner bumper
PN 3500161
paraurti posteriore sx angolare
lh rear corner bumper
Brand: F.R.A.
Fits: Van Holl Astron

                      IMPORTANTE - PAY ATTENTION TO THIS

Non risparmiate sulla sicurezza. Guardate come si comportano al momento della necessità un martelletto d'emergenza frangi vetro a basso prezzo ed uno omologato. Non risparmiate sulla sicurezza.

Your safety first! See the comparison test between homologated and not emergency hammer. Don't save money , invest in your safety.

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