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PN 2500483 retrovisore dx _rh mirror OE 30121356
PN 2500484 retrovisore sx_lh mirror OE 30121358

Fits: Bova VDL Futura FHD2
Brand: Mekra

PN 2400093
maniglia porta anteriore salita passeggeri
rh front door handle 
OE 504310705
Fits Iveco Magelys

in arrivo a Settembre_coming in September
PN 2500575N
retrovisore sx_lh mirror

OE 5802326852
Fits Iveco Crossway LE 

PN 2501549N
retrovisore dx_rh mirror
OE 5802326857
Fits Iveco Crossway LE

PN 2500216
ventilatore abitacolo 24V_24V ventilator
Brand: Hella
PN 2501707
retrovisore dx_rh mirror
OE 504186839
Fits Iveco Crossway LE
PN 2501713
retrovisore guarda ruote_auxiliary mirror
OE 500022161
Fits Iveco Crossway LE
PN 2501708
braccio specchio dx_rh arm mirror
OE 500020004
Fits Iveco  Crossway LE
PN 2300216 proiettore dx_rh headlamp 
PN 2300217 proiettore sx_lh headlamp
Brand: equivalente
Fits: Volvo 9700

in arrivo a Settembre_coming in September

PN 3100141
ammortizzatore_shock absorber
OE 81437016882
Brand: Sachs
Fits: Man bus

MOQ 10 pcs
PN 3100142
ammortizzatore_shock absorber
OE 81437016880
Fits: Man
MOQ 10 pcs

PN 2500575
retrovisore sx_lh mirror
OE 5801255046/504186836
Fits: Iveco Crossway LE

PN 2501549
retrovisore dx_rh mirror
OE 504268475/5801255048
Fits: Iveco Crossway LE

PN 2700524
cilindro magnetico porte_magnetic door cylinder
OE D069212
Fits: Industria Italiana Autobus
PN 2500073
tenda laterale_side roller blind 760 mm
OE A0028102120
Brand OE product
Fits: Mercedes O530 Citaro
PN 2500078
tenda parabrezza_windscreen roller blind L.1522 mm
OE A6338101020
Brand OE product
Fits: Mercedes intouro, Setra S415, S416,S417,S418
PN 3100635
serbatoio compensazione_tank
OE 81061026218
Brand Behr,Hella
Fits: Neoplan Strliner,Cityliner,Trendliner, Lion's Coach,Lion's City, Lion's Regio, Lion's Calssic,etc

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F.R.A. srl and F.R.A. ROMA srl will be clsoed from the 11th to the 26th of August 2018 

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