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PN 2500041
tenda laterale autista_driver side roller blind 
OE A6288350347
Brand_OE 504176008
Fits_Iveco Citelis
PN 2300095 proiettore dx_rh headlamp
OE A9018201561
PN 2300096 proiettore sx_lh headlamp
OE A9018201461

Fits_MB Sprinter 

PN 2900650 
fianchetto ant.dx_rh front covering
OE D353416
PN 2900651
fianchetto ant.sx_lh front covering
OE D353417
PN 2900652
fianchetto post.dx_rh rear covering
OE D343791
PN 2900653
fianchetto post.sx_lh rear covering
OE D343787

Fits_IIA Citymood

PN 2501270
sedile autista 6860/875 NTS II
driver seat 6860/875 NTS II

Fits_coach and bus

PN 2602009
pulsante stop_stop button for tube D.35mm
OE Man 88255036657/ Iveco 5006042403

Fits_Iveco/Man city bus

PN 3100636
OE 5010556095

_Behr Premium line
  • 203E.8.22 E4
  • 203E.9.26 E4
  • Citelis 10M/12M/18M CNG
  • Citelis Hybrid 12/18M
  • Crealis 12/18M
  • Europolis
  • Heuliez

PN 8000380 
arcoruota ant.dx/sx_front rh/lh mudguard
OE A6297540306

Fits_MB Travego,Tourismo 15/16/17 RHD,Tourismo 15/17 SHD,Tourismo RHD E6

PN 8000381
arcoruota post.dx_rh rear mudguard
OE A6297540506

Fits_MB Travego,Tourismo 15/16/17 RHD,Tourismo 15/17 SHD,Tourismo RHD E6
PN 8000382 (showed)
arcoruota post.dx c/foro_rh rear mudguard w/hole
OE A6297541006
PN 8000384 
arcoruota post.sx c/foro_lh rear mudguard w/hole
OE A6297540906
MB Travego 16/17 RHD,Travego 17 SHD

PN 8000383
arcoruota post.sx_lh rear mudguard
OE A6297540406

Fits_MB Travego 15/16/17 RHD,Travego 15/17 SHD, Travego E6
PN 8000379
paraurti posteriore_rear bumper
OE A6338800171
Fits_MB Intouro
PN 2500195
molla a ags sedile_bloc-o-lift seat
OE A6069800264
Fits_Setra S431 DT, S531 DT, S511/515/516/517 HD, S511/515/516/517 HD,S515/516/519 MD,S411/414 HD,S415/416 HDH, S415/416 GT,S415/416/417/419 GTHD,S412/415/416/417/419 UL,S415/416 H,MB Tourismo,Travego,Travego E6,Integro,Intouro,Integro E6,Intouro E6
PN 8000347
rivestimento posteriore_rear covering
OE A6326471584

Fits_MB Travego 15/16/17RHD

PN 8000345 griglia dx sportello motore (in foto)
rh grille (showed) engine flap
OE A6337500718
PN 8000346 griglia sxsportello motore
lh grille engine flap
OE A6337500618

Fits_MB Tourismo RHD E6,Integro E6

PN 8000344
sportello motore_engine flap
OE A6337500343

Fits_MB Tourismo RHD E6,Integro E6

PN 8000342 (showed)
paraurti ant.dx_rh front bumper
OE A4108802372
PN 8000343  
paraurti ant.sx_sh front bumper
OE  A4108802272

Fits_MB Travego >2016

PN 8000341  
rivestimento frontale_front covering
OE A4108800340

Fits_MB Travego >2016

PN 8000334  
paraurti ant.centrale_front middle bumper
OE A4108800670

Fits_MB Travego >2016

PN 2600640 
ventilatore bialbero DRG530_DRG 530 blower
OE 500023710

Fits_Iveco Arway,Crossway

PN 2600649
ventilatore bialbero DRG530_DRG 530 blower
OE 5001835885

Fits_Iveco Arway,Crossway

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