Emergency Response Kit
The Emergency Response Kit from PRO is the all-in-one perfect solution to tackle restoration of fiber optic networks - for anything from quick repairs to disaster scenarios. There are a variety of kit configurations available for any fiber repair job, large or small, but the price-point is where we leave the competition in the dust. Just imagine, for about the price of a fusion splicer, you’ll get a complete field-tested, ruggedized restoration kit from PRO, which includes every piece of equipment and cleaning product essential for in-the-field fiber repair.

Upgrade and Save!
For a limited time EXFO offers the chance to trade-in older EXFO fiber inspection probes
towards our new FIP-420B or FIP-430B Fiber Inspection Probes and MAX-FIP displays.

TP-P6 Modular OTDR
Introducing the TP-P6 From PRO
The TP-P6 is a compact, modular OTDR platform that allows for the stacking of up to three modules, providing a multitude of configurations. Specifically designed for LAN, WAN, FTTx, and PON applications; the use of "Plug-and-Play" modules allows the TP-P6 to meet the test requirements for installers, contractors, and service operators. The TP-P6 is the ideal test platform for performing network installation, service activation, maintenance, or troubleshooting.

Fiber Inspection for Less
EXFO introduces the ultimate connector and fiber certification kits for LESS than the competition. Available in a variety of different models - from a standard scope up to fully automated scopes.