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New to The Black Box LanScope Network Analyzer and Black Box are now working together. It’s been a great start to a great relationship, and we are excited to be able to provide new equipment, better prices and better service to all of our customers.
Recently, Black Box has developed a network analyzer; I know what you are thinking, I buy mine through Fluke (and you’re not alone.) They have dominated the market for some time, but now there’s some competition.

You will be amazed at what Black Box can offer at a fraction of the cost of the Fluke device!

The LanScope Network Analyzer from Black Box is an Advanced Gigabit network and cable tester that provides expert help at an affordable price. LanScope has several features that the Networks NetTool doesn’t offer

  • 3.5” Color LCD w/Touch Screen
  • Two Independent Test Ports
  • Use as a Responder in Loopback testing
  • Capture up to 10,000 packets of data (10 captures at 1,000 packets each.)

Not only does the LanScope offer Protocol detection but it also shows packet count and traffic percentage (not just the detection.)

What truly makes this the best network analyzer around? The $1895 price tag (vs. $3100 for the comparable Fluke device.)

For more information on this amazing product, check out this recent blog post or visit the product page!

New Product Alert! The Multilink FRM-1RU-3X-TS-HD

We're really excited about this new panel. It’s a high density 1RU that can handle 72 fibers! This is a huge advantage for areas where space comes at a premium.

  • Low cost / List $180.61 (empty)
  • Smaller for lower shipping costs
  • 1 RU 72 fibers
  • Slide out w/ removable top

Just check the product specifications!

Call now for more information or to request a quote!

Ask A Fiber Expert

Last Month's Puzzler: What factor is used to determine if all fibers in 1000 meter high fiber count cable, with inner and outer rows of buffer tubes, has the same 1000 meter length on an OTDR?

For anybody who was stumped last month, here's the answer to the previous puzzler.

The factor used is called the "Helix Factor" Congratulations to our T-Shirt winners who answered correctly!

??? Solve & Win Puzzle ???

Solve this month's FIBER CHALLENGE question and enter a drawing to win some FREE Fiber Optic SWAG!* No entries will be accepted after 4/20/2011.

Answer the following question and simply e-mail the solution to for a chance to win!

Why is aluminum oxide abrasives recommended for polishing ceramic ferules in connectors?

Don't know the answer? Don't forget that offers comprehensive introductory & advanced fiber optic training courses! Visit
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FeaturesSeven Essential CCTV Tools - Combines a CCTV video tester, PTZ camera controller, Digital Multi-Meter, UTP cable tester, video test pattern generator, PTZ protocol analyzer and camera programmer in a single compact package.Save Time & Money - Test, aim, focus and program cameras when working alone.


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Sumitomo's Type-39 FastCat Core Alignment Fusion splicer is the industry's first splicer to feature a Dual-Automatic Heater System featuring Auto Start Heater and Auto Start Splice functions - making the FastCat the fastest splicer available today.


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