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Happy Mid-Summer!

The Lionsgate

Every year the Sun, Earth and Sirius move to specific points in the sky activating the Lionsgate Portal.

The Lionsgate Portal opens from July 26 to August 12, however it is at its most powerful on August 8. It is on this day that we can receive the full abundance of the magical and powerful energy that is on offer.

In order to understand what Lionsgate is all about, it is important to understand what the three cosmic players (Earth, Sun and Sirius) are all doing.

For the Lionsgate Portal to be activated, the Sun has to align with the star, Sirius which is bigger and brighter than our own Sun.

Sirius is known as the Spiritual Sun, and is believed to hold knowledge and wisdom from higher Divine realms.  When the Sun and Sirius meet during this period, their energies intensify and Earth is able to receive “light energy” from both of these celestial bodies.

Our Sun is already warm and nourishing enough and delivers the energy of life, but imagine what happens when it combines its powers with Sirius.  If we think of this symbolically, it is like planet Earth is being bathed with two of the most powerful lights in the sky.

This light energy can enhance spiritual awakenings, bring about new insights or a new awareness and it can also help to raise the consciousness of the planet.  It is this highly activated and spiritually advanced energy from these stars that help to activate the portal and send an influx of higher vibrational energy for us to use.

The Sun, being in the constellation of Leo which is symbolised by the Lion, is why this star portal is referred to as Lionsgate.  It is also interesting to note that this portal is at its peak on August 8 or 88. In Numerology, 8 is also a powerful number that represents infinity, power, divine connection, rebirth and higher realms.

Additionally, the number 8 resonates with authority, personal power, riches, abundance, manifesting, inner wisdom, truth, integrity, skills, decisiveness and karma.  It corresponds to the Universal law of Cause and Effect.

The number 88 resonates with financial wealth, prosperity, abundance, and karma being repaid in kind in the form of rewards formof rewards from previous good works.  The Lion represents authority, command, strength, pride, courage, leadership and authority, and is said to be one of the four creatures surrounding the Throne of God.

(Adapted from foreverconsciousness.com)


In the Divine Attunement Meditational series, Tracey provides vibrational attunements channeled through Divine beings, including Christ, Metatron, the ascended Arcturians and Melchizedek of the Brotherhood of the Light. These divine frequencies can raise our vibration to Higher states of awareness and being, transmute negative energy to positive, remove energetic cords attached to fear and harmful patterns, provide peace, resolution and positive change through ancestral timelines, amplify our metaphysical abilities, improve self-healing of the physical body and align us with joy and one unity consciousness.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their journals to log any messages they receive.
Meditational Attunements are held twice monthly, fees vary.

The Metabolizer
Attunement & Meditation
The Metabolizer Attunement & Meditation

In this next meditation series, Tracey will be channeling a group of frequencies which transform our subtle bodies alchemically to that of an ascended Christ & Buddha state of being. These divine frequencies will be embedded and stored within our personal matrix for the time when it is ready to be accessed. This attunement includes the following transmissions:

Arcturian Metabolizer:
downloads the divine blueprint which contains the ability to transmute and transform lower vibrations to higher vibrations.

Arcturian Flow Frequency:
places us in a state of flow consciousness, allowing us to move forward fluidly through difficult pathways and times of change.

Arcturian Awakening Frequency:
helps you to remain in a non-dual state, and to shift from 3D drama to witness/observer awareness. This frequency provides a sense of calm detachment through the proverbial storm.

Pillar of Light:
anchors Buddha and Christ energies, as well as the full moon energies of gratitude and fullness and the manifestation of the seeds of intention you previously planted. Benefits global healing, helps to stop negativity and war, and amplifies positive energies.
Additional frequencies attendees will receive with this meditation are:
the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge to cleanse and energize the subtle bodies and help integrate the new frequencies, and the Arcturian-Metatronic-Melchizedek Mandala for healing.

These frequencies have no limitations of space or time so they can benefit you in all of your timelines.
Fee: $55
Date: Thursday, August 9th
Place: Tracey’s Home
Time: 6:30pm-10:00pm, Light snacks & refreshments served

 PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED as space is limited, waiting list available for overflow


Metatron's Ladder
Attunement Meditation
Metatron's Ladder Attunement Meditation

In this meditational attunement Tracey will channel the frequencies of Metatron's Ladder. These divine frequencies attune to the Arcturian-Metatronic resonance and informational field, amplifying your healing abilities. Attunement to this frequency provides the ability to transmute all energies to the golden vibration of Divine Love.

Fee: $44

Date: Thursday, August 23rd

Place: Tracey’s Home
Time: 6:30pm-10:00pm, Light snacks & refreshments served

 PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED as space is limited, waiting list available for overflow

Arcturian Armor Frequency 
Attunement Meditation
Arcturian Armor Frequency Attunement Meditation

The Arcturian Armor Frequency is sourced from the Divine and the powerful Arcturian  Guardians.  It creates a resonance within the subtle bodies which repels unwanted energies that can cause malaise, disease, calamities and disasters, and offers protection from unwanted spiritual energies in people, environments and entities. Additionally, this frequency helps us to reflect how we create our own reality and creates awareness of how we may be causing or sending negative energies to others, either consciously or unconsciously.  Over time, repeated listening of this frequency can amplify your healing abilities.


Date: Coming Soon!

Fee: $33

Date: Coming Soon!  TBD

Place: Tracey’s Home
Time: 6:30pm-10:00pm, Light snacks & refreshments served

 PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED as space is limited, waiting list available for overflow

Color Therapy - Level 3:
Shielding & Amplifying
Color Therapy - Level 3:  Shielding & Amplifying

In Level 3 Color Therapy, Tracey focuses on the higher frequencies of the Solar and Cosmic Rays. Learn how to use these rays in the form of spheres, pillars and geometries, to shield yourself from harmful energies & entities, clear your subtle bodies, shift your mood and energy levels, amplify metaphysical abilities and raise your vibration to access the Higher levels of the Divine. Additionally, you’ll learn about the Light Ray Beings and how they can be of service to you, your home and Mother Earth.


This is a FULL DAY Workshop to be held on a SUNDAY (Sept/Oct). 

Fee: $111 per person (includes workbook)

Note: Levels 1 & 2 Color Therapy are helpful but not required.

Date: Coming Soon!  TBD

Place: TBD

 PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED as space is limited, waiting list available for overflow

Join our Continuing Herbal Education classes and immerse your Self in the engaging world of our botanical allies!  The plant realm is thrilled to share more and more of its wisdom and supportive energy as humanity continues to awaken.  The green world is alive with vibrant, sentient beings who can assist in these troubled times by providing gentle, consistent, supportive energy.  By helping us ground during these turbulant weeks leading up to the Fall Equinox, our green plant herbal allies - and especially the 'Standing Nation' or trees - encourage us to reconnect to nature all around us. 

A 15 minute walk in the woods or park can help reduce stress and also assist us in raising our vibration.  Trees - who hold a special place in Donna's heart - are the unflinching sentinels of our neighborhoods, lending support as they line our streets and grace our yards.  They are the guardians of our communities and considered the elders of the botanical world.  Trees  not only provide cooling shade in summer, they help replenish the oxygen that gives us breath, they enhance the beauty of our landscaped lawns, they provide a dwelling for various birds, squirrels and insects and they protect and enrich the soil.  They also sequester many tons of carbon into the soil over their expansive lifetimes.

In addition to lending constant support, many plants and local weeds are also nutritive and medicinal.  It is always nice to know who is living near us!

Tree Orienting
SUNDAY - August 12th, 2018!

Liberty Park/Natirar

Peapack/Gladstone, NJ

Energy Exchange:  $5
(In lieu of  $5 exchange we will also accept an appropriate food item
to be donated to the Chester Food Pantry)

The purpose of Tree Orientation is to bring the human and plant worlds closer together, as they once were. Tree orientation is an initiative that Damanhur has proposed since 2011. The community participates in this project along with many friends worldwide, most of whom are part of the Popolo Spirituale, as part of the Global Tree Network.

Scheduled on a weekend day each month, Donna will usually visit different public parks in order to orient as many trees as possible.  We record how many trees were oriented and send that information back to the Global Tree Network.

Usually 10AM-12PM,

**Please RSVP for new location each month: 
  info@graceofangels.org or text/call 201-650-7500**

Click here for more information about Tree Orienting

Intro to Herbalism:  101

Recognized as the oldest system of healing on the planet, herbal medicine traces its roots back to the earliest civilizations. Today, herbalism continues to flourish as a people's healing art. Even with the amazing technological advances of conventional medicine, herbalism — the art and science of healing with plants — is still widely popular. And its popularity is gaining, not waning. According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of the world's population used some form of traditional medicine in 2008, and its rate of affordability, availability and accessibility is surging.  -from Mother Earth News

Discover the Power and Flavor of Wild Weeds!

This is a hands-on workshop providing attendees the opportunity to interact with  overlooked weeds on a deeper level. 

  • Learn how to identify, harvest, craft and use medicine from four to six local medicinal botanicals (wild-crafted weeds)
  • Learn the simpler's method for making an alcohol tincture, an infused honey and vinegar.  (The weather and available plants will determine if we can make an herbal-infused oil)Learn the latin binomial names and the distinguishing characteristics of different plant families
  • Learn how to properly identify and differentiate medicinal botanicals from poison look-alikes
  • Learn the proper harvesting procedures for making safe, pure and unpolluted medicine
  • All materials included:  glass jars, honey, vinegar, oil
  • BONUS:  Backyard Pesto recipe to make in Spring!

We'll begin with a short herb/weed walk introducing you to approximately 15-20 weedy botanicals.  Hands-on demonstration for making five types of herbal medicine while sipping a homemade herbal tea.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED as space is limited to 12, and to secure your materials package. 
A waiting list is available for overflow.  Future dates will be posted.  Please join us!

Hiking or gardening boots suggested.  Please wear weather appropriate attire.  You will receive handouts and take home three medicines that you craft.  Also feel free to bring pen and paper for additional notes.

Energy Exchange:  $55 (all materials included, except alcohol)

Call/text/email Donna with questions:  201-650-7500, donna@willowmoonherbals.com

Essential Oil of the Month: 

This month’s essential oil places awareness on the  energy of HELICRYSM. This amazing flower has numerous health benefits and medicinal properties. Although pricey, Helicrysm has quite a long shelf life and worth every penny for its versatility. It is anti-spasmodic, anti-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. It can curb hemorrhaging and can clear blood clots resulting from hemorrhage, lower fevers and may even tackle the root cause of the fever. It is useful for treating coughs, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and assists with digestion by promoting the discharge of bile into the stomach and reducing acidity. It has diuretic properties and will promote urination, thereby helping the body to eliminate toxins.

Helicrysm is a nervine and can strengthen and protect the nervous system from age related nervous disorders. It helps to lower stress and reduce anxiety. It is a tonic for the spleen and the liver and maintains cellular health by stimulating the production of new cells. Additionally, it relieves congestion and aids in the treatment of sinusitis, colitis, varicose veins, cystitis, herpes and arthritis, and can neutralize some of the harmful effects of caffeine and nicotine. For the skin, Helicrysm smooths fine lines, softens and hydrates, treats wounds and helps fade scars and spots.

Caution: Helicrysm has anticoagulant properties!

The Benefits of Blackberries!

In July and August wild blackberries are abundant with glossy fruit so deep purple in color that they appear black. Did you know that that these yummy berries are low in sugar but loaded with nutrients and health benefits?

Blackberries contain powerful antioxidants which help fight free radical damage in the body. Studies have shown that blackberries can reduce DNA damage, and have anti-cancer properties, proving effective against the development of lung cancer, colon cancer, and esophageal cancer, and may prevent the proliferation of malignant cells. Pregnant women may benefit from these delicious berries, reducing the risk of birth defects. They are a natural source of folate and promote optimum growth of tissues and cells.

Additionally, blackberries may improve cognitive functioning, maintain healthy eyes and bones, improve digestion and promote regular bowel movements. They can also reduce the risk of stroke, hypertension, heart disease and atherosclerosis and provide vascular support. Blackberry oil is used in many skin treatments to keep your skin hydrated and wrinkle free. It is beneficial for weight loss, pancreatitis, and reduces inflammation due to the presence of ellagic acid, the “youth” micronutrient found in French red wines, so consider adding fresh blackberries or blackberry tea to your diet.

Sweet Inspiration

  "When life is too hard to stand, kneel"

“There's no time like the present, and no present like the time"

“Every day is a new day and brings a second chance”

“What we do today can change and improve all of our tomorrows"

“Anything is possible!”

“It's good to be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.”

“Every day may not be a good day,
but there's something good in every day"


"You are never to old to set a new goal or dream a new dream"
"...Take flight with the grace of angels
Bound for the heavens upon nigh
Its backdrop cerulean blue..."

From Fly Little White Dove, Fly
Don MacIver, 2011

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