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Happy Holidays from Hats By Leko

We stand in gratitude for all your years of support.  Doing what you love has allowed us to share in your fun and joy.  At this time, we would like to welcome our new customers, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein,  Martha Stewart & Jessica McClintock.  What a joy to have the privilege of serving you and your staff.
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How to Make a 1" Buckram Ribbon  Halo Frame

Supplies you’ll need:      
#19 Millinery Wire
French Elastic , White Thread and a Zig Zag Sewing Machine
OR White Buttonhole Thread if you’re going to sew it by hand
#18 Tapestry Needle                                       

Measure and cut 16 inches of 1 inch Buckram Ribbon
Measure and cut two 16 inch lengths of #19 covered Millinery Wire
Measure and cut two 17 inch lengths of French Elastic
1.      Over lap cut edges of buckram 1/2 inch,  sew together to make a circle.
2.      Attach one piece of millinery wire on one edge of the the circle using a buttonhole stitch or on the machine with a zig zag stitch wide enough to avoid the wire.  Over lap the wire at the end and sew with a few extra stitches closer together over the overlap of the wire.  (Overlap should be in the back at the seam.)
3.      Repeat #2 on the opposite edge of the buckram frame. 
4.      Fold the French Elastic in half length wise.    Make sure you don’t stretch it.
5.      Place one piece of the French elastic over one of the wired edges of the frame.  Stitch around complete circle avoiding the wire.
6. Repeat #5 on the opposite edge of the buckram frame.
Hat Making Tip
Edging Tip

I like the environmentally friendly Leko Gelatin Sizing. I make a batch and keep it in a spray bottle under the kitchen sink. Keeping it in a cool dark place prevents it from spoiling.

For straws, I saturate body with the gelatin inside and out before blocking. It makes no stain on colored straws. Be sure to cover block with a plastic bag (I reuse grocery bags) for easy release. In the sun they will dry in a couple of hours or overnight in the house. If the straw is not stiff enough, you can spray it again after it dries and let that dry. 
For wools, I spray the inside of the crown before blocking because it will dry with a whitish sheen on wool. After it is dry you can cut and manipulate the shape of the straw or wool.
I use #19 millinery wire and a 5 mm zigzag stitch on my sewing machine to  attach the wire to the edge of the brim. This is a lot faster than stitching by hand. 
For the finished edge, I cut 2.25" bias binding cut from lightweight fabric such as rayon or silk, which I have saturated in a bowl of liquid starch. After it dries, I press it and then again in half lengthwise. I measure and then make it into a circle and then use a walking foot on my machine and a 4mm long straight stitch to attach the binding to the BOTTOM of the brim at EXACTLY .25" from the raw edge.(No need to use pins.) I use a #12/80 Microtex needle. Turn the folded edge over the top of the brim and line it up on your previous stitching line. Move needle position 2X to the left and line the fold up to the inside toe of the walking foot. Change stitch length to 3mm and stitch. This makes a beautiful finish quickly. (These instructions are for a Bernina machine but can be adapted to other brands.) See photo detail. 

Marthe Young
Bernina Resource Trainer

In parting, we wish you the joy that you have brought to us in this holiday season and throughout the New Year.  In using all that comes to us for good we go forth showered with greater energy and blessings for all.

Warm Wishes,

Sandra Leko
Hats By Leko

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