A Music Miracle for the Season

In July of this year, Hungry for Music held an instrument drive with D'Addario Foundation and Ace Hotel LA. One of the youth groups that performed was the Neighborhood Orchestra from Young Musicians Foundation (YMF) in Los Angeles. The performance was impressive and so is their program. Now in their 65th year, YMF continues to explore opportunities to apply music education in the service of social justice, community engagement and equity building.

While speaking with one of the YMF directors I learned that their program, and an advanced student needed a pedal harp. I told her that we've only had a few donated in our almost 25-year history, and, as it turns out, not the kind she was seeking. Thinking I could recruit a couple of organizations to pitch in for the costs, I asked her how much, as I didn't really know anything about them.

"Eighteen," she replied.

To me, it registered eighteen hundred, and I thought that Hungry for Music and a couple of other organizations could handle the cost. I told her that I would look into it after the beginning of the school year rush.

I heard from YMF in October, with a more specific request of the kind of harp that was needed. Well, it turns out the pedal harp that they were searching for was valued at around eighteen THOUSAND dollars, not hundred like I had incorrectly assumed. At this point, I knew that it wasn't going to be feasible to raise that amount.

I remember, at the time, putting it out there into the universe, sending a prayer…  "If it's meant to be, please provide a pedal harp to this young dedicated musician, who dreams of performing with her sister." Her instructor at YMF says the young harpist is one of her most dedicated students. "She's so passionate about playing, her heart is full of music."

I had forgotten about that request. Until last week when I received an email from the owner of a Lyon Healy Pedal Harp, who tells me she would like to donate it to Hungry for Music. It's exactly the brand and style harp that was on YMF's wish list for their program and young harpist.

I couldn't wait to call the director and tell her the good news. Like me, she was blown away.

"No way! I can't believe this. You have no idea. She is so deserving.  I think I'm going to cry."

Besides myself, I’m sure the young harpist, her family, the program, and her music teachers were all asking for a miracle and evidently it was meant to be.

Last week in Manhattan, two blocks from Central Park, I picked up the pedal harp with Hungry for Music volunteer, Sam. We delivered it to Virginia Harp Center in Midlothian, VA where they have graciously offered to crate and package it for free. The shipping cost is five hundred. It should arrive at Young Musicians Foundations Neighborhood Orchestra in Los Angeles before the new year!  

I know the pedal harp will go on to fulfill music dreams for young musicians in the Neighborhood Orchestra. The donor is very happy about this. “Exactly what I wanted for it. I did not want to bother with selling. Thank you for doing what you do!”  

This year has been one of miracles for Hungry for Music as our outreach continues to grow.  While on the harp expedition, we picked up music instruments from our volunteer, Rob Gerver, in Long Island.  His collection included a beautiful baritone horn, which we recently received a request from our partner Leslie Cooper with Passin’ it On in New Orleans. She was requesting for a dedicated young musician who wants to make music his profession.

Please help us continue to making musical dreams come true and meet the demand for our services by making a tax-deductible donation.  Hungry for Music could not do what it does without your help. I am grateful for your support of our instrument donation program.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! and a Happy New Year!

Jeff Campbell


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Very grateful for Joel Guzman and Sarah Fox’s continued support of Hungry for Music’s outreach.

Please check out their Christmas Miracles release featuring David Hidalgo, Delbert McClinton, Carolyn Wonderland, and others!

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