Winter Newsletter

The first month of the new year has been a period of organizing our distribution center in Woodstock, VA and implementing the new inventory software we purchased last year.  With the constant flow of musical instruments coming through, it is long overdue. 


I appreciate Dawn Nelson for finding the right software for Hungry for Music and our growing outreach. Our office manager, Cassie Clark, had the huge responsibility of learning and implementing a new software system that will be much more effective than keeping track of incoming and outgoing music instrument donations on spread sheets.  She picked up on the system quickly and is discovering the time it will save.  Absolutely, I could not have done it without her.  Thank you, Cassie!


In an effort to widen our outreach, we began a chapter set-up tour last year.  The American Federation of Teachers, D’Addario Foundation, NAPBIRT, and JamBars were awesome sponsors and I look forward to working with them again.  I’m currently planning this year’s chapter set-up stops, which will begin in Miami this spring.  Stay tuned for an announcement coming soon.  


I am excited about the upcoming year and the music magic that’s happening all around us.


May You Always Find Comfort in Music,


Jeff Campbell

Keepin’ the Rhythm Going in 2023

Hungry for Music’s first donation of 2023 was an upright bass to Angelina (in photo) who was referred to us by Leslie Cooper’s Pass It On NOLA.  


Pass It On NOLA does similar outreach to HFM in New Orleans.  Angelina was a scholarship student at Leslie’s annual jazz camp and plans on pursuing music in college. 


We have been partnering with Leslie’s Pass It On NOLA to distribute instruments since 2007.  She’s the band mom of New Orleans!

Spreading Music Love in 2022

Total number of music instruments Hungry for Music distributed to school and after- school programs in 2022: 2,685


Alto Saxophone - 23

Baritone Saxophone - 1 

Bassoon - 1

Clarinet - 47

Flute - 61 

Oboe - 2 

Tenor Saxophone - 7



Bass, Upright - 3 

Cellos -  37

Violas - 14

Violins - 173



Acoustic - 131

Acoustic/Electric - 3 

Backpacker - 1 

Bass - 14

Classical - 66

Electric - 55


Other Strings:

Banjo - 2 

Mandolin - 6



Baritone Saxophone - 1 

Baritone Euphonium - 3

Cornet - 2 

French Horn - 3

French Horn (Double) - 1

Sousaphone - 1 

Trombones - 22

Trombones (F-attachment) - 1

Trumpet - 35

Tuba - 1


Acoustic Drum Sets - 30

Bass Drums - 2

Bongos (Set) - 5

Congas - 7 

Djembes - 9

Drum Hardware (complete) - 2

Electronic Drum Sets - 3

Electronic Drum Machine - 1

Gong - 1 

Hand Percussion (shakers, maracas, rhythm sticks, handbells etc.) - 46

Marimba - 2 

Percussion Kit - 3

Singing Bowl - 1

Snare Drums - 10

Tabla - 1 

Tambourines - 7

Xylophones - 33



Recorders - 150

Ukuleles - 1,525



Amplifiers - 38

Audio Recording Equipment - 3 

Electronic Drum Sets - 3

Keyboards - 71

Sound System with Speakers - 1



Accordion - 5

Autoharp - 2 

Dulcimers - 4

Harp, Triple-lever - 1 

Oud - 1 

Tin Whistle - 1

We appreciate our staff, volunteers, donors, and repairpersons who make our outreach possible. 

Sharing the Ukulele Wealth

Kiana of Instrumental Partners in Louisville with Hungry for Music volunteer, Kay Coyte
Thanks to the D’Addario Foundation, Hungry for Music received 3,700 Marvel Comics-themed ukuleles from Bond Audio, who had a surplus in their warehouse in Cincinnati.
We have distributed almost half of this generous gift to schools in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, and Illinois -- with the help of D’Addario and the American Federation of Teachers -- and expect to find homes for the rest very soon.   
The feedback from the recipients has been very positive so far. Thank you for your generosity, Bond Audio!
In photo:  Kiana of Instrumental Partners in Louisville with Hungry for Music volunteer, Kay Coyte
Bang a Drum

A big thank you to Donner for donating 22 electronic drum sets to us.  We won’t have any problem finding homes for these awesome gifts, as we’ve already distributed six of them!

Planting Music Seeds

Hungry for Music will continue our chapter set-up visits beginning in early April.  The first stop will be Miami, followed by other cities in the Deep South throughout the year.  Stay tuned for updates on our website and social media.

Tri-M Strikes Again!

Over the years, Hungry for Music has received much support from Tri-M Music Honor Society chapters all over the country. 


The latest is the Newington High School chapter in Connecticut, which collected instruments (woodwinds, strings and brass -- including a tuba!) and almost $300 in support of Hungry for Music. 


Big shout out to Sophie Wood (pictured with a friend) for organizing her Tri-M compadres into action.  Thank you, Sophie!

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Starts February 15!
🍩 Doughnuts for a cause!! 🍩
Hungry for Music is giving you the best reason to indulge in a dozen (or two) Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Until March 17, 2023, 50% of your order will be donated back to Hungry for Music when you purchase via our fundraising sales page! Simply buy online, visit your local store & redeem using your code. Treat yourself or even gift them to friends and family here:
(Campaign starts on February 15, 2023)
Outreach in Action
Your gift directly helped area students learn music fundamentals and hands-on STEM skills.  Your contributions will be remembered as critical to the success of the program.”
~ Guitar St. Louis, National Blues Museum 
We have a great new assortment of Hungry for Music t-shirts.  They make awesome gifts for the music lovers in your life. 
Since becoming a non-profit 29 years ago, Hungry for Music has brought the healing quality of music to more than 20,000 children in 50 states and 32 countries through its musical instrument donation program. We appreciate everyone who has helped us along the way and could not fulfill our mission without the generosity of others.

If you are able, please donate funds, buy a t-shirt from our online store, or visit our website to find out about other ways you can support Hungry for Music.
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