Hungry for Music Notes
Spring Into Summer 2021
The music instruments continue to arrive on Hungry for Music's doorstep from around the country.  We have been receiving a steady flow of smaller instruments, like flutes, clarinets, ukeleles, and hand percussion, but also guitars, saxophones, and trumpets. The drop-off locations fill up weekly and our repair folks have plenty to work on! 


With the influx of instrument donations and requests, the cost of receiving and distributing instruments continues to rise.  The cycle of picking up, delivering, and shipping instruments incurs major expenses, as well as repair costs.  All Hungry for Music repair folks give us discounts and we also barter with music instruments. Purchasing music instruments is another increasing expense, as we often receive requests for instruments that are not in our immediate inventory.
Twice a year, we hold a Fundraising Campaign to help us cover the costs of our music instrument-giving operation.  Giving Tuesday, of course, at the end of the year is one.  The other is our Spring Cleaning Fundraiser! 
It's time to clean out those closets, attics, storage spaces, and garages and put those music instruments that aren't being used into the hands of kids who will benefit from them.  Hungry for Music will graciously accept them.  You can fill out a donation form here.
With your help, Hungry for Music's outreach can continue to grow, just like it has every year since 1994.  Baby steps.  Perseverance.  Community support. Faith.  Hope. Gratitude. Magic.
I would greatly appreciate your support at this important time in our history.   Please help us continue to make a difference in the lives of children by making a donation today.
May you always find comfort in music,

Jeff Campbell
Hungry for Music
Bump in the Road
Hungry for Music's new van was rear-ended on I-95 South in Delaware last week. Thankfully, no one was injured.
Unfortunately, the driver who hit us had no insurance.  Luckily, we have a back-up van until we can either have the new van repaired or get another one.  We should receive a decision soon.  
Please send positive vibrations for the best possible outcome. Onward and upward!
Spreading Music Love in Southern States
Hungry for Music recently made a distribution and pick-up trip to Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.   We delivered over 200 music instruments to individuals, as well as school and after-school music programs.  We posted 22 of the southern trip stops on Facebook.  Check it out!
Photo:  The Roots of Music Executive Director Suzanne Raether and Programs Director Morgan Stewart receive a large donation of brass instruments during HFM's recent sweep through the southern states. 
Family Business Showing Support
Many thanks to Soundporium Music Store for featuring us on their website and offering their customers an option to donate during checkout.  Soundporium Music Store is an online business owned by entrepreneur Sion M. Cruz.
“Out of passion for music, together with my wife I founded Soundporium Music Store because we believe that music is a universal language that knows no barriers nor limits.
At Soundporium, we want people to experience the warmth and appreciation they would expect from a small family business, while providing them with the high-quality they have come to expect from a large corporation. We love music, and we want to share our passion with the world.”
~ Sion M. Cruz
Visit the Soundporium website today.
Instrument Donation Program in Action
Above: Mad Beatz in Philadelphia receiving donation.
The beat goes on in Philly!  Rock to the Future's Josh Craft with the latest donation from HFM.
"Thank you so much for sending my daughter a wonderful bassoon!  She absolutely loves it and plans to continue to play all through high school! ~ Heidi In Missoula, MT
"These kids are just so happy. Zyen was a hot mess during Covid. I put that brand new viola in his hands and it was like a different kid. He showed up early, he sat up tall, he knew his notes and was so excited to be there. This is all because of the instrument."  ~ Janice Pohl, music teacher, Campus International in Cleveland
Super Volunteers!
Hungry for Music volunteers Kay Coyte and Patty Courtney recently delivered 17 classical guitars to support St. Louis Classical Guitar’s Guitar Horizons program.
Created in 2015, following the unrest in Ferguson after the shooting death of Michael Brown, Guitar Horizons has grown to support 29 classroom guitar programs at 20 locations in the Ferguson-Florissant and St. Louis public school districts, as well as Mathews-Dickey Boys & Girls Club and Clayton Juvenile Detention Center.
Dr. Travis Lewis, SLCG's director of education, oversees the Guitar Horizons education program, which was disrupted by the pandemic.
"It was just in time," Travis said. "We had so many in need and were ready to get started again." Travis, a guitar player and composer, also teaches at Saint Louis University and Webster University.
These guitars will go to students who could no longer share instruments but also could not afford to buy or rent their own. 
Above:  Kay Coyte and Patty Courtney, HFM Volunteers
Repair Reinforcement
Hungry for Music is grateful to Ben Miller (in photo) at Valley Pike Music in New Market, VA for helping us keep up with the abundance of string instruments that are in need of light repair and setting up.
Find Valley Pike Music on Facebook.
Jim Maher Memorial
We are grateful to Jim Maher's friends and family for their support of Hungry for Music in his memory.   In the words of his friend Michael Priborsky, "Jim was a great guy, so intelligent, knowledgeable, passionate, adventurous, fun loving.  He loved his family and talked about them a lot. He had tons of friends, loved working at Record and Tape Traders, and wrote music reviews for The City Paper. Jim will be missed by so many people. [This] leaves a void in all of our hearts."
Rest in Peace, Jim Maher.
Calling All Artists!!
With the influx of music instruments, there comes a certain percentage that have seen the end of their playing days.  We cannot bring ourselves to throw these away.  Last year, Arlington, VA artist, Bud Wilkinson, created the Tree of Harmony at our home base in Mt. Jackson, VA.  It's been a huge hit in the Shenandoah Valley!
Hungry for Music would like to offer some of the worn-out instruments to artists who would like to turn them into beautiful works of art.  We would rather see them hanging on a wall than laying in a landfill. 
Please contact us to arrange receiving a worn-out music instrument to transform into a new purpose.

Don't Forget the Book! 

Authors Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico are on a mission to promote how valuable and important music is in all of our lives -- academically, therapeutically or just overall making us a happier society. To make this happen, they launched the "88 Ways Music" book series which currently includes: 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life" and 88 More Ways Music Can Change Your Life, both featuring over 100 original stories, quotes and anecdotes relating how music has impacted the lives of people all over the world.
Hungry for Music is honored to have a story featured in 88 More Ways!  Get your copy today! 
Since becoming a non-profit 26 years ago, Hungry for Music has brought the healing quality of music to more than 15,000 children in 50 states and 31 countries through its musical instrument donation program. We appreciate everyone who has helped us along the way and could not fulfill our mission without the generosity of others.

If you are able, please donate funds, buy a t-shirt from our online store, or visit our website to find out about other ways you can support Hungry for Music.
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