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From the Board:

The Oklahoma Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers, two electric utility providers-OG+E and PSO, and IGSHPA teamed up to "drill in" to the benefits ground source systems provide to all.

Bob Ingersol, Executive Director of IGSHPA, kicked off the event by speaking of the new and expanded role IGSHPA will be doing to extend training and advocacy further for our industry.

Don Penn, principal with Image Engineering Group, spoke on the myths surrounding ground source and dispelled those issues.

David Thomison with SEG, LLC, spoke on a new focus within the market and fitting the needs and possible new targets. read more...

Geo Outlook

This quarters GeoOutlook has been published and sent out, please contact IGSHPA at 1-800-626-4747 or (405) 744-5175 if you have not received yours.
You can view the entire issue online by going here.

2015 Technical Conference and Expo

This will be hosted in Kansas City, Missouri, Oct. 7-8. Exhibitors are encouraged to act fast as only 24 booth spaces remain! Exhibitors can begin reserving their booths today by calling 800-626-4747. To learn more about the conference and to register to attend, please visit us online.

Accredited Installer & Accredited Vertical Loop Installer (Driller) Renewals Sent Out

Accreditation/certification renewals expiring 6/30/2015 have been mailed. If you did not receive your notice please call IGSHPA at 405-744-5175 or 800-626-4747 to renew and update any contact information.

2015 Oklahoma Geothermal (GHP) Technology Seminar

IGSHPA supported an AEE sponsored Utility workshop June 16 and 17 at Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The workshop dealt with the major Utility issues of energy efficiency, demand management and environmental based challenges. IGSHPA provided solutions by presenting the basics of GSHP technology benefits and dispelling the negative myths that have perpetuated through the industry in recent years. A high level financial model for mass implementation of GSHP technology with benefits that addressed the high level challenges faced by Utilities was well received by PSO, OG&E and various other Oklahoma based utility providers.
Click here to see a video presentation from the seminars.

Geothermal News

The U.S. DOE issued a request for information: it’s seeking input on how the DOE may update and improve its methodology for assessing the cost-effectiveness of residential and commercial building energy codes. This includes information on the general costs, benefits and economic impacts associated with building energy codes.

(The actual submission read: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a Request for Information (RFI) in the Federal Register seeking input on how the Department may update and improve its methodology for assessing the cost-effectiveness (which includes an energy savings assessment) of residential and commercial building energy codes. DOE is directed by statute to provide technical assistance to states to support the implementation of model building energy codes. As part of this role, DOE conducts national and state-level analysis to assess the cost-effectiveness of building energy codes and proposed changes. DOE is interested in feedback on its analysis methodology, preferred sources of cost data, and parameter assumptions surrounding its cost-effectiveness assessment. In addition, DOE is seeking information on the general costs, benefits, and economic impacts associated with building energy codes.)

Vermont Governor Signs Renewable Energy Standard: Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) signed H. 40 into law, a Renewable Energy Standard (RES) that will “retool Vermont’s renewable energy programs and spur utilities to help customers cut costs and carbon emissions in heating their homes.” Among many other provisions, the legislation calls for an “Energy Transformation” program, which will allow Vermont utilities to provide leasing or on-bill financing to help customers make energy improvements to their homes, such as installing high-efficiency geothermal heat pump systems for heating and cooling.

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