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From the President

In September I had the privilege of participating in the first international IGSHPA Conference, which was hosted by IGSHPA Sweden and AVANTI, a Swedish driller’s association. The first day was held at KTH University in Stockholm, and the second, in conjunction with the annual AVANTI Drillers' Day took place about 40 miles north of Stockholm at Wenngarns Castle. There were five people from the U.S. GSHP Industry that made the journey including Roshan Revankar (IGSHPA), Dominique Durbin (Durbin Geothermal), Dr. Jeff Spitler (OSU), Kevin McCray (NGWA), and myself. Presenters included the above cast of characters and a diverse group of researchers, contractors, manufacturers, product reps and other industry participants- much like the composition of our annual technical conferences in the U.S.

In addition to the speaking track, the first day included a tour of the KTH heat pump lab and a site visit to a local university that employs a district geothermal system for its heating and cooling. Tour participants were treated to a look at state of the art research. The KTH lab is the also the home of geothermal pioneer Palne Mogensen’s original thermal conductivity testing unit, which he developed in the early 1980’s! Unlike our typical TRT units today, this unit is a heat extraction unit. Palne, who was in attendance, claims it still works but hasn’t functioned lately due to the difficulty of obtaining R22 refrigerant! The second day showcased drilling equipment and other products used in the Scandinavian GSHP industry, along with more excellent workshops and seminars.

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Revankar Named Acting Executive Director

Roshan Revankar has been named the acting executive director for IGSHPA. Revankar joined IGSHPA as the training manager in 2012 after studying ground source heat pumps during his master's work in engineering at Oklahoma State University. Since joining IGSHPA, Revankar has taken an active role in learning about the association and the industry as a whole. He has worked extensively in promoting energy conservation and benefits of ground source heat pumps both nationally and internationally.

"I look forward to leading the industry and staff while advancing the technology here in the US and abroad," Revankar said. "IGSHPA is ensuring we are meeting the needs of our members and helping grow the industry. I look forward to what all we accomplish in the coming years with the technology."

Committee Updates

Advocacy Committee
The IGSHPA Committee Manual of Procedures were distributed to all Committee members and reviewed in relationship to the mission of the Committee. Committee Members discussed the need and benefits associated with the potential formation of sub-committees around specific topics such as State “Linkage”, Utility market development, Legislative/Regulatory awareness, and Environmental messaging to be agreed upon. The Committee held a brief “round robin” status update regarding H.R. 5167, which does include GSHP, related to possible extension or renewal of the investment tax credits.

Conference Planning Committee

The conference committee has continued to identify ways to bring more value to attendees. New exhibitors, additional business topics, an awards dinner, a press event and other new activities should help increase attendance over the next few years. The committee has also been working to gather input from geothermal manufacturers and secure their involvement for the 2018 show.

Marketing Committee

The marketing committee was directed by the board to focus on membership, publications, training, and the conference, so working with other committee’s will be important and will also require more volunteers. If you are interested in serving on the marketing committee, reach out to Erin for more information.

Membership Committee
Membership Committee Chair, Chris Smith, announced that he will be stepping down as chair after serving many years in this role. IGSHPA appreciates the many contributions Chris has made to the organization over the years. Chris will remain on the committee as a member.

Membership has been working closely with the Strategic Planning subcommittee of the Board to help identify staff direction and priorities. The Membership Committee helped develop a survey that will be sent to past members in the next few weeks to identify how IGSHPA can improve its member services. The committee is also working on making CEUs available online for the members.

Research Committee
Highlights from the 8thChinese GSHP Industry Summit are summarized below:
  • By 2015, the installed capacity of GSHP systems in China has reached 11, 781 MWt and the average annual growth rate is 22% from 2010 to 2015. The installed case of GSHP systems in China contributes more than 30% of the worldwide total.
  • The 13th 5-year Chinese National Development Strategic Plan includes accelerating geothermal energy development, which is the first time in the history. According to this plan, 700 million square meters more buildings will be conditioned with GSHP systems in China from 2016 through 2020.
  • Chinese Engineering Academy is developing a strategic development plan for Chinese geothermal energy. In addition, the Chinese National Energy Bureau and the National Standardization Council jointly formed a Geothermal Energy Technology and Standardization Committee in May, 2016, which is responsible for developing national standards and development plan for geothermal energy utilization.
  • Technology development is needed to enable broader use of geothermal energy, including combination of shallow and deep geothermal energy resources, and geothermal resources identification and characterization.
  • Financial capital is a key to facilitate the rapid growth of geothermal industry. PPP investment is a promising business mode to integrate technology, management, and capital. Read More

Standards Committee
The Board approved a new section for inclusion in the 2016 IGSHPA Standards. The new Section 7 is entitled, Direct GeoExchange Earth Loop Systems. The Standards Committee is currently reviewing a revision to Section 3 Indoor Piping and Circulation Systems for presentation to the Board for approval before the end of this year.

Strategic Planning Subcommittee
The Strategic Tasks Sub-Committee has been meeting every week to identify and articulate some goals and directions for the IGSHPA staff and the organization's focus. We realize that the association needs to bolster the membership numbers and focus on training objectives. These are the two of the largest revenue generators and, in part, some of the highest profile membership services that IGSHPA can provide. The three areas of focus are; Reconnecting with old members; Digital Training; and Individual BOD members and staff meeting directly with manufacturers, utilities, and other professional organizations as well as connecting with current members. The BOD approved these tasks in the October meeting. Read More

Training Committee
The Residential Designer Course development is well underway. This course is geared to residential contracting companies and will focus on a design methodology to help optimize the design of a typical residential GSHP system. It will focus on what a designer can do to ensure the mechanical system and ground heat exchanger are sized appropriately, what can be done to minimize the cost of installing the system while improving the performance of the system.

Online CEUs Now Available

Members, you can now earn CEUs online through the IGSHPA website! Earn .2 CEUs per hour of videos watched with an online quiz passing grade of 100%. To gain access to the videos to earn CEUs, visit the website to register for the video site.

For your IGSHPA renewal, you will need a total of 8 CEU’s, 7 of which can be achieved through employment and organization membership. You will need 1 CEU that can be achieved by watching these learning videos. Access to these videos is FREE until January 31, 2017.

2017 IGSHPA Technical/Research Conference and Expo Updates

The conference planning committee has been working hard for our members to make sure the conference is better than ever and continues to serve our members. Highlights of the changes include

  • New Start Day, More Session Times, Dedicated Expo Hours
  • Session offerings of industry case studies, technical how-to’s, and tools you can use to increase your business in marketing, financing and more
  • Wednesday night awards dinner to highlight the innovative applications in the industry, highlight achievements of our members, and recognize supporters inside and outside of the industry
  • Opening reception in the exhibit hall Tuesday night
  • Closing session on Thursday during lunch

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Nine people attended the Accredited Installer Workshop taught by Garen Ewbank in Stillwater, Oklahoma, October 19-October 21. Attendees were Wyatt Caldwell, Wetumka, Oklahoma; J.W. Williams, El Reno, Oklahoma; Christian Wood, Carterville, Illinois; Ken Forbes, Lake Stevens, Washington; Johnny Fair, Fort Worth, Texas; Karl Andriuk, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Douglas Kroczaleski, Bryan, Ohio; Benny Owens, Howe, Oklahoma; and Thomas Hussion, Schertz, Texas.
IGSHPA Training and Accreditation Opportunities

IGSHPA has several opportunities across North America during 2016 for you to become certified or accredited through one of our programs. Please visit our training homepage for more info and to register to attend a class.

Certified Geothermal Inspector Workshop
Trainer: Cary Smith & John Turley
Date: November 9-10, 2016
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Sponsored by WaterFurnace
(Learning units available for course through AIA)

Certified Geothermal Inspector Workshop
Trainer: Cary Smith & John Turley
Date: November 30-December 1, 2016
Location: Stillwater, OK
(Learning units available for course through AIA)

Trainer: Ryan Carda, P.E.
Date: Rolling - Begin Immediately
Location: Online

Trainer: Ryan Carda, P.E.
Date: Rolling - Begin Immediately
Location: Online

Geo Outlook Available!

Certified Geo Inspectors Course

Borehole Thermal Energy Storage

Don't Forget Pump Energy!
(3rd in a 4 part series on the economics of GSHP system design)

Rockin' It: Tri-Cone Bits (next in a multi-part series on best practices and procedures for drill bits)

Lessons in Customer Satisfaction

Geothermal Design: Code in Conflict?

Geothermal News

Early Technology Adopter and Long-Time IGSHPA Member Passes Away

Funeral services for Pete Peterson were held Tuesday, October 25, in Glasgow, Kentucky. Pete passed away at his home October 22. Pete was an early adopter of the ground source heat pump technology in the early 80s and founder of Geothermal Supply Company. Under Pete's leadership, GSC grew from a small three man operation to employing as many as 25 men and women and had customers throughout the world. Click here to read the full obituary.

GTO Office to Conduct Feasibility Studies

The Geothermal Technologies Office seeks to conduct feasibility studies of large-scale, low-temperature deep-well geothermal systems coupled with advanced direct-use applications and cascaded surface technologies whose applications will extend the reach of geothermal into geologically distinct parts of the country beyond the western U.S. These systems are referred to herein as Deep Direct-Use or DDU.

This FOA will solicit applications that propose projects supporting DDU feasibility studies in two Topic Areas:

  • Topic Area 1 “DDU Feasibility Studies” will focus on the initial site selection, resource assessment, and feasibility study of DDU technology(s).
  • Topic Area 2 “DDU Community of Practice Administration and Techno-Economic Validation of DDU Projects” seeks to convene and establish a DDU Community of Practice (COP).

To view the full notice of intent, click here.

Have News?

Do you have news you want to share with IGSHPA for consideration for The Loop or Geo Outlook? Email Erin with your news.
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