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IGSHPA Sweden hosted the first International GSHP Convention September 15-16, 2016, in Stockholm, Sweden, on the KTH campus and at the Wenngarns Castle. IGSHPA Board President, John Turley, and IGSHPA Acting Executive Director, Roshan Revankar, spoke during this event. Also in attendance from the US were Kevin McCray from the National Ground Water Association, Dominique Durbin representing IGSHPA training and Dr. Jeff Spitler from OSU. Watch for more information on the conference in future editions of The Loop and Geo Outlook

Committee Updates

Membership Committee-As part of the initiative to ensure IGSHPA is responsive to our members needs and providing value to our members, the membership committee will be sending out surveys to current and former members to learn about your needs and desires. When you receive your survey (electronic or mail), please fill it out and return it to us so IGSHPA can ensure we are providing the most beneficial services to you.

Standards Committee-The ASHRAE TC 6.8 subcommittee approved IGSHPA's proposed changes to the IAPMO Uniform Solar & Energy Hydronics Code and will be supporting the changes during the 2018 review cycle. IGSHPA will be sponsoring Cary Smith, Mark Morelli, and Roshan Revankar as they have been appointed by IAPMO to serve on the review committee for the 2018 code cycle.

The Standards Committee is currently reviewing and voting on the proposed new section for the IGSHPA Standards entitled, “Direct Geoexchange Earth Loop Systems.”

Strategic Planning Subcommittee-The strategic planning subcommittee was formed by the IGSHPA BOD at their August meeting. The subcommittee has met and begun to outline specific targets and goals necessary to solidify the Association's financial position and promote programs that will increase member satisfaction. This involves prioritizing programs so that the staff and volunteers can more effectively focus their time and energy over the next year or longer. This subcommittee is tasked with identifying a minimum of two key programs and returning these suggestions to the BOD at their September meeting.

IGSHPA Connect Instructional Videos

IGSHPA Connect is the online home for professional discussions and networking for the geothermal industry. It is free to all IGSHPA members.

We have received a lot of questions from members who are not accustomed to such online portals for conversation. To help with this we have created a series of instructional videos demonstrating how to use the platform to post content and reply to conversations.

View the videos on YouTube here.

Geo Outlook Available!

Certified Geo Inspectors Course

Borehole Thermal Energy Storage

Don't Forget Pump Energy!
(3rd in a 4 part series on the economics of GSHP system design)

Rockin' It: Tri-Cone Bits (next in a multi-part series on best practices and procedures for drill bits)

Lessons in Customer Satisfaction

Geothermal Design: Code in Conflict?

Certified Geothermal Inspectors Workshops

Cary Smith and John Turley have been teaching the Certified Geothermal Inspectors Workshops across the nation since the rollout of the course in October 2016 in Kansas City. Classes have been held in North Carolina and New York and will soon be moving to the western United States October 11-12 with a course in Salt Lake City, Utah, sponsored by Sound Geothermal.

The courses following the Utah course will be in Oklahoma City and Fort Wayne, Indiana. ClimateMaster will sponsor a course October 26-27 in OKC while WaterFurnace will sponsor a course November 9-10 in Fort Wayne.

Class Infromation
IGSHPA Training and Accreditation Opportunities

IGSHPA has several opportunities across North America during 2016 for you to become certified or accredited through one of our programs. Please visit our training homepage for more info and to register to attend a class.

Certified Geothermal Inspector Workshop
Trainer: Cary Smith & John Turley
Date: October 11-12, 2016
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Sponsored by Sound Geothermal
(Learning units available for course through AIA)

Accredited Installer Workshop
Trainer: IGSHPA
Date: October 19-21, 2016
Location: Stillwater, OK

Certified Geothermal Inspector Workshop
Trainer: Cary Smith & John Turley
Date: October 26-27
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Sponsored by ClimateMaster
(Learning units available for course through AIA)

Certified Geothermal Inspector Workshop
Trainer: Cary Smith & John Turley
Date: November 9-10, 2016
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Sponsored by WaterFurnace
(Learning units available for course through AIA)

Trainer: Ryan Carda, P.E.
Date: Rolling - Begin Immediately
Location: Online

Trainer: Ryan Carda, P.E.
Date: Rolling - Begin Immediately
Location: Online
Geothermal News

Spitler to present at EGC

Dr. Jeff Spitler, will present "Latest Developments and Trends in Ground Source Heat Pump Technology" during the European Geothermal Congress September 21-22. The event is held every three years with the purpose to demonstrate the strength of European geothermal and to foster continued growth.

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