Volume XIX | Issue 17 | April 30, 2020

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The Stages and Challenges to Expect During a Capital Campaign (NEW)

The Power of Visual Storytelling
What will make your message stand out from the rest?

Funding Opportunities

COVID-19 Related Funding
Opportunities Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

NDN Collective: COVID-19 Response Project
The NDN Collective's COVID-19 Response Project provides rapid response funding to established, Indigenous-led, community-based organizations and tribes throughout the U.S.

Women's Foundation of Oregon: COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund
The COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund provides support to direct service organizations in Oregon who have shown their commitment to serving women, girls, and their families and communities (including trans communities), or are working on issues of gender oppression.

Arc of Illinois: COVID-19 DD Relief Fund
The Arc of Illinois is accepting applications for time-limited demonstration projects to help providers in Illinois to fill gaps in services that people with developmental disabilities and families are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more grant opportunities,
visit our COVID-19 Related Funding page.

National Opportunities
Opportunities Throughout the U.S.

Support for Citizen Education and Voter Participation Efforts
The Herb Block Foundation is committed to defending the basic freedoms guaranteed all Americans, combating all forms of discrimination and prejudice, and improving the conditions of the poor and underprivileged.

Programs Addressing Challenges for Service Members and Families Funded
The mission of the Infinite Hero Foundation is to combat the most difficult front-line issues—mental and physical—facing returning military heroes and their families.

Grants Promote the Dissemination of Information on Children’s Needs
The mission of the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation is to provide nonprofit organizations with a means to educate the public about the needs of children across the United States.

Initiatives Benefiting LGBTQ+ Youth Supported
WayOUT seeks to change what it means to grow up as a gender or sexual minority in America.

Regional Opportunities
Opportunities for Specific Areas

Funds for Organizations Improving the Lives of Colorado's Seniors
NextFifty Initiative is dedicated to funding mission-driven, innovative programs that improve community services for those age 50 and older, including adults with disabilities, and their caretakers.

Grants Boost Legal Services and Redevelopment Initiatives for South Carolinians
The South Carolina Bar Foundation is requesting proposals for a special grant program established as a result of a settlement between the U.S. Department of Justice and Bank of America in a mortgage fraud suit.

Support for Youth and Family Programs in Company Communities in 47 States
The Big Lots Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that improve the lives of families and children in the communities the company serves throughout the United States, with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, and South Dakota.

Initiatives Improving the Quality of Life for Texans Funded
The Meadows Foundation is dedicated to helping the people and institutions of Texas improve the quality and circumstances of life for themselves and future generations.

Federal Opportunities
Opportunities From the U.S. Government

Program Helps Domestic Violence Victims and Their Pets
The Emergency Transitional Pet Shelter Housing and Assistance Grant Program supports shelter and transitional housing services to victims of domestic violence and their companion animals.

Fire Prevention Efforts Supported
The Fire Prevention and Safety Grants program supports projects that enhance the safety of the public and firefighters from fire and related hazards.

International Funding
For more International and Canadian funding opportunities:
See this month's International Insider and Canadian Insider.

GrantStation Announcements

COVID-19 Related Funding

We understand the challenges being faced by nonprofits, educational organizations, and individuals across the globe. To help during this unprecedented time we have launched a COVID-19 Related Funding page. Plus, as a longstanding cloud company, we are fully resourced to serve our Members who may be focusing on grantseeking instead of event fundraising due to the growing needs in communities in the U.S. and abroad. As always, our staff is working diligently to provide you with high quality and accurate information about grantmakers across the globe.

Please know that GrantStation Members, as well as our partners and subscribers, are foremost in our minds.

The GS Team

Why is it so difficult to find the time
to write and submit strong grant requests?

Do you prefer to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule? If so, GrantStation's Online Education option—the On Demand Course—is right for you! Our library of courses is growing all the time, and includes:

Have your priorities changed, or are you trying to acclimate to a work-from-home reality?

Try our FREE course: Creating Time. It's in the same format as our paid courses.

Funding Alerts

GrantStation shares database profiles of Local, National, Canadian, and International grantmakers with upcoming deadlines each week. Check out the current Funding Alerts for more grant opportunities!

Other Announcements


Speeding to a Crawl:
Keeping Pace With an Uncertain Grants Landscape

by Kevin Peters

In our current unprecedented reality, the world seems to be coming at us at different speeds. While the news about the COVID-19 pandemic keeps up a breathtaking pace—a neverending hum of facts, predictions, and hypotheticals—for many of us, our personal lives have slowed to a crawl. Almost as if our lives have been placed on hold. So many of the activities that make up our existence have been put on the backburner. Our lives will resume, but we don't know when. Nonprofit organizations are finding themselves in a similar situation. There are plenty of people who need help, and more with each passing day. But at the same time, many funders are pushing back their normal grant cycles. Fortunately, numerous sources are offering rapid response funds to help fill in the gap.

Online Education

Building the "Total Value" Proposal Budget:
A Step-by-Step Framework (NEW)

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

An A+ proposal budget provides an honest, complete, and clear picture of the total value of everything it takes to do our work successfully. It also stands as an invaluable management and evaluation tool when it comes to running the grant-funded program. So…how do we get there from here? That's the question Maryn Boess will explore in this down-to-earth, myth-busting session. Here is what you'll take away from this session: You'll understand the importance of taking a "total value" approach to budget-building, to clearly and compellingly show the value of everything it takes to do our work successfully. You'll learn why the form the grantmaker gives you is (almost always) the wrong tool for planning your budget—and what you can use instead. You'll have the chance to whip out your calculator and try your hand at thinking through some of the "total-value" challenges in our real-life scenario—some are pretty tricky! You'll get a behind-the-scenes view of how grantmakers evaluate your proposal budget and what your budget tells them about your organization. And we'll clear away the confusion around the value of volunteer time, accounting for "match," handling administrative/indirect costs, and other perennially perplexing budget issues. BONUS: In this session, you'll be introduced to GrantsMagic U's exclusive Master Budget Planning Checklist and Worksheet, a powerful planning tool to help you craft a budget that is comprehensive, realistic, and bullet-proof—and that will work for you, your organization, and your grantmaking partners.


Remote Staff: How to Develop a Highly Effective Nonprofit Staff by Promoting High Responsibility and High Freedom

Has your organization recently transitioned to an online work environment? If so, you may want to participate in CharityHowTo's upcoming webinar, "Remote Staff: How to Develop a Highly Effective Nonprofit Staff by Promoting High Responsibility and High Freedom." This webinar focuses on concrete actions to take in order to foster a successful remote nonprofit workforce for an organization. It will be held on Monday, May 18, and Thursday, May 28, 2020.

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