Volume XVIII | Issue 44 | November 21, 2019

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Funding Opportunities

National Opportunities
Opportunities throughout the U.S.

Support for Initiatives Addressing Diabetes and Hypertension
The Community Health Grants program, an initiative of the American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation, supports innovative programs targeting the prevention and reduction of type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Model K-12 Schools Funded Nationwide
The Walton Family Foundation’s Innovative Schools Program supports educators and entrepreneurs nationwide who open all types of K-12 schools that can help students achieve at the highest level.

Grants Enhance the Lives of Military Members and Veterans
The Bob Woodruff Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that offer programs for post-9/11 impacted veterans, service members, their families, and caregivers.

Education Programs Promoting Japan/U.S. Understanding Supported
The United States-Japan Foundation supports innovative education projects that help young Americans and Japanese learn about each other’s society, culture, and country as well as learn to work together on issues of common concern.

Regional Opportunities
Opportunities for Specific Areas

Ride Credits Provided to Nonprofits in U.S. and Canadian Communities
Lyft is committed to empowering nonprofit organizations doing work to make communities stronger, healthier, and more equitable.

Funds for Programs Fostering the Self-Sufficiency of Coloradans
The Anschutz Family Foundation supports nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Colorado that assist people to help themselves while nurturing and preserving their self-respect.

Grants Advance the Health and Education of Connecticut Residents
The Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA) was created to help Connecticut-based nonprofit organizations raise the funds needed to meet their goals of improving the health and education of the citizens of the state.

Support for Libraries in Rural Texas
The Tocker Foundation is dedicated to the support of rural, public libraries in Texas serving populations of 12,000 or less.

Federal Opportunities
Opportunities from the U.S. Government

Funds Available to Protect Groundwater
The Solid Waste Management Grants program seeks to reduce or eliminate pollution of water resources from solid waste sites.

Program Helps Preserve Cultural Collections
The Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections program helps cultural institutions meet the complex challenge of preserving large and diverse holdings of humanities materials for future generations.

International Funding
For more International and Canadian funding opportunities:
See this month's International Insider and Canadian Insider.

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Other Announcements


Will Donors Like You When They’re Angry?

by Kevin Peters

When Bruce Banner gets angry, he changes. There is a flash in his eye, and then he turns into the Incredible Hulk, a big green ball of fury. In recent years, when some citizens get angry, they’ve also been flashing green... in the form of donation dollars. Thus the phrase “rage donating” has been born. As described by GQ, it is “the act of feverishly throwing money at a cause you believe in because you just don’t know what the hell else to do. (Perhaps you’ve also met its cousins, the guilt-donation and the despair-donation.)” We all know that emotions can fuel donations. We’ve previously talked about the power of those ASPCA Sarah McLachlan commercials and how to properly and effectively use emotions in fundraising campaigns. But appeals for sympathy and empathy are different than appeals to anger.

Online Education

FREE: 2020 Payroll Changes and Tools to Save Time

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

So here we are again, another year and more changes to payroll. How do you navigate these yearly changes and still wear all those hats at your nonprofit? Don’t worry, Giving Payroll and ADP are here to help you navigate the 2020 changes, and make sure you completed the 2019 changes, with some extra tips along the way. Whether you process payroll in-house or through a payroll provider, this webinar is for you. In this session we will cover the 2020 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) changes; the leap year extra pay period for some nonprofits; W4 review and discussion; 2020 payroll tax rate changes and 2019 changes (Are you playing catch up?); and how to work smarter—tips and tools to save time and stay compliant. This webinar is intended for executive directors, employees, bookkeepers, and volunteers who enter or process payroll for their organization. A handout will be provided to all attendees before the webinar for easy reference.


5 Fundraising Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Looking forward to the new year, what lies ahead in the realm of charitable giving? Classy’s article “5 Fundraising Trends for 2020 and Beyond” makes predictions about emerging trends that will affect nonprofit fundraising professionals in the coming year. It discusses topics ranging from the rise of giving experiences to recent calls for greater financial transparency.

GrantStation 20th Anniversary

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