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January 2020


What does the new decade hold? 

With this edition of "The Credential" we are embarking on a second decade of credentials management services for A/E/LA licensed professionals.  What a voyage it has been.  The professional architects, engineers and landscape architects are also kicking off a brand new decade with many recognizable and potentially hidden challenges.  The burden of taking care of us and our planet rests on your shoulders. For inspiration and reflection entering the new decade, throughout 2020 we will recognize and salute your professional  membership organizations history, mission/objectives, values/vision.  This month we feature The American Institute of Architects.  

History:  Founded in 1857, AIA consistently works to create more valuable, healthy, secure and sustainable buildings, neighborhoods and communities.  The first constitution of The American Institute of Architects, written by its founding members stated:  "The object of this institute is to promote the scientific and practical perfection of its members and elevate the standing of the Profession" in less than a year they added the word "artistic" and added "to facilitate ...intercourse and good fellowship."  After the Civil War a change was made to this phrase by simply saying "efficiency". Three more objects were added from 1914 to 1946.  There has been no significant changes for the past 70 years. 
Mission/Objectives:  "We advocate for the value of architecture and give architects the resources they need to do their best work.  Our work drives positive change through the power of design." 

"The objects of The American Institute of Architects shall be to organize and unite in fellowship the members of the architectural profession of the United States of America: to promote the aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession; to advance the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of the architectural education, training and advancement of the living standards of people through their improved environment; and to make the profession of ever increasing service to society." 
Values/Vision: "This is where we stand - today and every day"

We stand for:
  • Equity and human rights
  • Architecture that strengthens our communities
  • A sustainable future
  • Protecting communities from the impact of climate change
  • Economic opportunity
  • Investing in the future

We all should be honored and humbled to work with A/E/LA professionals.  We appreciate and understand the complexities of credentials maintenance.  Our expertise is to assist architects, engineers and landscape architects manage your professional individual and business credentials.  For more information visit or you may contact us at 913-608-7880. 

Contact us to receive a custom monthly credentials report containing:

*All A/E/LA national and international licensure status with renewal dates

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*Current multi-discipline continuing education requirements needed

*Comprehensive recorded history of categorized education credits

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