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April 2020

Landscape Architecture Matters
For several weeks now we have learned and even personally experienced how our climate is taking a break from the significant force of action by human life.  This is a reminder for us to preserve and protect our planet.  We celebrated Earth Day 4/22/20 by promoting, protecting and strengthening green infrastructure. Excerpted from Greenability™, "Green infrastructure should not be viewed as an amenity, but rather as an important part of how and where we grow, with intrinsic value and importance."  Go outside, take a breath of fresh air, and enjoy the contributions of Landscape Architecture, too.  This month we feature the "American Society of Landscape Architects" with a salute to the profession.  
History:  ASLA was founded in 1899 by eleven landscape architects centered around Boston and New York.  The original constitution, adopted March 6, 1899, stated, "the objects of this society shall be to promote good fellowship among its members and increase the efficiency of the profession."  The goals of the founders, apart from providing themselves with a vehicle for professional fraternity, were to help define and formalize the practice of landscape architecture, ensure the professional competence of those admitted to the society's membership (in an era before licensure), and advocate for the establishment of courses in landscape architecture in various colleges and universities.  The Society was organized on the principles of professional competence. 
Mission/Objectives:  Landscape Architects lead the planning, design and stewardship of healthy, equitable, safe and resilient environments.  The Society's mission is to advance landscape architecture through advocacy, communications, education, and fellowship.  And we strive for an organization culture that is Collaborative, Inclusive, Member-focused, Accountable, and Volunteer-supported.
Values/Vision:  Our values are:

Excellence Committed to learning, constant improvement, and achieving the best outcomes for members in all endeavors.  Mission-driven in service to members, the profession, and the public good.

Integrity Honest, ethical and forthright in all dealings.

Diversity  Committed to fostering equity and inclusion within our profession, membership, and leadership, striving to mirror the communities we serve.  

Leadership  Setting direction on matters of critical importance. 

Stewardship  Committed to environmentally and socially conscious principles and practices across all aspects of the profession. 
      Commercial Landscape, Kansas City, MO
Vision:  Healthy, beautiful, and resilient places for all. 
What does ASLA do?

Following are some descriptive examples

  • Conducts legislative and regulatory outreach to educate policymakers about the healthy, sustainable solutions landscape architects provide to the problems facing communities. 
  • Partners with leading design and environmental organizations to promote green infrastructure, sustainable community design and development, and safe and walkable transportation systems. 
  • Raises the visibility of the landscape architecture profession and highlights its contributions to sustainability, green infrastructure, resilience and public health. 
  • Serves as an authoritative resource for information and best practices in sustainable landscape design.


  • Supports the development of research and continuing education initiatives that enable practitioners to address the evolving challenges of landscape architectural practice.


  • Provides an online forum of Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) including networking, and sharing of best practices and research. 

Our title for "The Credential" this month "Landscape Architecture Matters" reminds us how important our natural world is, especially now during our social distancing guidelines and even shelter-in-place requirements.  Do not forget the importance of saving our planet and all living creatures.  Be healthy and stay safe. 

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