April 2013

The Value of Mentoring

Guest Author Artie Isaac is a Vistage Chair, speaker and workshop leader.  Last week I had the pleasure to participate in the "Creativity and Collaboration" workshop Artie presented in Kansas City.  The following  highlights are from his recent blog. 

Rob Emerich is a serial entrepreneur in California.  Rob has taught me this:  if you want mentorship, acquire a mentor. 

Rob and I met seven or eight years ago.  Rob sought mentoring.  He was acquiring a teacher. 

Years passed.

Rob returned with a business idea and offered me a 50/50 deal to start a company.  We did.  It was a great experience.  In the end, the money wasn't bad either.  By that I mean, we didn't lose as much as we learned.

Rob would ask me to listen to an update on his own time allocation:  just five minutes of explanation with invited feedback.  Rob knows how we spend our time is everything. 

Time is everything, dispensed as pearls, not wasted.  But when Rob wants mentoring, there is a meeting and an agenda.  When he has mentoring to offer, there is a meeting and an agenda.  Meetings might only be five minutes in length. 

Much of Rob Emerich's time management habits come from David Allen's book  "Getting Things Done".  It is the book I recommend the most. When time matters, you pick mentors carefully.  You ask questions and get to the heart of the challenge.  You dig deep for the answers you need. 

Oh right, I was supposed to be his mentor.  That was his expectation.  But that's not how it was.  He was from the start---and is today---my mentor. 

To read Artie's complete blog, here is the link

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