February 2012

7,000,000,000 People



We salute the 61st Annual National Engineers Week - February 19-25, 2012.


Based on the projected world population of 7,000,000,000 the National Engineers Week Foundation announced their 2012 theme "7 billion people, 7 billion dreams, 7 billion chances for engineers to turn dreams into reality". 


Many programs and events were scheduled nationally throughout the week.  One such event was the "Future City®" Competition.  Operating in 35 regions, Future City® works with 1034 schools and reaches 33,000 students in a semester-long program.  This engaging program challenged 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to design a city 150 years into the future.  "Each January, thousands of students participate in regional competitions presenting their designs before a panel of volunteer engineer judges.  First place regional teams win a trip to Washington for National finals, held each year during National Engineers Week.  The President of the United States recently recognized Future City®  at the first White House Science and Engineering Fair".  (NEWF website)


As we applaud these significant efforts to prepare our children for a successful future by addressing STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math), let us not overlook the valuable resources we have achieved, our professional credentials.  Credentials management information is available at www.AECredentialing.com.


Watch for a second quarter 2012 newsletter highlighting AIA Knowledge Communities.  Third and fourth quarter 2012 newsletter articles will feature additional licensed built environment professionals including Landscape Architects and Interior Designers. 








License Renewal Dates

Architects:   State License Renewal Due Date - 02/2012


Engineers:  State License Renewal Due Date - 02/2012


If your license renews on your date of birth this month, or by state requirement when your license origination occurred, it's time to renew. 


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  • Your Licenses
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Licensing Board Requirements Modifications:

NCARB Model Law and Model Regulations CE  Standards -

Implemented:  Arkansas, effective 1 July 2011

Adopted:  Alabama, effective 21 November 2011

                      Colorado, effective 1 January 2012

              Idaho, effective 1 January 2014

           Ohio, effective 1 January 2012

Proposed:   Louisiana


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