July 2012


This month's enewsletter is a departure from our usual informational editorial content.  Our focus is on fun and humor.  Guest Author, Harris Deutsch - aka "Dr. Laugh", drlaugh4u@gmail.com, http://magician.org/member/doctoroflaughology shares some happy thoughts.  Follow some of Dr. Laugh's suggestions for a summer enewsletter chuckle.  

Our Bill of Rights tells us we have the right to pursue happiness.  Yes, life is wonderful and is filled with happiness and joy. 

Some say happiness is a warm puppy.....at least Charles Shultz (Peanuts) tells us so.  I agree, unless that puppy shares a bit of warm liquid with us.  Even then, we can reframe it and have a great story to tell.  The cost?....only washing our shirt.  Finding humor can help.  So can finding simple solutions.

When I connected my water hose and turned it on, I noticed the water was dripping out of the place where it is connected to the house.  (Later I found out it's called a spout.)  After a couple days the water spot got bigger.  The I remembered that a black round thing should be part of the hose.  When I placed it in the hose, later I learned it was called a brain washer, the leak stopped.

Happiness is a byproduct of our actions.  It might be a simple smile or getting out of your head/self by helping others.  Joy is found in the moment.  Though memories are great, let's not stay there or jump into the future.  Consider these joyful exercises to do now or throughout the year to bring joy and happiness into your life:

      1.  Watch a classic episode of Saturday Night Live.
      2.  Buy some lemonade from a kids stand.
      3.  Buy yourself something simple that you like - such as a pair of
            new socks.  ( I prefer yellow.)
      4.  Ride the Ferris wheel at your state fair.
      5.  Run through an oscillating sprinkler. 
      6.  Jump into a huge pile of leaves.
      7.  Imagine snow angels.
      8.  Fly an old fashioned kite.

During my magic performances I concentrate on optimism not pessimism.  It's like evaluating the liquid in a glass container.  "Is the glass half full, or half empty?  The glass was built too big, said the engineer."

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License Renewal Dates

Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date - 07/2012

Arkansas, Connecticut, North Carolina

Engineers: Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date - 07/2012

Vermont, Wisconsin

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Licensing Board Requirements Modifications:

NCARB Model Law and Model Regulations CE Standards -

Alabama - effective - 21 November 2011
Arkansas - effective - 1 July 2011
Colorado - effective - 1 January 2012
Delaware - effective - July 2012
Idaho - effective - January 2014
Louisiana - effective - March 2012
Mississippi - effective - May 2012
North Carolina - effective - 1 July 1998
Ohio - effective - 1 January 2012
South Dakota - effective - July 2012
Texas - effective - April 2012

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