May 2012

An Architect's Story



Guest author,  Mike Cummings, AIA, LEED AP  BD + C, Senior Principal, TK Architects, Kansas City, Missouri.


I am one of the principals in an architectural/engineering company that practices on a national and  international basis. Maintaining professional licenses and registrations are an ongoing responsibility.  Over the years, we have tried several ways to make sense of the process and keep track of the necessary information.


To put the task into perspective for you,  I maintain a license or registration in 36 states and the District of Columbia, an NCARB certificate, AIA membership and LEED AP BD + C credentials.  This leads to renewals every month except January and February.  Keeping track of renewals is a significant task because each has individual continuing education or credential maintenance requirements.  I typically had a few AIA transcripts for different time periods with notes on them. 


After hearing Lexi's presentation outlining the time saving services of  AECredentialing, we signed up.  For the past year I have  received a report each month showing continuing education status in all jurisdictions, an historic continuing education course record, and a full list of licenses and registrations with the renewal dates.  The continuing education requirements summary alone is more than worth the cost.  It also serves as a monthly reminder to me of upcoming renewals and requirements and allows me to see at a glance when I need to complete continuing education to best meet the multiple renewal cycles. 


In terms of cost/benefit, from June to December, I have multiple renewals each month and I know it saves hours monthly in terms of tracking continuing education alone.  This is time I can spend on projects, or seek new work which is much more valuable to the company.  AECredentialing also stays current with new and proposed regulations and informs me when/if they will have an impact on my credentials.  Finally, there is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that my credentials are not at risk. 


June license renewals are drawing near for eight architecture licensing jurisdictions and eleven engineering licensing jurisdictions.  Are you prepared?  Do you have an effective technology driven solution in place?




License Renewal Dates

Architects:   State License Renewal Due Date - 05/2012


Engineers:  State License Renewal Due Date - 05/2012


If your license renews on your date of birth this month, or by state requirement when your license origination occurred, it's time to renew. 


LS Credentialing Services eliminates time consuming tasks including researching, updating and cataloging. 

Receive a custom monthly email credentialing report containing: 

  • Current status of all professional affiliation membership types with renewal dates 
  • Professional affiliation membership types with renewal dates
  • Current multi-discipline continuing education requirements needed
  • Comprehensive recorded history of categorized education credits

Learn more about our innovative and easy-to-use service at www.AECredentialing.com.

Licensing Board Requirements Modifications:

NCARB Model Law and Model Regulations CE  Standards -

Alabama - effective - 21 November 2011
Arkansas - effective - 1 July 2011
Colorado - effective - 1 January 2012
Deleware - effective - July 2012
Idaho - effective - January 2014
Louisiana - effective - March 2012
North Carolina - effective - 1 July 1998
Ohio - effective - 1 January 2012
South Dakota - effective - July 2012
Texas - effective - April 2012

Housekeeping Note:  If your address, phone number  or email address has changed please notify your credentials agencies. 

Contact Details: 

LS Credentialing Services, WBE Certified, P.O. Box 91, Olathe, KS 66051



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