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November 2018

Firm Structure:
How to Maintain a Strong Foundation  

We continue to reflect on the many changes the architecture, engineering and construction community have experienced in 2018.  With the economy "booming" as the experts and media claim, we all should be singing praises for the significant advancement of the "built environment".  However, literally around every corner there is the crumbling of infrastructure, the affects of climate change, the skyrocketing costs of materials, and we could go on and on. As 2018 draws to an end, we examine the need for building the strength of a design practice with a firmer foundation.  During a recent discussion with senior consulting engineering colleague, Michael S. Ellegood, PE, we talked about corporate credentials compliance issues.  The following artifcle is the result of our conversation. 
As a design professional, you understand the importance of laying a strong foundation.  Yet, when it comes to building a firm, some design practices don't pay enough attention to the foundation of their corporate entity...until the cracks begin to show. 

Many states have separate boards for Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Land Surveyors etc., and all require registration with the state, and a letter of good standing, the appropriate ratio of licensed professionals in ownership of the firm, and other requirements before you can obtain the cherished COA to practice in that jurisdiction - at least for one year until you have to renew.  Every state has slightly different requirements, and some like New York, are more onerous than others.

You may become out of compliance when any of the following situations occur: 

  • A partner retires and you no longer have the right ratio of licensed professionals in every jurisdiction in which you practice
  • You hire a new licensed professional, which may throw off the license ratio requirements in one or more jurisdictions in which you practice
  • You want to work on a project in a jurisdiction where you have never worked before

Losing an opportunity to work on a lucrative and exciting project, not on your merits but on a technicality, is extremely frustrating and can set back your firm's success.  This crucial part of your firms infrastructure should not be ignored. 

There are many ways of keeping track of licensure information including the old fashioned "spreadsheet" method where someone at the firm (generally in an administrative role) tracks the various registrations on an Excel Spreadsheet.  There are also software programs and apps that take different approaches to keeping track of information, but those methods do not address the complexities of:

  • Keeping track of state or board level changes in every jurisdiction on a constant basis
  • Interpreting new laws or regulations and how they might impact your firm
  • Requirements for compliance in a new jurisdiction you want to do work in
  • Changes in your firm personnel that impact your compliance in each jurisdiction

For these questions, you need to turn to experts.

What about a lawyer?  A corporate lawyer would be well capable of handling these issues, they are positioned to stay up-to-date with any changes in the laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which your firm is practicing (especially if they are located in that jurisdiction).  They are able to interpret those laws and apply them to your unique facts to determine your status in every jurisdiction...and they'll charge you for it in 6 minute increments - making the spreadsheet solution more attractive every minute (or at least every 6 minutes!) 

There is also a middle ground which combines the needed expertise with affordable rates.  Find a service that manages corporate credentials licensing and compliance.  Things to look for in such a service:

  • Experience and expertise with design firm credentialing
  • Transparent and reasonable pricing
  • A service that checks on compliance at least quarterly
  • A service that will do the compliance for you, and not just tell you you're out of compliance
  • A service that can advise on what is necessary to be compliant when moving into a new jurisdiction

Engaging a service to advise and manage your firm's compliance infrastructure is a valuable investment in the health and success of your firm.  You wouldn't skimp on the foundation of one of your building projects -- why do it with your own firm? 

No matter if your firm has been in existence for decades and experienced many changes in leadership, is in the process of developing a transition plan, considering a merger or an acquisition, or you are about to establish your own independent practice, individual credentials management services and business credentials compliance management solutions should be at the top of your priority list.   Visit for more information, or you may also contact us at 913-608-7880. 

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License Renewal Dates


Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date




Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri,
Nebraska - first initial last name A-K, Nevada,
Oregon - even lic no, Wyoming


ALERT Architects:
If you are registered in Florida, you must obtain your required continuing education credits by December 31, 2018 to renew your license.  This includes the two-hour Advanced Florida Building Code credit 31,2018. 


Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date





Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri,
Nebraska - first iniitial last name L-Z,
Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina,
North Dakota,
Oregon - first initial last name L-R,
Texas, West Virginia


Landscape Architects: Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date




Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Kansas - first initial last name A-L, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Wyoming


If your license renews on your date of birth this month, or by state requirement when your license origination occurred, it's time to renew.


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