November 2011

Managing Your Credentials & Licenses -
The Complexity of Practice in the A/E Industry

Guest Author Thom Lowther, Ed.S is the former Senior Director of AIA/CES, former Vice President of Education at USGBC and current Owner/CLO, Lowther7, LLC - a Veteran owned, Learning Solutions consulting firm in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Hopefully you are one of the many A/E professionals that continuing education matters to you.  You are constantly browsing the web and taking courses about professional practice, sustainability, technology, materials and future trends.  You know you need to stay current and competitive all while providing the best cost effective service to your clients. 

During the last dozen or so years continuing professional education for A/E professionals has transformed from a relatively simple self designed effort to one that has become a maze of conventions and conferences, approved education providers, on-site traditional chapter networking and online opportunities such as webinars, podcasts and blended learning.  Over this period you have also seen an increase of professional specialties, requirements, and state regulations.

During  the last twenty years the ACEC, AIA, ASID, ASLA, CSI, IIDA, NCARB, NCEES, NSPE, USGBC-GBCI and most state licensing boards followed many of the mandatory continuing education (MCE) practices and standards originally established by the medical, legal and accounting professions.  However, while the total number of CE annual required hours are generally less for the A/E and design professional than their professional counterparts in medical, legal and accounting - many A/E professionals hold multiple professional memberships and state licenses.  Over the past several years I have met many professionals that have multiple titles such as AIA, PE, CSI and LEED AP after their names and who are also licensed in twenty, thirty or more states.  You rarely find professionals outside of the A/E industry with so many specialties - and now - so many different continuing education requirements. 

At first glance it appears that each organization sets rules,  policies and requirements only for their own benefit.  Actually, look closely and you will find that many of the continuing education requirements allow for reciprocity credits within the industry.  Still, how does one keep all of the records and reporting dates organized? 

Fortunately, a few associations now have record keeping services for their members.  Most large A/E firms have tracking systems for their employees.  And a few online providers have record keeping services for their users.  What is still difficult to find is an online credentialing management service that provides all A/E professionals these services - regardless of their professional affiliation, employment situation or education provider of choice.  For most individuals or small firm practitioners however, your choice is limited to keeping a detailed notebook, a massive spreadsheet, joining a professional association, being employed at a large firm, or signing on with a single education provider.  Oh yes, and don't forget the issue of those A/E professionals with multiple credentials or multiple licenses who have different report dates.  Even associations, employers and education providers have difficulties dealing with organizations not directly related to their specific interest.  It is a pleasure to see AECredentialing offers design professionals an effective alternative. 





License Renewal Dates

Architects:   State License Renewal Due Date - 11/2011

Mississippi  (correction)

Engineers:  State License Renewal Due Date - 11/2011


If your license renews on your date of birth this month, or by state requirement when your license origination occurred, it's time to renew. 

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