November 2012

What's Your Security Quotient?

Past articles of "The Credential" have highlighted challenging issues associated with credentials management.  They include recordkeeping, having an incomplete understanding of licensing jurisdiction laws and rules, changing continuing education requirements for licensure and professional affiliations, and economic pressure to compete for project commissions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  

During this holiday season of potential personal stress, let us explore solutions to make your professional life easier.  They include in house strategic continuing education designed for business development and personal professional growth.  You are able to access immediate and increasingly simple continuing education options at your fingertips by utilizing a variety of computing devices.  These solutions represent varying levels of convenience and a sense of security. 

Professional credentials management has also moved into the 21st century with an innovative and inexpensive technology solution.  AECredentialing.com is a comprehensive credentials management service that provides a current complete customized electronic monthly credentialing report for licensed built environment professionals.  Each custom credentialing report includes the status of professional licensure, professional affiliation membership and an inclusive ongoing history of continuing education requirements and achievements. 

Now that 2012 is quickly becoming a distant memory, you may be scrambling to maintain your professional credentials.  Let AECredentialing.com make your life easier, so you are able to do what you do best, "practice your profession".  To learn more about the secure, convenient, low cost credentials management solution visit:  www.AECredentialing.com



"The public only benefits from individuals who resolve and are willing to be fully accountable through a professional commitment reflected in licensure" - Jeff Potter, FAIA, President, American Institute of Architects.

License Renewal Dates

Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date - 11/2012


Engineers: Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date - 11/2012


Landscape Architects: Jurisdiction
License Renewal Due Date -


If your license renews on your date of birth this month, or by state requirement when your license origination occurred, it's time to renew. 



LS Credentialing Services eliminates time consuming tasks including researching, updating and cataloging. 

Receive a custom monthly email credentialing report containing: 
  • Current status of all professional affiliation membership types with renewal dates 
  • Professional affiliation membership types with renewal dates
  • Current multi-discipline continuing education requirements needed
  • Comprehensive recorded history of categorized education credits
 Learn more about our innovative and easy-to-use service at AECredentialing.com.

Licensing Board Requirements Modifications

NCARB Model Law and Model Regulations CE Standards -

Alabama - effective - 21 November 2011
Arkansas - effective - 1 July 2011
Colorado - effective - 1 January 2012
Delaware - effective - July 2012
Idaho - effective - January 2014
Louisiana - effective - March 2012
Mississippi - effective - May 2012
North Carolina - effective - 1 July 1998
Ohio - effective - 1 January 2012
South Dakota - effective - July 2012
Texas - effective - April 2012

Housekeeping Note:  If your address, phone number  or email
address has changed please notify your credentials agencies. 

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