October 2011





Prepared for an Audit?



We have almost completed one third of the fourth quarter of 2011.  Are your credentialing requirements up-to-date?  After reviewing our client base and their license renewal requirements, there is a significant number of states, ten for architects and twelve for engineers, coming due in December 2011.  The learning unit and professional development hours range from eight annually to as many as thirty biennially.  Now is a good time to evaluate your completed and pending continuing education requirements.  Professionals of the built environment have numerous options for continuing education, including the traditional face to face, lunch & learns, on-line continuing education that may be free or require a small fee, industry conferences, university courses, and something as simple as reading a specific approved article for self reporting purposes. 


A potential audit, "the gorilla looming in the room", must be considered.  Typically the audit process is initiated at the time of license renewal.  However, certain jurisdiction rules allow random audits immediately following license renewal.  It can be daunting if you are not prepared to submit the proper required documents or if you have not maintained ongoing complete records for professional licensure. 


Mike C, AIA, LEED AP, said, "The monthly credentialing reports from AECredentialing.com provide a simple and understandable way for me to maintain focus on licensing and continuing education in a systematic way." 


License Renewal Dates

Architects:   State License Renewal Due Date - 10/2011

Michigan, Mississippi   

Engineers:  State License Renewal Due Date - 10/2011


If your license renews on your date of birth this month, or by state requirement when your license origination occurred, it's time to renew. 

Let us simplify your life by managing your most valuable resources:

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We gather and process critical data, link with credentialing agencies on your behalf, and deliver a monthly custom electronic credentialing report.


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