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October 2016

Have a Global Vision

People are bombarded with conflict and negativity every day. It is important to consider how the creative professions can positively impact and overcome these negative influences. T ake a breath of fresh air and be inspired by guest author Sean K. Simms, RLA, President, SKS Studio. Sean is CLARB Certified and is a member of the Urban Land Institute. With global project knowledge, Sean is a recognized thought leader in the field of landscape architecture and mixed-use masterplanning. His work varies in scope and size and spans more than 50 countries. Sean shares an elevated perspective as he makes the case for a "global vision."

Today more than ever, designers need to have a global vision as they approach each new project. Whether it is a small-scale residential project, local municipal work, or large-scale international development, designers should look to promote a universal understanding of how our projects affect the world at large.

The first, and most obvious reason for this approach is that of the environment. There is only one Earth and designers should (and many do) act as global stewards of the environment. Programs such as LEED and Sustainable Site have made significant improvements in how we approach our built environments and as they have become more mainstream, the expectations set forth by those programs have now become more the norm rather than the exception.

But secondly, and maybe more overlooked, is the importance of good quality design...aesthetics. We live in a world that is shrinking faster than ever and people are on the move. Travel has made the creation of beautiful and authentic places more important than ever before. People want to know where they are...and not be surrounded by generic, carbon-copied places that have no sense of their local culture and environment.

As designers we have an obligation to continue to create beautiful, sustainable places where people can live, work, play and enjoy. The design profession has evolved so that many of us have the great opportunity to work on projects that are far afield from our hometowns. We must always strive to design with sensitivity to the location and celebrate the subtle nuances that make each destination great. In doing so, we can ensure the places we create will improve over time and will be truly sustainable destinations.

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