October 2012

A Decade of Design Progress

As nature rearranges the landscape of the North East, our thoughts are with those severely affected by the historic hurricane Sandy. 

This month we recognize Landscape Architecture by featuring Guest Author, Korey Schulz, RLA, ASLA, Landscape Architect, and Immediate Past President Prairie Gateway Chapter ASLA. 


Landscape architecture is the planning and design of outdoor spaces that the general public uses every day. Policy Statement of ASLA says “The American Society of Landscape Architects supports licensure of the practice of landscape architecture within the United states and its territories as the only effective regulatory measure, by which to protect the public health, safety and welfare. Professional licensure maximizes each practitioner’s ability to compete within regulated markets of the design professions.” 


ASLA, in 2000, started a campaign to achieve licensure in all 50 states and the District of Columbia by 2010.  At that time only 30 states regulated landscape architecture and four states had no regulation of the profession. 


On April 26, 2010 Vermont became the final state to enact a practice act making a total of 47 practice acts.  The remaining three states (Illinois, Maine, and Massachusetts) continue to have title acts achieving the 50 by 2010 goal set in 2000.


This campaign was important in making sure that competent professionals are practicing landscape architecture.  As design professionals we are tasked with the process to maintain licensure.  Licensure requires education, training, examination and continuing education to ensure that professionals engage in a process that protects public health, safety, and welfare.



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License Renewal Dates

Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date - 10/2012


Engineers: Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date - 10/2012


Landscape Architects: Jurisdiction
License Renewal Due Date -


If your license renews on your date of birth this month, or by state requirement when your license origination occurred, it's time to renew. 



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Licensing Board Requirements Modifications

NCARB Model Law and Model Regulations CE Standards -

Alabama - effective - 21 November 2011
Arkansas - effective - 1 July 2011
Colorado - effective - 1 January 2012
Delaware - effective - July 2012
Idaho - effective - January 2014
Louisiana - effective - March 2012
Mississippi - effective - May 2012
North Carolina - effective - 1 July 1998
Ohio - effective - 1 January 2012
South Dakota - effective - July 2012
Texas - effective - April 2012

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address has changed please notify your credentials agencies. 

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