September 2013

Smart Aleck, Smart Car, Smart Phone, Smart Practice? 


"Smart Aleck", a wisecracking pretentious person (circa mid 19th century), is not popularly used anymore.  Who isn't blown away by the cost and energy efficiency of Smart Cars, and maybe you are the proud owner of one? Unimaginable just a few years ago, Smart Phones have revolutionized our lives through convenient instant access to information from anywhere.  In this technology driven world, let's explore this question.... How Smart is your Practice? Does Smart Practice mean efficient time management? Does it mean universal project management? Does it mean marketing professional services? Does it mean mergers and acquisitions? Does it mean firm leadership transition?  While these questions require thoughtful consideration, let's focus on twenty-first century Smart Practice management. The foundation of effective practice management is the very core of the AEC profession. The basics are individual and firm credentials. If your individual and firm credentials are in disarray, or not yet secured, how can you effectively market your professional services? How much time do you spend locating your license renewal notices and are all of your continuing education requirements current?

AEC Smart Best Practices should include smarter credentials management guidelines. Excuse me ------ time to go write a "white paper".

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TEXAS active licensed architects, engineers, interior designers and landscape architects as of January 2014 license renewal or license application must submit fingerprints for a criminal record history check. The procedures for resident and nonresident licensees differ. The criminal record history check includes a fee for processing including different procedures for resident and nonresident licensees. Previous fingerprints submissions for other criminal record history checks do NOT apply.

Visit www.TBAE.state.TX.us, or www.Engineers.Texas.gov for Frequently Asked Questions and instructions for license renewal and application as of January 2014.

License Renewal Dates

Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date -


Alabama, Guam


Colorado, Michigan

Engineers: Jurisdiction License Renewal Due Date -


Pennsylvania, Louisiana


Colorado, Michigan

Landscape Architects:

License Renewal Due Date -





If your license renews on your date of birth this month, or by state requirement when your license origination occurred, it's time to renew. 


LS Credentialing Services eliminates time consuming tasks including researching, updating and cataloging.

Receive a custom monthly email credentialing report containing:

*Current status of all professional affiliation membership types with renewal dates

*Professional affiliation membership types with renewal dates

*Current multi-discipline continuing education requirements needed

*Comprehensive recorded history of categorized education credits

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