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September 2021

"What The Future Holds For Talent In Architecture And Engineering" 
Part 2
This month, we continue our conversation with professional women in architecture, engineering and construction about the probability for a looming shortage of talent in the industry.  This month's focus is potential obstacles to attracting and retaining dedicated professionals. View last month's discussion at in our newsletter archive. 
What would you say are possible reasons you would step away from practicing architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, commercial/residential construction? 
Now that I am a mother of two, I find that life-work balance is very important and can be difficult to maintain dependent on the type of job you have within the architectural field. I have been extremely lucky to be working with a female principal who was open to me bringing my 3 month-old son to the office until I was ready for him to go to a Montessori school at 11 months old.  If it wasn't for that flexibility, I would've stepped away from architecture for as long as I needed to. Now I have a 5 month-old and continue to work as I'm working from home and still have the flexibility I need. 
Nasreen Al Tamimi, AIA Associate
Project Manager
I really enjoy what I do. There are hurdles and difficulties that we encounter on a daily basis, but I cannot imagine doing anything else. These obstacles are just learning opportunities and make you a better engineer in the long run. However, I can see some women leaving the industry due to the actions/perceptions of some of our male counterparts. It's been said "this is a man's world." For me, this drives me to be the best I can be.
Amy Lasseigne, PE, LEED AP
Mechanical Department Manager
Nothing would stop me from practicing architecture. Not by choice, anyway. In 2009, there was an economic downturn and I, like many others, got laid off.  This time off afforded me and my partner with the opportunity to devote to starting our family. Once our son was old enough to go to school, and the architecture world was hiring again, I sprinted back. I am blessed to have both a fulfilling family life and exciting career.
Michelle Duranleau, AIA, NCARB, LEED GA
Senior Architect
What do you think can and should be done to encourage more women and minorities to join the field of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, commercial/residential construction?
The obstacles facing women and minorities from joining these professions are myriad and systemic. The primary obstacle is representation and messaging. People are far less likely to pursue a career in a field in which they do not see themselves - in movies, brochures, articles, lectures, recognitions and awards, etc. When that representation looks like me, I'm more likely to say, "Yeah, I can do that!" The next obstacle is opportunity. Women are statistically more likely to be primary caregivers to children and loved ones. Providing accessible, affordable child and elder care can alleviate that burden and free more women to enter the workforce. Minorities are statistically more likely to have attended underfunded schools and have access to fewer resources such as vocational exposure, career counseling, mentoring and financial aid. Providing equitable funding to all schools on a per pupil basis can help alleviate some of this disparity and provide minority students with equivalent educational foundations and higher education opportunities.
Dawn Duranleau, AIA, LEED GA
PreConstruction Manager
We cannot positively encourage young women or minorities to become architects unless they see us, women and minorities, and see what we do. Architects need to mentor and volunteer in the community.
Monica Gresser, NCARB,AIA LEED AP
Principal/Citizen Architect
I think everyone considering entering the career field could benefit from a greater understanding of all the different roles you can play as an architect.  Architecture is a profession many different personality types can thrive in if they are given the right opportunities in the right setting. Our goal should be to educate potential future architects on how their skills may be applied to the career, whatever their skills may be. Finding your niche or area of expertise can allow you to excel in a field that you may have thought did not hold a place for you. 
Victoria Cousino,
For the past two months we have featured dedicated creative and respected professional women in the vast and complicated world of the built environment.  Their experiences and challenges ring true in many other professions as well. There is an acronym you may recognize: JEDI, which stands for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. We challenge you to do your part to achieve each of these values and responsibilities in your professional and personal life, too.  
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According to AIA data, January 5, 2020, women make up almost half of the students in US architectural programs but only 17 percent of registered architects. The number of women that ascend to upper managment, become partners and own architectural firms has not grown at the same rate as their male counterparts.

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