June Newsletter
   April 30, 2012         |    Santa Barbara, California             

Cracked Screen

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“Finally got my title,” I crowed.  “ Partly iCloudy, Chance of Pain.” 

 I’m completely unable to let this escape my lips without a hammy, vaudevillian wink. 

 “Are you attached to it?,” my wife asks.

 “You don’t like it.”

 “Well, you’ve got ‘pain’ in the subject heading.  People don’t usually like to read about pain.”

 “Hmm... You’ve got a point,” I reply. 

If there is one thing that I’ve learned in marriage, it’s that agreement is generally a safer road to travel at night.

 “Besides, didn’t you do a newsletter last year with some clever iCloud reference?”

 “Yeah, I probably did.  iTired yet?”

 With a barely perceptible grimace, she continues,   

“It might be time to move on.  Are you actually typing this conversation?”

 “What can I say?  You’re my muse.”

 “Okay, Hemingway, why don’t you run your other titles by me and I’ll see if something strikes me,” she says.

 “Right!  Buckle your seatbelt:


                      From Me to i - Chased from MobileMe to iCloud.

                       Does Siri really have all the answers and does she babysit?

                       AppleTV - If they called it iTV would it be more successful?

                       Backups - More important than flossing?

                       The long, drawn out, very badly acted death of the Fax

                       The long, drawn out, very badly acted death of Flash

                       SSDs: Fast, Safe and Very Contagious

                       Passwords:  The End of Western Civilization?


        “Thank goodness for airbags.”

        “Inspiration eludes me on Mondays.  It was the best I could do.”

 “Why don’t you just get busy talking about the big iCloud conversion that will happen in June.  I imagine most of your clients are unaware that Apple is killing the MobileMe service.  Won’t they all need to upgrade to Lion if they want their Macs and iDevices to sync?”

“Yes.  I’m in denial.  I keep hoping they’ll bless Snow Leopard and not force everyone to upgrade to Lion.  I just can’t believe that Apple is supporting VISTA, the worst version of Windows EVER, but won’t support Snow Leopard.”

 “Regardless, don’t you think you should snap out of it and let people know you’re ready to help with that?”

 “Yes, that would be the adult thing to do...”

And there you have it.  Barring some 11th hour call from the Governor, Mobile Me will cease to be on June 30th.  It’s not our fault.  We wrote letters.  We signed petitions. 

In any case, we’re glad to help you make the migration as painless as possible.

At your iService,

Mick and the whole Mick’s Macs team