June Newsletter
   December 31, 2011         |    Santa Barbara, California

Cracked Screen

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It’s been an interesting year to say the least.

We now have iPhones that talk back to us and reject our declarations of love while answering questions about the meaning of life and the nearest gluten-free pizza joint.

We saw Apple grow to momentarily trade places with Exxon to become THE richest publicly traded company in the United States.  They have tens of billions in cash tucked away inside a war chest whose purpose keeps analysts constantly conjecturing. 

If you’re like me, that deep exhale of relief that Apple is not going to vanish into the maw of a Windows world is slowly being replaced with a gnawing concern about what Apple will be like as a superpower.  Lion turned all of our sidebar icons into a dull, lifeless grey, triggering, for many, comparisons to the famous first Apple commercial that aired (only once) during the 1984 Super Bowl. 

2011 has given us another iWord that will supposedly host our data in the heavens while perfectly syncing all of our iDevices.  I’ve looked at iClouds from both sides now and still somehow…  I can only hope Apple will deign to allow a 10.6.9 release to sync with iCloud the same way they decided to grant Microsoft’s older OS, Vista, access for less fortunate PC users.

Apple is now a behemoth in the mobile device space.  If you count iPods, iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, they are the number one mobile device maker in the world.  BlackBerry and Nokia are in serious financial trouble with their stock price and appeal only slightly above that of Rod Blagojevich.  Samsung and HTC are getting beaten consistently in courts around the world as Apple sues to protect its bazillion patents.  And Apple no longer sees Google as it’s ally and has launched a very cheeky female search engine squarely at their core business.

Probably the most significant thing that happened is we lost one of the crazy ones, the father of Apple’s genius, Steve Jobs.  The world feels quieter without his genius to drive technology. 

What the future holds is anyone’s guess. 

If you’re a big believer in the Mayan calendar, it’s a great time to sell all of your Apple stock, apply for a lot of credit cards and get busy with your bucket list.  If you’re a big believer in Apple rumors, you’re waiting to see if the resolution on the iPad 3 will be another 30 times better than the human eye can detect.  Or maybe you’re trembling with anticipation to see if the iPhone 5 will have a screen 2 millimeters larger.  Or perhaps the next MacBook Air will actually slice tomatoes, disappear when turned sideways, or hover in light breezes.  Who knows?...

Our wish for you is that the new year brings peace, a sense of purpose and delight as life dashes onward.  Perhaps the best thing we can learn from the early passing of Steve Jobs is we never know how long we have on this planet, only that our time is limited.  We hope you can Live, Love and Laugh wisely so that you might enjoy every moment remaining.

We are very grateful to have you in our life. 

Happy New Year!

Mick and the whole Mick’s Macs Crew

“Oh Wow.  Oh Wow.  Oh Wow.” 

--Steve Jobs’ final words