June Newsletter
   January 31, 2012         |    Santa Barbara, California

Cracked Screen

We do screen 
on iPhones, Macbooks, MacBook Pros, and iPads! Replacements
are usually done
same day. Please call if you've had an unfortunate accident
with your iDevice!

Don't forget about BackBlaze. They are our favorite off-site backup service to protect you from catastrophic situations like earthquakes and fires. Try them out for free and keep your data safe from disaster.



“Aw Sweetie, I think my nice pants shrunk!,” I yelled from the other room.

“It’s not the pants,” my wife replied.

“They sure are tight.  Are you sure they didn’t get left in the drier too long?”

“It’s not the pants.”

“They fit last month.”

“It’s not the pants.”

And that pretty much sums up the success of my New Year’s Resolution process.  It’s no accident the word “die,” is nestled in “diet.” 

Turns out?  It was not the pants.

I was supposed to commit to being a vegetarian this year and lose weight, but I managed to sneak fish, high carbs, wine and coffee ice cream into an oft-overlooked clause in the contract. Last year we made the tragic mistake of watching one of those award winning documentary films that now has made meat totally disgusting if you are unable to forget the images in the film.  Every time I drive past In and Out Burger or Hamburger Habit (two of the finest burger joints in town, by my palette), I’m able to completely forget everything I’ve ever seen on PBS.  But my wife can’t. 

So now I’m a pescetarian (not to be confused with Presbyterian), while she’s a vegetarian who doesn’t eat dairy, soy or gluten.    It’s dramatically faster to list the things we actually eat as opposed to all of the things we can’t.  Apparently no one cares about the torture of vegetables in these corporate slaughterhouse farms. 

“We don’t buy from them,” she said.

“What?  How can you possibly know what I’m writing?”  It's scary how she does that.

“Because you always make that joke about the mistreatment of vegetables.”

“I do?  It’s not funny?”

“It’s not true.  We buy local and organic.” 

“Isn’t the world supposed to end this year?  Didn’t the ancient Mind People figure it out in the midst of sacrificing each other?”

Mayan.  The ancient Mayan calendar,” she corrected.

“Whatever.  If it's our last year on the planet, shouldn’t we all be eating anything we want?”

She just rolls her eyes at me, and smiles.  She’s very patient, my wife.

I’m sure it’s only another few years before air and water are the only things we can consume and still care about the planet.

So what does this have to do with Apple computers and iDevices?  Hang on, I feel a segue coming…

Umm… Resolutions! 

Yes, it’s not too late to make a resolution to protect your data.   Hopefully, you’ll be more successful than my diet.  It’s definitely a lot easier. 

Make sure your data backup plan has redundancy.  Hard drives die if you sneeze on them. It’s important to have a TimeMachine backup onsite, in the same place the computer sleeps.  It’s also very important to have an OFF-site backup plan (check out our favorite: BackBlaze) and these are only about $4/month.  Anyone living near the 3 major fires we’ve had the last few years doesn’t need to be told that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my gluten free kale burger with cruelty free, vegan mayo, no GMO or BPA that tastes pretty much like lawn clippings.

As always, we’re here to help when you need us. 

As long as it’s not about the pants. 

Rumors suggest there are discounts if you ask me, “Have you lost weight?”

Mick, still fixing Apples for lunch…