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   June 29, 2012         |    Santa Barbara, California                 

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The fateful day has arrived. 

In about 24 hours, sometime tomorrow Mobile Me will become motionless, stationary, parked, finito...  

For some (like me) who don’t get out enough, it will be a day of loss.  Black armbands the order of the day.  It’s a highly significant, life altering moment in Apple’s history when they rename a 12 year old service for the 4th time.  It leaves not with a bang, but a “poof” sound only to be replaced with a heavenly cloud icon.  Mobile Me was the thing that was supposed to sync our iDevices, host our iWeb sites and bring order to the iChaos that iTechnology had brought into our lives.

Old timers like me will likely reminisce about the Y2k launch of iTools and how Apple gave it away for free.  Like poorly acted, wild eyed California Gold miners, we’ll all say, Free, I tell ya!  The whole thing was free just for owning a Mac!”  

Nabbing the shortest email address I could on the very first day, I was mortally wounded that some impostor, we’ll call him, “Mick,” got Mick@mac.com.  I raised my fist at the ceiling and cried out like John Stewart, “Curse you Mick@mac.com!”  Over time, and with costly therapy, I would learn to live with MickG@mac.com.

Still, it was free.  They had these cool little iCards (digital postcards) you could send proving that you were far too lazy to snail mail a paper card.  iDisk, a small hard disc in cyberspace (a 1990’s term for the internet), debuted to persistent queries from average users as to what it should be used for and “remind me again what is ‘cyberspace?...’”

Two and a half years later “.Mac” premiered to the uproar that you had to pay $100 for the annual service.  My deep, unquestioning devotion to all things Apple left me willing, but the name completely annoyed me.  It made no sense.  The domain was pronounced “mac dot com,” so how the heck to do you call it “Dot Mac?”  Stuff like this matters.  We purple Kool-Aid drinkers need the Apple mothership to make sense so we can defend her to non-believers.  Still, I did my best to ignore the dumb name and use the aspects of the service that were helpful.  Dot Mac had Backup, the first, best Apple online backup service.  6 years passed and we glided happily, like Stepford wives, about our business with the Dot Mac service.

Then came Mobile Me.

Okay.  I get that with the arrival of the iPhone, Apple wanted to court Windows users who might not want a mac.com address.

But ME dot com?...  Really?!?...

Weren’t we already self-obsessed enough in our cliquey Mac World?  So now, the mothership has decided we all need a narcissistic domain to keep our mushrooming humility in check?  Apple, Apple, Apple!  What's the deal here?  I suppose I should have been happy they didn’t call it “Dot Me.” Someone must have gotten the memo on that one, but still...  

I’m completely convinced that somewhere there is an unaired commercial with Sir Lancelot bursting out with “C'est Moi!”

That was 4 years ago.  Today is the last day for Mobile Me.  If we want to continue syncing our devices, we have to upgrade our Macs to Lion, tip our chins to the sky and greet the iCloud.  It’s certainly not the worst name Apple’s come up with, but I have to wonder when we’re all going to totally iBurnOut.  

Don’t forget to empty your iDisk and pull your Apple hosted websites down before they pull the plug.  If you follow the instructions from Apple in the emails they’ve been sending, you should be okay.  If you’re still confused, call Apple and have them walk you through it.

C'est Moi!,

Dot Mick and the MicksMacs.ME team