June Newsletter
    July 2016      |   Mick's Macs is now located at:  3433 State Street, Suite E, Santa Barbara, California 93105
Come on in for a tune up
at our new location:

3433 State Street, Suite E
Santa Barbara, CA  93105

Most people change the oil in their car every 6 months.
We recommend servicing your Mac at minimum once a year.
We'll make it faster, smoother and we can catch problems before they occur!

Keep the
Spinning Beach Balls
on the Beach
Where They Belong!

Buying a New Mac?

We can hook you up with a brand new 
Apple computer directly from Apple.
Same price,
delivered and installed in your home or office!  
Ask about our Concierge Service.  
Our clients love it.

We also have excellent condition
used Macs from time to time.

Call or email when you're ready.

Liquid Damage?
We're the best in town.
Call for more info.

We Recover Data!

The AppleStore refers us. 
We're good. 
We have 20 years of experience. 
And we care deeply about your data.

Call us immediately if you suspect a failing hard drive. The spinning pinwheel, the spinning beach ball is often a sign of imminent failure!
Don't wait until it's too late!

Cracked Mac Screen Replacement:

We are proud to be the first place in town with Apple Certified Techs who started fixing your shattered MacBook Pros.

Windows?!  Seriously?!



Thanks to our partnership with TechEase,
we do Windows
with Microsoft Certified, talented technicians.

Call or email for more info

BackBlaze Off-Site Backup

Cloud Backup Made EASY.

BackBlaze is the best off-site (Cloud),
catastrophic backup plan
to protect you from situations like:

and more.
Click the flame icon above
and try them out for free

to keep your data
safe from disaster.

We Install & Configure

Want to know what all the fuss is about? 
Call and order the future of TV in your home

What don't we do?


We're terrible plumbers.

But other than that, we do it all.

Sounds cliche,
but we want to be
your #1 Apple guys in Santa Barbara.
We're locally owned, we're fast
and we're the best!

Thanks For Keeping It Local!

“Hey Pops, whatcha doin?” My 12 year old son pops into the office.

“Working on the July Newsletter.”



“No, I mean,…” He sighs.

He sighs a lot these days. CO2 levels in our home have risen to the point where the smoke alarms are triggered regularly. My wife and I have a wager to see how many words we can exchange about chores without getting a sigh. I’m losing. He reframes the question.

“No, I mean I haven’t seen you write a newsletter since last Fall, right?”

“Well, technically you’re correct.”

“Is there an UN-technical way that is not correct?…”

“No, but we are in the tech business,” I say with a sustained winky eye, expecting an acknowledgment of my clever repartee. How a 12 year old can come up with a blank stare is beyond me. I’m sure it comes from his mother’s side of the family.

“I was making a joke,” I say.

“Pops, remember the lecture you gave me on puns?” He sighs. “Remember the personal responsibility lecture I got last week? Do you need to own something here?”

“Um, well… I’ve been on a Newsletter sabbatical.”

“Hmm… ‘sabbatical…’ Is that a big word meaning a Netflix/HBO/Amazon Prime binge?”

“What are you implying, young Padawan?”

“Nothing. Just that you’ve been bingeing a lot of TV lately. Did you really watch all 27 years of The Simpsons?!”

“It was research.”

“Research for what? Are you going into politics or something?”

“No, but I’m certain the clues to this election cycle are in there somewhere.”

“Pops,” He sighs again and one of the smoke detectors goes off. I reset it. “Pops, I’m just trying to figure out what a 'sabbatical' means in the context of you not writing the newsletter you’ve done for years. I thought sabbaticals usually involved writing.”

“Okay, okay. Maybe I fell off the horse or something. But the important thing is that I’m BACK ON! Mick is BACK, BABY!

“Annnd… talking about himself in 3rd person again.”

“When did you get so cynical?”

“Pops, I’m almost a teenager.”

“And we’re thrilled about that.”

“You do know sarcasm can harm your kids, right?”

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?”

I sigh.

“See what I did just there,” he says.

“Yes, you just used an Apple metaphor about my Apple business. Nice, but I think it falls under the anti-pun legislation our family passed a few years ago.”

“Pops, you’re off topic again! Weren’t you going to tell everyone your BIG NEWS?”

“What big news?”


“Okay, okay. Just kidding. How do you think I should tell our friends about the big move?”


“I’m not sure that’s appropriate.”

“Pops, stop pretending you don’t know the acronym.”

“Since when have you known the word, acronym? Okay, okay. I get it. 'Keep It Simple Superman.'”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what it stands for.”

“I thought sarcasm was supposed to damage pre-teens.”

“Too late.” He sighs. I glance quickly at the smoke alarm. It stays silent. “Now get to the point!”

“Sheesh, okay. How about this:

We’re partnered!  Mick's Macs is proud to announce that we have decided to join with our favorite guys in the PC tech support world and we’re moving in together!

“How’s that sound? I can make it bold and italic too.”

“Well, it kinda sounds like a marriage.”

“Well, it’s a merger, more than anything, but I get your point. What about this:

We have a very exciting announcement. Mick’s Macs and TechEase are joining forces and will now both be located together on upper State Street where we can meet ALL of your computing needs. PC or Mac? Microsoft or Apple? No problem!
Relax.  We got this!”

“Well, it’s a little bit commercially, but it can work. You’re going to make that bold with italics no matter what I say, right?”


“Are you going to include the photo of you guys drinking champagne when you signed the deal?”

      Dave, Evan & Mick (the skinny one on the right) toasting their new partnership

“Already done.”

“Okay, Pops. I better let you get back to it.”

“Thanks for your feedback, little G.”

My boy sighs, leaves my office and I’m back at the keyboard.

We really are excited about this move that happened just a week ago. We’re now at 3433 State Street, at the same phone number, same email address, same website, same bat channel with the same great service, just new, bigger commercial space.

We outgrew the shop/office adjacent to my home ages ago. It’s just taken a long time to find the right folks to partner with. I’ve known Evan and Dave, the owners of TechEase, for about 8 years now after meeting at a technology conference here in town. I’m honestly thrilled they were up for this and we’re already seeing some great synergies.

For starters, we have someone dedicated to answering the phone, scheduling and managing the appointments M-F. If you don’t meet the lovely Nicole over the phone the first time you call, please leave a message and she’ll be sure to call you back. And while we have quietly been assisting some clients who have PCs, we’ll now be able to do so noisily! [My wife is suggesting “unabashedly” as the better adverb.]

We’re easy to find, just a block away from Las Positas with plenty of parking right outside our door. We're hoping things will be easier and more convenient for everyone.

Can’t wait to welcome you all to the new digs and thank you for your loyalty. We are just about to begin our 11th year in business! How time flies. It’s thanks to people like you who are keeping it local, that we’re able to make a living doing what we love.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and we hope to see you soon!

All the best,

Mick and the Mick's Macs Team