June Newsletter
   March 31, 2012         |    Santa Barbara, California             

Cracked Screen

We are proud to be the ONLY place in town to get your shattered iPad fixed!

We do screen 
on iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, & MacBook Pros! Replacements
are usually done
same day. Please call if you've had an
unfortunate accident
with your iDevice!

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It’s newsletter day and my 8 year old son pokes his head in, “Hey Pops, whatcha doin’?”

“Trying to write this month’s newsletter.”

“There’s nothing there.”

“I know.  I just got started.”

“Mama said you’ve been in here all day.”

“Yes, I have been here all day, but great art takes time.”

“You’re doing great art?”

“No, and that’s the problem.  I’ve got nothing here.  Totally blank.  El Zippo, nada, goose egg...”

“Yeah, Mama said she noticed about 3 gazillion FaceBook posts from you.  Does FaceBook help you write your newsletter?”

“Um, no.”

“They why do you do it?  Aren’t you always telling me to be focused and finish one thing before going to the next.”



“Yes, yes!  You’re right!  I’m not staying focused, not practicing what I preach!  Did you come here to say ‘I told you so?’”

“Not if we can have ice cream tonight.”

My son, the master manipulator strikes again.  [sigh]  “I’ll have to confer with Mama on that one.”

“I guess I’ll have to report back to her that you’re still posting on FaceBook and staring at a blank page?...”

“Okay, wise guy, nobody likes a snitch.  Instead of throwing me under the bus, have you got any great ideas about what our clients might like to hear?”

“Why don’t you write about all the dead hard drives you see every day and people who still won’t backup?”

“Hmm... not a bad idea but I usually mention that every other month.  I’m concerned people will tune out the message if I repeat it too often.”

“You mean like telling me to pick up my dirty clothes and put them in the laundry basket?”

“Exactly.  How’s that working for you?”

“Not so good.  What about if you just share something funny from your life and not worry about talking about the new iPad?”

“Yeah, been doing that a lot lately too.  I just keep thinking these newsletters should be more helpful.”

“You could always talk about how much you like McConnell’s ice cream.”

“Ah, so we’re back on the ice cream thing.”

“Yep.  We still have a deal to strike here.”

“And we have a very strict policy of no negotiation with 8-year old terrorists.”

“I’ll just tell Mama you’re not finished with FaceBook and that she shouldn’t expect you for dinner.”

And then he dashed out just as my resolve crumbled.  It may behoove me to run and find a pint of McConnell’s.  

We're here to help when you need us.  A portion of all proceeds to be donated to McConnell's.

All the best,